Kbee: Build Your Own Knowledgebase On Google Drive

Kbee: Build Your Own Knowledgebase On Google Drive

Remote working has become the latest trend in corporate culture. More and more companies are adopting remote practices and to do that they need to build a knowledge base.

For instance, in remote work, you can no longer depend on being able to interact with your departments physically in case of a situation. So it becomes very important that companies that hire remote working employees have a centralized database of knowledge. This lowers risk and dependency on individuals since you can no longer communicate with them in person.

A knowledgebase makes it easier for new employees to get up to speed and provide a consistent response to customers.

So does this mean every company has a knowledge base? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many companies try to skip this step because they think they’re too busy to create one.

This is where Kbee comes in.

What is Kbee?
Kbee - Features
Kbee - Pricing
Kbee - FAQ’s

What is Kbee?

Kbee extends Google Drive to create a professional knowledgebase that will work for you and your employees. Your team can always find the answers they’re looking for without depending n someone else. In addition, your customers can also find the answer to their queries through this database.

All you need to do is provide all the content relevant to your company and employees on Docs. Kbee does the rest of the work for you by storing and publishing your content in a searchable space, which can be accessed by you, your employees, and customers.

Kbee Dashboard
Kbee Dashboard

Kbee will reflect whatever changes and edits you make to your content so that you can use your Google Drive as a Help Center, Wiki, or a Knowledgebase.

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Kbee - Features

Use powerful text search across all of your content so your users can find the answers they’re looking for as quickly as possible. No one has to spend more time digging through Drive for relevant information.

Collaborate seamlessly

Extend Google Drive into a professional database without compromising on the collaboration and authoring experience. Articles can be created, amended and published directly from Google Drive. You and your team can update your knowledge base without learning a new system entirely.

Kbee allows you to collaborate with your team and customers
Kbee allows you to collaborate with your team and customers

Keep things secure

Ensure that your content is accessible to relevant people, organizations and groups by using Kbee’s out-of-box access management tools. These management tools let you share information with your employees and customers securely.

Align with your brand

Make your database look and feel like an extension of your brand by customizing the logo, domain, layout, theme, and color.

Do more with Google Drive

You basically have the ability to create and transform Google Drive folders into a searchable database for all the relevant parties with Kbee. To do this, you simply need to create a Google Drive and Kbee will publish the articles directly to your knowledge base.

Kbee - Pricing

$0 Freebie Plan (1-Year Free Pro Access)



  • 1 Admin User
  • 3 Spaces (Separate Knowledge Bases)
  • 30 Articles
  • Unlimited Viewers (Page Views)
  • Unlimited Article Authors
  • Advanced Search
  • Basic Analytics
  • Codeblocks
  • Customizable Themes
  • Embeddable Image & Video Support
  • Custom Domain
  • Hide from Search Engines
  • Password-Protection/Secured Access
  • One-Year Access To The Software For Free
  • One-Year Upgrades/Updates Of All The Above Features
  • Limited to 1 Code per User Account
  • No Refund Policy Applicable
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Kbee - FAQ’s

Can I use pre-existing content in my Drive?

Absolutely. Kbee can use a pre-existing Google Drive folder and automatically turn content in that folder into a functional site.

Can I use Kbee for an internal Knowledge Base?

Yes! You can use Kbee for your internal knowledge base. You can easily lock down your Kbee space so it is only accessible by your team, company, or individuals you choose.

Does Kbee support videos?

Yes. Simply add a YouTube link into your article on Google Docs and Kbee will render the video on your knowledge base

Does Kbee support custom domains?

Kbee supports custom domains on the pro and business tiers

Does Kbee optimize my content for SEO?

Kbee is fully optimized for SEO. Kbee automatically generates meta tags, sitemaps, and robots.txt. Articles are statically built and served from a CDN optimized for search engines.

What should I do after my Free 1-Year Pro plan expires?

After your Free 1-Year Pro Plan expires, you can upgrade to any of the future plans at Kbee at the best available discount, excluding any enterprise plans.


Kbee is simple to use, looks good, and it’s easy to search and combine all of the access controls you have set up for your Google Drive. Kbee’s search uses Algolia AI, a search engine that specifically shows you relevant content instead of hundreds of search hits.

Another unique feature of Kbee is that it has good value. It has a single monthly charge rather than per user.

Kbee is an excellent example of the simple yet innovative initiative that is being driven by remote working practices. So sign up for Kbee now!

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