Top 10 Largest Companies in The World

Top 10 Largest Companies in The World

The advertisement and marketing campaigns are very important for the promotion of the largest companies in the world. Although, why to waste money on the advertisements if you are already earning millions. Well, this article will narrate about the largest companies in the world who are selling products which are not known by 90% of the population. However, they are playing a vital part in our lives and most importantly they have generated a truckload of revenue.

Moreover, these world largest companies in the world are not spending on advertisement but still, they are high in demand. You must be bewildering how this is possible. Dear readers without taking much of your time we would briefly discuss the top 10 companies in the world.

1. Vitol
2. YKK
3. BAE Systems Plc
4. Givaudan
5. American Tower
6. Praxair, Inc
7. SGS
8. Verisign
9. Ingram Micro
10. CSL Behring / Baxter / Grifols

1. Vitol

Founder : Henk Viëtor, Jacques Detiger
Founded in : 1966

Vitol's Logo

Vitol is the company which makes more money than Samsung, Apple or any other company. It is, in fact, the ninth largest company in the world. Vitol is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. There do not have more than 5000 employee and still manage to beat numerous big sharks of the business.

They have large storage space around the world where they hoard oil, petroleum and by doing so they manipulate the market. This under the cover company makes more revenues than Apple, Toyota, Microsoft, JP Morgan and other big brands. Annual Revenue of Vitol is $270 billion.

2. Yoshida Manufacturing Shareholding Company

Founder : Tadao Yoshida
Founded in : 1934

Yoshida Manufacturing Shareholding Company's Logo

The Japan-based zip/zipper manufacturing company is not known by many people. But still, this company controls the half of the zipper market of the world. With a base in 71 countries and having enormous control of the market this company is the world’s largest company who is into zipper manufacturing business. YKK Group also manufactures of other fastening products, architectural products, plastic hardware and industrial machinery.

3. BAE Systems Plc

Founder : Sir Roger Carr
Founded in : 1999

BAE Systems Logo

BAE Systems Plc is multinational defence, security, and aerospace company. BAE Systems Plc is world’s third largest defense contractor, churning nearly 18 billion dollars($) worth of revenue in 2015.

Its headquarter is in London and operates in major markets like US, UK, India, Australia. Their catalog of products is full of All-Star military crafts – Aircraft Carrier – HMS Queen Elizabeth (formal commission 2017) and Hawk series which is an engine, jet-powered advanced trainer aircraft. BAE Systems Plc plays important roles in military aircraft production for many countries in the world.

4. Givaudan

Founders : Leon and Xavier Givaudan
Founded in : 1895

Givaudan's Logo

This Swiss company is making money by manufacturing the flavors and fragrances. It is the world's largest company in the flavor and fragrance industries. The company makes the artificial flavors and fragrances that go into the perfumes, food, and beverages. The half of the food items have flavors extracted by this company, so thank them for satisfying your taste buds.

Givaudan uses a technology called ScentTrek which captures the chemical makeup of smell from living plants. The company is making an annual income of around $ 90 million by providing the flavors and fragrances to soothe our taste and fragrance needs.

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5. American Tower

Founder : Steve Dodge
Founded in : 1995

American Tower's Logo

American Tower is an American company. It is owner and operator of wireless and broadcast communications infrastructure in several countries. This is the biggest telecommunication infrastructure company in the world. American Tower established the tower with a simple pole and rent to the different telecommunication companies. Starting in 1995 with 2,700 towers, its global portfolio today includes over 170,000 owned or managed sites around the globe.

American Tower is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and operates throughout the America, Europe, Africa and Asia. They earn a bundle of income of $1900 million every year by installing telecommunication enabled poles.

6. Praxair, Inc

Founder : Carl Paul Gottfried Linde
Founded in : 1907

Praxair's Logo

Praxair Inc is an American company, providing industrial gases to organizations worldwide. Praxair produces and sells atmospheric gases, process gases and specialty gases, along with high-performance surface coatings. They spin the air and separate all the elements of the air. Additionally, they separate oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide from each other and sell them separately to earn the big chunk of money.

Company's market capitalization is approximately $40 billion and their sale valued $11 billion in 2017. The company employs over 26,000 people globally.

7. SGS

Founder : Henri Goldstuck
Founded in : 1878

SGS's Logo

SGS S.A. is a global verification, testing, inspection, and certification company. SGS S.A. is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
The core services offered by SGS include:
1. The inspection and verification of the quantity
2. Weight and quality of traded goods
3. The testing of product quality and performance against various health, safety and regulatory standards
4. It makes sure that products, systems or services meet the requirements of standards set by governments, standardization bodies or by SGS customers. SGS S.A. is earning around $1000 million every year.

8. Verisign

Founder : James Bidzos
Founded in : 1995

Verisign's Logo

Verisign, Inc. is an American company and a global provider of domain name registry services. It provides root zone maintainer services, operating two of the 13 global internet root servers. Along with that, Verisign also deals in registration services and authoritative resolution for the top-level domains like .com and .net, which support the majority of global ecommerce websites. It also provides the .cc and .tv country-code top-level domains, and the back-end systems for the .jobs, .gov, and .edu top-level domains.

Verisign also offers a range of security services and cyber-threat reporting. This company is ruling with its monopoly over the market and making roughly around the $700 million by selling .com domains worldwide.

9. Ingram Micro

Founders : Geza Czige and Lorraine Mecca
Founded in : 1979

Ingram Micro's Logo

Ingram Micro is very most valuable company in the world that delivers a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world. Ingram expertise in technology solutions, mobility, cloud, and supply chain solutions which enables its clients to operate efficiently and successfully in the markets. It is the world’s largest wholesale technology distributor, including desktops, notebook PCs, storage devices, printers, and software having a net worth of $30 billion.

Although, it represents nearly 1300 vendors including IBM, Microsoft, and Intel and is ranked 62nd in the Forbes 500 list. As the company acts as a middleman between manufacturer and distributor, it has really no incentive to be known to the general public.

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10. CSL Behring / Baxter / Grifols (Global Intensive Care Product Market)

CSL Behring / Baxter / Grifols Logos

Baxter International-

Baxter International is a American healthcare company founded in 1931. The company focuses on medical products to treat disease like hemophilia, kidney disease and other chronic and acute medical conditions. Baxter produces recombinant and blood plasma proteins to treat these diseases.

CSL Behring-

CSL Behring is a biopharmaceutical company. CSL Behring is founded in 2007. CSL Behring manufactures plasma-derived and recombinant therapeutic products. These products can be used for the treatment of bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease; primary immune deficiencies (PIDD); hereditary angioedema; inherited respiratory disease; and neurological disorders in certain markets. These products can also be used in cardiac surgery, organ transplantation, burn treatment and to prevent hemolytic diseases in the newborn.


Grifols is a Spanish multinational pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturer. Grifols produces of blood plasma-based products, devices, instruments, and reagents for clinical testing laboratories.

These companies (Global Intensive Care Product Market)  take the blood from the people and then after separating each element of the blood, they sell it for different purposes and generate their revenue. All the companies are a close competition of each other and they each make an annual income of between $1000-$1600 million.

Amazing right, well they are just the fragments of the big sharks that are available in the market and without becoming too famous they are making money. So, they really know their way around for being the largest companies in the world who are earning trillions.

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