Top 10 Reliable Courier Companies in India

Courier service is the service that helps you delivers a parcel from one location to another; let it be for your business or personal goods. But choosing the best courier service to deliver goods in a timely manner, and with minimal charge is quite a challenge. Professional courier services operate on all scales, from within specific towns or cities, to regional, national and global services. Here we have curated top 10 courier companies in India to go for reliable services.

Top courier companies are differentiated from ordinary mail services by features such as speed, security, tracking, specialization of express services, and swift delivery times, which are optional for most everyday mail services. Picking the best courier service for your package can be challenging to find. so here's our list of Top 10 Courier Companies in India.

List of Courier Companies in India

1. Aramex India Pvt Ltd

Aramex is an international mail delivery and logistics service company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was founded on 1982 by Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson in united Arab emirates.

top courier companies india
Aramex Logistics Center

Aramex India Pvt Ltd is headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra and is one of the top courier companies in India. It has offices in all major cities of India. The company provides domestic and international courier delivery services.

Courier Name Aramex India Pvt Ltd
Headquarter Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Founder Fadi Ghandour, Bill Kingson
Founded 1982
Products Express Logistics, Domestic Express, Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Shop & Ship, Warehousing, Customs Clearance
Industry Freight forwarding, Express logistics
Revenue $398 Million (2019)

2. Blue Dart Express Ltd

Blue Dart is an Indian logistics service Company that provides courier delivery services. Blue Dart was founded by Tushar Jani, Clyde Cooper, and Khushroo Dubash in 1983. It also has subsidiary cargo airline, Blue Dart Aviation that operates in South Asian countries.

top courier companies in india bluedart
Blue Dart Express Ltd

Blue Dart accesses the largest and most comprehensive express and logistics network worldwide, covering over 220 countries and territories, and offers an entire spectrum of distribution services including air express, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, customs clearance etc.

Courier Name Blue Dart Express Ltd.
Headquarter Mumbai, India
Founder Tushar Jani, Clyde Cooper, Khushroo Dubash.
Founded November 1983
Products Delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, third-party logistics
Industry Courier
Revenue Rs 794.73 crore (2019)

3. DHL Express India Pvt Ltd

DHL is one of the top courier services in India. The company was founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn in the United States in 1969. It is headquartered in Bonn Germany. The company is present in 220 countries and territories all over the world and delivers over 1.3 billion parcels per year.

courier companies india
DHL Express India Pvt Ltd

DHL are known for their standard domestics and international parcel pick-up, delivery and return solutions for business customers, including e-commerce logistic services.

Courier Name DHL
Headquarter Bonn, Germany
Founder Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn
Founded San Francisco, CA
Products DHL Express Worldwide and DHL Express
Industry Express logistics
Revenue $72.4 billion (2019)

4. DTDC Express Limited

DTDC is is a leading Indian courier delivery services company, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was founded by Debasish Chakraborty and Subhasish Chakraborty in 1990.

DTDC Express Ltd also has a significant global footprint and serves 240 international locations including USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, China, and all Asian countries, through its operations, joint ventures, and business associates.

Courier Name DTDC Express Limited
Headquarter Bangalore, India
Founder Debasish Chakraborty, Subhasish Chakraborty
Founded 1990
Products Delivery, Express mail, Third-party logistics
Industry Courier
Revenue INR 500 cr

5. Ecom Express Pvt Ltd

Ecom is an Indian leading end-to-end logistics solutions provider that focuses on speed, safe and reliable nation-wide express delivery, especially for the e-commerce industry. Ecom was founded by T. A. Krishnan T.A. Krishnan, Manju Dhawan, K. Satyanarayana and Sanjeev Saxena in 2012.

best courier
Ecom Express Pvt Ltd

It has more than 600 thousand plus satisfied customers and has 25000 pin-code coverage in more than 2400 cities. The rates are pretty affordable and are known for their great service quality and quick timing.

Courier Name Ecom Express Pvt Ltd
Headquarter New Delhi
Founder T. A. Krishnan T.A. Krishnan, Manju Dhawan, K. Satyanarayana and Sanjeev Saxena
Founded 2012
Products Ecom Express Services (EXS), Ecom Fulfilment Services (EFS) and Ecom Digital Services (EDS)
Industry Courier
Revenue 1,000 crore

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6. FedEx

FedEx is an American multinational delivery service. It is an industry global leader in providing logistic services. It was founded by Frederick W. Smith in 1971 that is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

top 10 courier services in india
FedEx Express

FedEx is known for its excellent delivery service and affordable prices in the areas of its services. The features like large volumes of shipments, high-speed shipping requirements, high levels of customization, and flexibility make it favorable for customers.

Courier Name FedEx
Headquarter Memphis, Tennessee
Founder Frederick W. Smith
Founded 1971
Products Post delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, third-party logistics
Industry Courier
Revenue US$69 billion (2019)

7.  Gati Ltd

Gati is an Indian leading multinational courier delivery service. It is one of the top 10 courier companies operating in India. Gati was founded by   in 1989 that is headquartered in Hyderabad India.

courier company in India
Gati Ltd

Gati has its offices in all major cities in India and has its presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, and Thailand. The company is a leader in supply chains management and Express distribution.

Courier Name Gati Ltd
Headquarter Hydrebad
Founder Mahendra Agarwal
Founded 1989
Products Logistics and supply chain management
Industry Courier
Revenue 178 Crores (2019)

8.  Safexpress Pvt Ltd

Safexpress was founded by Pawan Jain in 1997. It offers wide range of logistics services. Safexpress offers a wide range of innovative supply chain services including Express Distribution, 3PL and Consulting. It is a Market Leader of supply chain & logistics industry in India.

Courier Name Safexpress Pvt Ltd
Headquarter New Delhi
Founder Pawan Jain
Founded 1997
Products Logistics and Cargo services
Revenue INR 500 cr

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9.  The Professional Couriers

The Professional Couriers are one of the biggest courier networks in India. It was founded by T. Balachandran in 1987. It offers economically affordable express courier service. The company offers a wide range of supply chain services including 3PL and Consulting and Express Distribution.

The Professional Couriers in India has 20 Regional Offices, over 2485 Offices, over 5000 Collection Centers and easily well over 25,000 destinations.

Courier Name The Professional Couriers
Headquarter Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Founder T. Balachandran
Founded 1987
Products Transport and Courier Service.
Industry Courier
Revenue 100 crore (2018)

10. UFlex Ltd

UFlex is India's largest end to end flexible packaging solutions company. it was founded in 1983 by Ashok Chaturvedi . It has its presence in varied industry sectors spanning USA, Canada, South America, UK, Europe, Russia, CIS countries, South Africa and other African countries, Middle East and the South Asian Countries.

Courier Name UFlex Ltd
Headquarter Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Founder Ashok Chaturvedi
Founded 1983
Products Flexible packaging products
Industry Courier Services
Revenue INR 7974.8cr (2019)

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Courier services plays major role in businesses and Getting the best courier service which satisfies all the need, can be a tricky one and often difficult. We have shortlisted Top 10 Reliable Courier Companies in India. The most important aspect that separates courier services from regular postal deliveries is the speed of delivery and efficiency of delivery.

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