Best Knowledge Management Systems, Tools and Technique

Ansh Mehrey Ansh Mehrey
Jan 07, 2021 9 min read
Best Knowledge Management Systems, Tools and Technique

For a software or an SaaS, users often have questions regarding their functioning, features or even any technical issues they might face. This is also true for websites. One common solution for such situations is a Customer Support Platform for customers to contact, and resolve their queries. Although viable, this solution is far from perfect; after all, users don't really prefer calling customer support if things can be sorted on their own.

This is where Knowledge Management Systems come in. They help organizations build a repository of frequently asked questions, queries and solutions to possible issues. All the valuable information which might be required by the users, is stored and sorted in one place, documented in a format which can efficiently understood by users. This helps users save time by not having to contact customer support, allows users self-help so they can resolve the technical issues all by themselves, and also maintain an easy to find and informative knowledge base for both, customers and employees.

Knowledge Management Systems have helped various users and organizations in handling customer queries and continue to do so, and in recent times, various such applications have emerged, that claim to be the best in business. This can often be overwhelming, and baffle users, as to which one they should prefer. So here we compare 5 most popular Knowledge Management Systems, so you can make the best pick that suits your business.


Guru Knowledge Management
Guru Knowledge Management

Guru is a robust Knowledge Management Platform, and a 'guru' in its own right. It helps keep users up with the workflow providing any information needed, with just a few clicks. Guru offers a verification workflow and a browser extension for quick information access, along with automated onboarding. Its knowledge alerts keeps the employees updated in real-time and delivers information whenever, and wherever you need it. Also, you can integrate Guru with Slack and Microsoft Teams, for better team collaboration and communication.

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Features Offered by Guru

  • Guru allows you to organize information in a way suited to your business or application employees, and is accessible effortlessly.
  • Guru's browser extension as well as integration with slack allow you to find the necessary information, anytime and anywhere.
  • Guru creates a repository of all required information ranging from Google Docs to Slack to within application, to make it centrally available.
  • It allows you to sync all your internal and external data, in turn keeping it up to date. Moreover, with Collection, Boards, and Groups you can view, who is looking for what, and get insights into your data repository.
  • Keep your knowledge base up to date and expert verified, avoid having duplicate content, and get insights to further improve your knowledge base.

Pricing for Guru

Starter Plan Builder Plan Expert Plan Enterprise Plan
Built for small teams and comes free of cost Built for fast growing organizations and costs $14 per user per month Built for customer facing teams and costs $24 per user per month Built for huge enterprises and offers custom pricing
Comes with a browser extension, Slack and Microsoft Teams integration All features included in Starter plan with Knowledge triggers, API access, and analytics All features included in Builder Plan along with AI suggestions and Intelligent Duplicate Detection All features included in the Expert plan with other custom features
Knowledge fields include cards, Q&A, and knowledge clipper Offers knowledge triggers and alerts Offers AI Suggest Expert and Text Along with AI Suggest, it also offers users custom AI integrations
Starter plan offers users to embed Guru cards Builder plan offers user insights and analytics Expert plan users also get ticket linking with API access Users enjoy ticket linking, API access, along with Guru cards and analytics
Standard customer succcess support and uptime Roles and groups security with standard support and uptime Roles and groups security with standard support and uptime SAML compliance with user provisioning and deprovisioning along with premiere customer supportSer


ServiceNow Knowledge Management
ServiceNow Knowledge Management

Servicenow is an ML driven knowledge management system focused on enhancing self service of customers and boost employee productivity. With its knowledge sharing platform and knowledge gap identification using quality trends and usage tracking, Servicenow endeavors to increase user satisfaction, and help them harness knowledge from communities. Servicenow knowledge management covers for IT, Employee, and Customer workflows, along with your self developed application.

Features Offered by Servicenow

  • Integrate with Microsoft Word online, and experience a simplified knowledge and additional authoring to manage the learning curve.
  • Identify and visualize knowledge gaps and assign gaps to authors using ML models to enhance self service of customers.
  • Servicenow also allows employees and agents to capture relevant knowledge based articles during their work.
  • Enhance your feedback process using improved organizational knowledge, along with customer and employee knowledge management feedback.
  • You can also convert casual and unshaped conversations into structured knowledge, and deploy information from articles and communities to your knowledge base.


Document360 Knowledge Base Platform
Document360 Knowledge Base Platform

Document360 is a Knowledge Base Platform built for growing companies, and allows you to create creative, out-of-the-box self serving knowledge base, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Document360 also furnishes you with an intuitive interface, wherein the editors and reviewers get a Knowledge Base portal which they can edit with ease, while the customers employees can view all the information that they need through the Knowledge Base Site.

