Master The Art Of Change in Recruiting Process through AI

Deesha Bakshi Deesha Bakshi
Oct 3, 2020 5 min read
Master The Art Of  Change in Recruiting Process through AI

In the past few years, many organizations have been utilizing and taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in many ways. One of the most intriguing sectors where AI can and is doing wonders is recruitments. The difference in terms of how candidates are discovered, reviewed, and interviewed is completely going to change when compared to traditional methods and processes. Master The Art Of Β Change in Recruiting Process through AI with These Tips. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart and many more have already developed their customized AI recruitment software.

According to Undercover Recruiter, it is expected that Artificial Intelligence is going to replace around 20% of the HR jobs in the next few years through recruiting software. AI is said to be an emerging category of HR technology as it is designed to reduce or even remove the time-consuming activities like screening resumes for example.

A survey was conducted to know what are the biggest challenges faced by the talent acquisition teams. The results of the survey stated that 52% of the talent acquisition leaders said that the hardest part of recruitments identifying the right talent from a large pool of applicants. AI has proved to be useful in giving the most efficient and effective solutions to all such problems.

Hiring Scenario
Hiring Scenario

\What can Artificial Intelligence do?

1. Resume Screening

CV and resume screening is a process that has already been practiced by many organizations using AI now. They can be screened with keywords and predicting patterns. The software is clever enough to interpret the different terms and phrases used by candidates and by using this data hiring managers efficiently find those best suited for the post. Among 500 Fortune companies, 95% of them are using ATS i.e. applicant tracking systems where it helps the managers examine hundreds of applications in very less time.

2. Video Interviews

After these difficult times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, for corporates, video interviews have become more common. Many big organizations like Unilever, Dunkin’ Donuts, and IBM use AI software for taking video interviews. This software has the ability to measure the facial expressions, body language, postures, and languages used by the candidates which helps the hiring managers to evaluate them. These video interviews are convenient to both the candidates and the employers because it is flexible, reduces costs, saves time, and also employers can use it t review the applicant anytime.

3. Faster Selection Process

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have the power to connect with humans and interact with them on an emotional level, but it definitely helps in speeding up the hiring process. Recently a study showed that 96% of senior HR professionals believe that AI has the ability to enhance talent acquisition and retention in the best possible way. The managers also reported that it saves their 14 hours a week, due to the automation of work. This process has even been shortened from months to just a few days that allow the employers to fill positions with the right talent faster.

4. Better Job Advertisements

Effectively the recruitment process often starts with an advertisement. A large chunk of candidates applies for a position after seeing advertisements on social media, newspapers, etc. Artificial Intelligence has the power of leveraging the process of recruitments. It can help the companies to know what type of phrases and language would generate better responses from the market and also help the managers get more qualified candidates. These advertisements can also be targeted to the candidates based on their browsing history.

5. Candidate Matching

AI can help companies in shifting towards customized candidate experience. While an important task of the recruiters is to match the abilities of candidates with the job specifications and description, AI can optimize the experience by matching both of them.

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6. Recruiter Chatbots

The AI chatbots help the companies in improving the candidate experience. Here the applicants can provide feedback, ask questions based on the job requirements take updates, and take suggestions as well. Companies might not be able to respond quickly in normal times, but AI can help these companies in responding consistently and quickly.

7. Diversity Hiring

Diversity in any organization brings employee happiness, productivity, and retention by having diversity in the company. The employees tend to have more creativity and innovation as well. AI helps to choose candidates without human bias from which the company can have diversity hiring.

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AI has its own limits and recruiters should recognize them

Artificial Intelligence is poised to help humans and make their tasks easy. Rather it is also present to give the recruitment teams more time in making human decisions and work on their parts in which they are experts. But recruiters are more suitable to hire the right candidates as AI has its own limitations. AI can be fast and accurate too but it cannot be error-free as it is software and machine. AI might not be very successful in doing the tasks on its own.

These software and tools require humans to give commands. Also, there might be chances that AI is ineffective in screening the candidates because the candidates might not be able to connect with a machine rather than a human being. It is still almost impossible for software to have qualities like empathy and contextual understanding due to which, it might be wrong at many parts for potential candidates for not getting into the organization. AI will surely eliminate the tedious tasks of hiring managers and recruitment teams in the whole process, but at times it might not be always successful.

Will AI Eliminate Jobs and Will Humans be required ?

Process through AI
Process through AI

In the past, there has been a lot of debate over these questions because AI shows no signs of slowing. Well, the truth is that the advancement in technology is not going to stop and will only continue to lead to the end of many jobs or even departments in many organizations. Definitely, AI can and will take over plenty of tasks, but these will not be any substitution for creativity, ideas, and leadership. Organizations will need managers to ensure that the company’s missions are carried out.

Though AI can automate many things but cannot completely eliminate humans. Tasks like client interactions, brainstorming ideas, and bringing in the interpersonal skills cannot be effectively demonstrated by AI, hence human presence will always be required in the workforce of every organization. While there is no way of telling a concrete future but what is foreseeable is that hiring, recruiting, and managing will surely be taken over by the combination of humans and artificial intelligence workers.

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