9 Best GitHub Alternatives | Most Popular Alternatives for GitHub with Features

9 Best GitHub Alternatives | Most Popular Alternatives for GitHub with Features
Best GitHub Alternatives

Today, the competition is increasing at a rapid rate. Going to college and getting a degree is not enough. It is important to learn and develop skills to earn a good job. Employers nowadays look for relevant knowledge in candidates. So, students try their best to develop skills and make projects with them.

In technical fields, programmers make different projects to showcase their coding knowledge. When we think of posting these projects, the first name to pop up in heads is GitHub. But now, it is not the only trusted platform for coders. The internet has many other alternatives like GitLab, Launchpad, BitBucket, and more.

About GitHub
Top Alternatives for GitHub

  1. BitBucket
  2. GitLab
  3. Gitea
  4. Launchpad
  5. Rhodecode
  6. Phabricator
  7. SourceForge
  8. Google Cloud Source Repositories
  9. Gogs
Github Vs BitBucket Vs GitLab

About GitHub

GitHub is a popular platform that hosts codes. It is a great and useful platform for coders. They can practice and learn further with the help of it. It allows them to work on many different projects.

It also allows coders to work with other coders on the same projects. It means different people can work on a project as a collaboration. The best part is that it has a control system. This ensures that the original version of the project is not hampered and stays intact.

This platform is great for programmers, as they can find like-minded people and code with them. The projects here are what we call open-source software.

Top Alternatives for GitHub

Whenever a person is looking for a code hosting platform, GitHub gets the place on top. But now many other platforms serve as their alternatives.

The following are some of its top substitutes:


Bitbucket - Best GitHub Alternative
Bitbucket - Best GitHub Alternative

BitBucket is a Git and Mercurial code management and collaboration platform. It came into existence in the year 2008. It has both free and monetary plans. It is a great platform for professionals to plan, collaborate, build, test, and deploy software.

It offers a place where professionals can manage git repositories and join up on their source code. It has tools like Jira, HipChat, and Confluence. This helps to make it one of the most popular choices for big enterprises.

It offers many features for developers. For example- code review, branch permissions, pipelines, integration, collaboration, and more.


GitLab- Best GitHub Alternative
GitLab- Best GitHub Alternative

GitLab is an open-core company, launched in 2014 that provides software. It blends three abilities. These are development, security, and operating software, all in a single application.

This platform allows planning of projects, source code collaboration and management, CI/CD, and monitoring. GitLab offers a feature-based system with integration for web developers.

It offers many different features to make the platform more exclusive. For example- version control, bug tracking, code review, issue management, and more.

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Gitea - Best GitHub Alternative
Gitea - Best GitHub Alternative

Another popular alternative is Gitea. This came into existence in the year 2016. It is an open-source forge software. It is a package for self-hosting a lightweight Git server. Along with self-hosting, it also offers free public first-party instances.

It has a well-documented API and allows the set up of various webhooks. The software is under the MIT OSS license and is community-managed.

It comes with various attractive features. For example- pull request and code reviews, multiple code maintainers, wikis and bug tracking, and more.


Launchpad - Best GitHub Alternative
Launchpad - Best GitHub Alternative

Launchpad is a website that was put in motion in 2004. The platform allows software collaboration, where the users can develop and maintain open-source software.

One can not only host but also import git repositories here. It provides translations, FAQs, and answers tracking and specifications tracking. A user can enjoy this platform for free.

This provides many features to its users. For example- code reviews, code hosting, bug tracking, mailing lists, etc.

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RhodeCode - Best GitHub Alternative
RhodeCode - Best GitHub Alternative

RhodeCode is an open-source self-hosted platform, founded in 2010. It is an enterprise source code management platform. This offers the unification of Git, mercurial, and subversion repositories.

It applies unified user control, permissions, and tool integrations. It has an enterprise edition, where you can link enterprise tools, premium support, and more.

The platform offers various features to its users. For example- advanced code review, workflow automation, permission management, etc.


Phabricator - Best GitHub Alternative
Phabricator - Best GitHub Alternative

Phabricator is another popular alternative software, launched in the year 2010. It is a series of web development collaboration tools. These tools are- differential code review tool, diffusion repository browser, Herald change monitoring tool, Maniphest bug tracker, and Phriction wiki.

It can be used for large datasets and also scale to large organizations. It is open-source, fast, and free software, where you own all your data.

There are many features provided by the platform. For example- code review, repository hosting, issue tracking, change auditing, and more.


SourceForge - Best GitHub Alternative
SourceForge - Best GitHub Alternative

SourceForge is a popular web service that supports the open-source software community. It aims to provide a platform for developers to control and manage software projects.

The platform has projects based on myriad tools. It helps developers with the storage of a project’s source code under revision control. It is a platform for both open-source software and business software.

It is a great alternative to GitHub with many features. For example- Git, mercurial repositories, project wikis, unique subdomain URLs, etc.

Google Cloud Source Repositories

Google Cloud Source Repositories - Best GitHub Alternative
Google Cloud Source Repositories - Best GitHub Alternative

This is another great alternative, developed by Google. It is a cloud-based private Git repository tool that enables users to design, develop, and manage their codes.

It enables developers to host as well as track the changes to large codebases on its platform. It has a cloud source repository that can be accessed and used by many users at the same place.

It offers exclusive features. For example - unlimited private repositories, built-in CI, powerful code search capabilities, and more.


Gogs - Best GitHub Alternative
Gogs - Best GitHub Alternative

Gogs is a self-hosted Git server where you can host your codes. It is a super lightweight and easy to install solution. It allows expanding a local Git server for a machine or small network.

It is completely self-hosted so its scope is not as wide as GitHub. But it has many similar features found on other platforms.

Gogs provides features like repository management, organization webhooks, deploy keys, and more.

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Coding is something that has a wide scope. So, it is important for the developers to learn and practice their skills. The open-source platforms play a very important role here. These help the developers to learn better and connect with other like-minded people.

The above mentioned are some of the most popular names that can be used as GitHub alternatives. Apart from these, there are more options available as well. Some of these are Beanstalk, TaraVault, Gerrit, etc.


What is GitHub?

GitHub is a popular platform that hosts codes. It allows different coders to work on the same projects as a collaboration.

Is GitHub a software?

GitHub is a web-based version-control and collaboration platform for software developers. It works on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model.

What are the top alternatives for GitHub?

Top Alternatives for GitHub are:

  • BitBucket
  • GitLab
  • Gitea
  • Launchpad
  • Rhodecode
  • Phabricator
  • SourceForge
  • Google Cloud Source Repositories
  • Gogs

Is GitHub free software?

The core GitHub features are free for everyone.

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