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Features Offered by Document360

  • The Knowledge Base Portal offers editors an editor and allows for a category manager, versioning along with rollback.
  • Analytics tool in Knowledge Base Portal informs editors of the traffic, and what the users are more interested in, through metrics, user feedback, and link analytics.
  • The Knowledge Base Site can be customized and branded with navigation menu and custom domain, while also offering you an AI powered search engine in real-time.
  • For SaaS and Websites, Document360 offers a Knowledge Base Assistant, which can be seamlessly integrated with your product, and offers on demand help to customers.
  • Document360 also offers various extensions and integrations including Helpdesks, Chatbots, Analytics tools, CRO tools, as well as conferencing tools.

Pricing for Document360

Startup Plan Business Plan Enterprise Plan Enterprise plus Plan
Costs $49 per project per month Costs $149 per project per month Costs $299 per project per month Offers custom pricing depending on the plan
Allows for 2 team accounts and costs $5 per additional account per month Allows for 5 team accounts and costs $7 per additional account per month Allows for 15 team accounts and costs $9 per additional account per month Allows unlimited team accounts
Offers 5GB storage and costs $1 per additional GB per month Offers 50GB storage and costs $1 per additional GB per month Offers 150GB storage and costs $1 per additional GB per month Offers 300GB storage and costs $1 per additional GB per month
Offers 10k page visits per month along with $1 per month for additional 1000 visits Offers 50k page visits per month along with $1 per month for additional 1000 visits Offers 150k page visits per month along with $1 per month for additional 1000 visits Offers 300k page visits per month along with $1 per month for additional 1000 visits
Offers 1 Knowledge Base version Offers 2 Knowledge Base versions Offers 6 Knowledge Base versions Offers 12 Knowledge Base versions

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Confluence Knowledge Management
Confluence Knowledge Management

Confluence by Atlassian is a collaboration and knowledge base platform, which helps centralize all your organization's important information in one place. It allows you to harness the collective information of your organization from your employees and store the accumulation in the form of easy to find answers. This way, all team members can be motivated, ranging from HR to marketing, to share their information and announcements, to create a knowledge sharing platform, which keeps itself updated in real time.

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Features Offered by Confluence

  • Confluence offers an intuitive structure with pages, where information can be added and edited as well as spaces with pages for individual teams, groups, and personnel.
  • The knowledge base     for documentation and product requirements consists of advanced search and page trees to find pages and page hierarchy.
  • Confluence offers you to choose from a collection of customizable templates, and helps you deploy plans with powerful Jira integrations.
  • Real-time editing allows for your knowledge base to always be updated, while the page and inline comments make things simpler form editors.
  • Manage permissions and share information between groups and teams, and spread new information with blogs asserting transparency.

Pricing for Confluence

Free Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan Enterprise Plan
Free for up to 10 users Costs $5 per user and an average $50 a month Costs $10 per user and an average $100 a month Custom pricing according to the plan opted
Offers unlimited pages and spaces with page versioning, along with structured page tree Offers page and space permissions with insights and audit logs Premium plan offers you analytics with team calendars and permission inspection Enterprise plan offers users admin insights and external collaboration
Free plan includes password policies and domain verification Standard plan includes password policies and domain verification along with session duration management Offers disaster recovery and IP allowlisting Enterprise plan offers you sandbox along with data residency
Allows for 2GB of file storage with community support llows for 250GB of file storage with support at local business hours Unlimited file storage with 24/7 premium support Unlimited file storage with 24/7 enterprise support

ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge Base
ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs is a Knowledge Base Software that helps users to create knowledge bases, user manuals, and documentations. With 24/7 instant self help and access management, ProProfs helps develop team collaboration with over 100 integrations and settings. You can create knowledge bases and help sites within minutes with an easy setup, and help customers find answers to more frequent questions. Also, you get absolute control over your viewership, and choose to make your site public or restrict access.

Features Offered by ProProfs

  • ProProfs enables team collaboration by creating different groups and assigning different admins, editors and other positions of responsibility to individuals.
  • ProProfs has an easy setup, and needs no software downloads, and can be accessible anytime at any place and any device.
  • It helps reduce customer emails and calls by furnishing them with self-help facilities, while allowing users to customize and brand the knowledge base according to their theme.
  • Secure controls of the knowledge base, retain employee knowledge and store it in an efficient manner, and centralize documents with analytics and reports.
  • ProProfs also offers various integrations including Zendesk, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Disqus among various others, for smooth functioning.

Pricing for ProProfs Knowledge Base

Free Plan Essentials Plan Premium Plan
Free plan offers users 20 Knowledge Base Articles Costs $0.3 per page per month Costs $0.5 per page per month
Allows for unlimited page views, with 1 knowledge base and manual Allows for unlimited page views, with 1 knowledge base and manual Allows for unlimited knowledgebases, manuals and, docs
Offers professional templates along with 1 author/editor Offers branding, custom domain, version control, 1 author/editor, and 1 private site Allows unlimited authors, private sites, along with roles and collaboration
This plan offers users 10 learners in Training makers, 1 operator and 1 agent for help desk Offers basic help widget and integrations with premium customer support Offers advanced help widget, integrations and onboarding and success manager
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