Free Cloud Storage Services

Ansh Mehrey Ansh Mehrey
Nov 30, 2020 6 min read
Free Cloud Storage Services

Everyone who uses internet is aware of Cloud Storage and Computing today, and its benefits. It is nothing more than a cloud computing model that allows users to store data over the internet, through a cloud service provider. Cloud storage has drastically altered the traditional 'data storage on local devices' infrastructure, owing to its various benefits.

How does Cloud Storage work?

Cloud storage is usually leveraged from a third part cloud service provider, someone who owns an online data storage facility and operates it while offering customers a limited amount of storage space in different pricing models. These Cloud Storage Vendors function by managing capacity, storage, security, and durability of customers' data. Sometimes they also offer complimentary services which help users navigate through and manage their data on these online platforms.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

  • Bid adieu to hardware costs for data storage devices. Moreover, you can even cut costs on storage with pay-as-you-go pricing structure, where you only need to pay for what you use.
  • Universal access is one of the best features of cloud storage, as you get to access your data from any remote location, just with the help of right credentials.
  • You get to centralize your storage for new use cases. Managing data permissions and other information management tasks with a unified storage platform work well for working professionals.
  • Cloud Storage also acts as a backup of your data. Even when you need to erase all the data on your device, you need not worry about the cloud data.
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Cloud Storage Services

Owing to all the mentioned features and many more benefits, Cloud Storage and Computing is in great demand right now, and so is the supply. There are various free Cloud Services available on the web and to choose the one more suited to your requirements could be tricky. So here we discuss 5 Free Cloud Storage Platforms, which you might find useful.

Google Drive

Google Drive
Google Drive

Google Drive is one Cloud Storage Service we all were expecting to see in the list to be honest. Not only it offers free 15 GB of data storage on signing up, it also offers many services that mostly a paid plan would provide. Google Drive offers solutions for both, an individual and for teams to easily create backup of important data and access it from any device and any location.

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Features Offered by Google Drive

  • Free 15 GB of storage, which is the highest offered by any cloud storage services, along with individual and team plan.
  • Store, share, and access your files and folders through any device, desktop, mobile or tablet, and manage accessibility and permissions.
  • Google Workspace is an integrated workspace which helps you customize files and manage work.
  • With a cloud based collaboration platform, work effortlessly and share files among your colleagues.
  • Data Loss Prevention, Vault and Data archiving are features offered for enterprise version of Google Drive.


Icedrive Cloud Storage
Icedrive Cloud Storage

Icedrive is a Cloud Storage Service that offers you a 10 GB free storage on your signup. It offers an experience of storage like that of a physical drive within your system, giving you all the features which you use on your hard drive such as edit, upload, delete, and open. Icedrive also offers you an intelligent cache control, which allows you to access your files just by installing the application and without waiting for the cloud to to sync.

Icedrive Cloud Interface
Icedrive Cloud Interface

Features offered by Icedrive

  • Icedrive makes your cloud storage feel like it were just another hard drive on your computer, allowing you to do all the operations, which a hard drive supports.
  • Different cloud storage applications for different devices, you can easily access your files from any device at any location.
  • Different and wide variety of tools for different professionals in various fields, all in one suite.
  • Icedrive constantly updates with new features so that it never offers less than its competitors.
  • Icedrive uses twofish, an acclaimed encryption algorithm recognized by security experts, to keep your data secure.


pCloud Storage
pCloud Storage

pCloud is a simple and secure cloud storage platform, for you to store files on the cloud, and access these files from any preferred device and location. pCloud offers free 10 GB storage on signing up, which you can access by your computer, mobile phone or any other device, while also managing permissions for the files. This allows you to work on shared files with your colleagues and friends.

Features Offered by pCloud

  • pCloud offers a seamless file management, which helps you access your stored files on your fingertips, with the helps of search, filter and trash options.
  • Manage file sharing with folder invitations, shared links, direct links, and file requests, and collaborate with your team.
  • pCloud uses TLS/SSL encryption deployed during file transfer to the cloud. Moreover, files are stored in at least 3 different server locations for backup.
  • pCloud even stores previous versions of your files. You can access these versions through tools such as revisions, rewind, and extended file history.
  • Backup your Instagram and Facebook pictures to pCloud with just a click of a button. It also offers various plug-ins for the same. Cloud Storage Cloud

Like other entries in the list, Sync is a cloud based service which helps you store your data online, and gets you easy access from any device or location. It offers you free 5 GB data on signing up, and allows you to send any kind of file to anyone, even if they do not have a sync account. Moreover, Sync's protected cloud storage makes sure your files are safe, remotely accessible, and secure.

Features Offered by Sync

  • Offers payment options with as much as 1 TB storage space per user, with unlimited file transfer limits.
  • Sync offers privacy with end-to-end encryption without any third party tracking, and compliance of HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA.
  • Sync also offers desktop applications, mobile applications as well as integrations with any existing software or tools for better functionality.
  • Sync also allows administrative accounts and privileges along with the ability to manage user passwords.
  • With your data backed up in a centralized location, access your files from any where and any device.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage service offered by Microsoft, for storing your data and files over cloud, having remote access of your files and from any device, and seamlessly sharing files and resources of files and managing permissions. With OneDrive you can get a shareable link to your files which you can use to share data. OneDrive offers you plans for professional and non professional work, where you get free storage of 5 GB, which can shoot up to 5 TB on paid plans.

Features Offered by OneDrive

  • OneDrive offers a personal vault secured by identity verification, which you can effortlessly store and secure your files on.
  • Vault automatically locks itself after a set period of inactivity, and needs authentication to unlock.
  • Share your files and folders with just a link, that will provide access to the selected files.
  • With OneDrive you also get the latest versions of various Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
  • You can also upload files on OneDrive by scanning them directly through OneDrive, and store important documents on Vault, to keep it secure.
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