How Zara is leading the fashion industry with $0 Advertising Strategy

How Zara is leading the fashion industry with $0 Advertising Strategy

Early humans figured out a way to cover their bodies to safeguard against weather. The accessories they built were named clothes. The sole purpose of this invention was to protect the naked skin from heat, wind and other normal natural phenomena.

The way we dress up today is different in different parts of the world, but the purpose has changed dramatically over the years. The purpose of clothing is not only to cover your body anymore, it is to make a style statement, to look apart from the crowd. This has led to a boost to fashion retails all over the world.

One of the most popular fashion retailers is Zara. We all have heard about it. That expensive brand whose clothes people find aesthetic and boast about it. The same brand has a unique aspect that probably no one knows about. It spends literally nothing on advertising. How cool is that? Such a big name in the industry that too without commercials. This is the article where we dissect the marketing strategy of Zara. Read on.

About Zara
How Zara is Succesful despite spending minimal on Advertising

About Zara: The luxury Icon

Zara is a Spanish apparel retailer. The company produces and retails clothing items, swimwear, shoes, perfumes and beauty. It was founded by Amancio Ortega in 1975. The age range of customers to which it caters is from 18 to mid 30s. It is also the largest brand under Inditex group. The company specialises in fast fashion. So, what is fast fashion ? The phrase denotes fashion wear that is quick, explosive and thus highly profitable in nature.

Zara is said to specialise in designing new works of fashion every now and then. It is said according to some reports that this retailer takes just about over a week to produce and get outfits to the stores. Six months is industry average. This sure provides the company a better edge on the fast fashion line of business.

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How Zara is Succesful despite spending minimal on Advertising

One of the most unique things that sets Zara apart is that it spends an amount of nuts in its marketing. It has a policy of no advertising. Without advertising the brand is able to hold such a big and premium market share of the world. Here we discuss how does it do this magic.

Augmented reality shopping

Zara Shop the Look
Zara Shop the Look

The Spanish fashion retailer seems to leave no innovation unturned to woo customers. Zara is entailing tech into shopping, in order to create magic out of this combination. It has introduced augmented reality shopping for customers via their app.

Basically when you point at a dress at a Zara dress in their store, the sensors in the area will detect that and will show models wearing that apparel. This makes choosing a dress more easy and convenient for customers. The target audience are millennials because they are generally tech-savvy. H&M, a rival, is also trying to hold its hands on building something like this to extend customer experience, a report said.

Fast Fashion

Zara is god in fast fashion, it follows a policy of being fast without caring for who is first. Many retailers try to be trendsetters and fashion innovators, but Zara just doesn't buy that.

Rather than working to set trends. Its work is to identify the current fashion wave and rapidly surf over it. Its main target audience is teens of 20 something who are always looking for ways to look cooler. Zara does the work for them.

Taking customer feedback seriously

We as customers may not take what we say about how we like a brand or hate someone, but Zara does. It is all ears for customer feedback. Anything you buy from the store is the beginning of a transaction with the store. The feedback they take from you is to ensure that the transaction relation remains in the future.

Anything you report is taken to higher order to build better products. Thus including customers in the designing process is such a good way to build customer loyalty. Today not the company, the customer calls the shots.

No advertising policy

Well, the real thing is that, no marketing is also marketing in the case of Zara. How you may ask? People love to buy exclusive stuff. Zara is a brand of which you will not spot a single billboard. This gives a sense of exclusivity. So this creates a chance for customers to be in the cool spot of society. It invests extensively on brand experience rather than ads.

Store locations

Zara Store
Zara Store

While we can say that Zara doesn't spend on ads, one thing to look at as an exception is that it spends on locations. Rather than spend on locations it invests in them. Adding to the brand experience. Every Zara store around the globe can be found in famous crowded places. It invests in the appeal of a store, to get as many customers inside the commercial zone.

Supreme Customer Experience

Zara Customer Experience
Zara Customer Experience

It must be obvious by now, that Zara does everything to get customers a great experience with the brand. It consistently tries to provide more and more reasons to visit their stores again. It doesn't just want to push their product out, they want to get the people in. They trade in value more than the product. Today's economy consists more of experience than product.

Zara knows it well that value today is measured beyond the price. So it is super trend-tight in this manner and high on customer experience. To provide value consistently to its customers, building brand loyalty with fashion enthusiasts.

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Zara is all about the customer, it can be said safely. Product used to be the king earlier but not anymore. Zara makes the customer experience the king. It knows that the product will be changed rapidly but brand loyalty is more important and constant. This is what the word “brand” actually means, it means a good image or perception in the eyes of the general public. That is built by being consistent with your value supply. Name any brand in the world, it operates with a similar idea. This is what sets someone apart from being just a different cog in the wheel of the market.


Does Zara spend on advertising?

No, Zara does not spends big budget television commercials, internet ads or billboards.

How is Zara so successful?

The company is successful because it has a phenomenal operating supply chain and manages its inventory well.

How does Zara advertise?

Zara uses anonymous models to advertise their clothes.

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