Alternatives for Pipedrive CRM

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Nov 25, 2020 8 min read
Alternatives for Pipedrive CRM

With the rise of online tools and SaaS over the web, it has become a consumer hub of software and online services. This exponential rise in both parties online, the seller and the buyer, have lead to the rise is demand of Sales Management Tools. A sales management tool helps you manage leads and close deals, track communications and provide you valuable insights into customer data to come up with better sales strategies.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a Sales Management Tool that helps users draw their attention to the right leads and sell better. It offers to fill up your sales pipeline with highly convertible leads, track communication and metrics to offers insights into the customer data, and also allows you to integrate with your sales boosting applications to give the best results.

Although Pipedrive is one of the best in business available, users often look for Pipedrive Alternatives to evaluate all the options. When in online software business, users often look flexibility in sales management tools that suits their service and product, which is quite quintessential these days. So, here we offer a list of top 5 Sales Management Tools, which you may deploy as an alternative to Pipedrive.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM
Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is one of the most sought after CRM which helps you with marketing, sales, commerce and services. Salesforce helps collect customer data in one place to make precise and more informed decisions. It also helps you by automating trivial and recurring tasks in a more personalized way by sending custom emails for marketing. Salesforce hence delivers an exception and rather personalized experience with excellent customer support 24/7.

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Features Offered by Salesforce

  • Salesforce offers you an all round view of your customer's activities, contacts, and communications to better know your customer.
  • With the help of Opportunity Management, monitor your competitors and products and tag along the information you need to enhance conversion.
  • Salesforce furnishes you with a mobile application that helps you work even without a desktop, such as log calls and respond to leads.
  • Track your leads till the deal is closed and make informed decisions based on insights from sales data.
  • Easily share files among your team members and enable real-time tracking of your content.

Pricing for Salesforce CRM

Essential plan Professional plan Enterprise plan Unlimited plan
Costs $25 per user per month Costs $75 per user per month Costs $150 per user per month Costs $300 per user per month
Offers you accounts and leads management Offers all features of Essential plan along with lead registration and scoring Offers all features of Professional plan along with collaborative forecasting and workflow approval automation Offers all features of Enterprise plan along with 24/7 support


HubSpot CRM
HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a sales and marketing tool offering all round CRM, with tools and services for best in class marketing tactics. With services in every domain of sales and marketing, HubSpot offers the users free courses, eBooks and guides along with services such as Onboarding, Consulting and those of a Service Provider. Tools offered by HubSpot include Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Services Hub, and CMS Hub.

Features offered by HubSpot

  • Offers sales automation, e-Signatures and lead scoring along with email sequences.
  • HubSpot also offers premium marketing features such as automation, SEO tools, and video hosting.
  • With HubSpot, users are furnished with an interactive and analytical dashboard, deal pipelines and customizable reports.
  • HubSpot also offers tools for blog and content creation with SEO, live chat and security monitoring.
  • Its Service Hub offers Customer Service Automation with multiple ticket pipelines and customer feedback.

Pricing for HubSpot

Software Starter Professional Enterprise
Marketing Costs $45 per month, and offers tools such as landing pages, email marketing, and ad retargeting Costs $800 per month and offers marketing automation, SEO recommendations, and custom reports with campaign reporting Costs $3200 per month and offers services such as team management and advanced reporting with predictive leads
CRM and Sales Costs $45 per month and comes with customizable sales properties, meeting scheduling, and other basic features Costs $450 per month and offers sales analytics, custom reporting, eSignature and some personalization features Costs $1200 per month and offers webhooks, custom objects, scalability, and reporting dashboard
Customer Service Costs $45 per month and comes with live chats, conversational bots, and simple automation Costs $360 per month and comes with ticket status and routing, and offers a better customer service with custom reporting and insight dashboard Costs $1200 per month and helps user manage multiple teams slack integration along with webhooks

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM tool
Zoho CRM tool

Zoho CRM is one of the first names that strikes when we talk about an all-round CRM tool. From remotely connecting to customers across different channels, to automating leads and actions required, Zoho has all the features of an effective CRM. With an interactive and insightful dashboard, it helps you monitor sales and business analytics, predicts future developments based on real-time trends and statistics while also furnishing you with a conversational AI. The AI offered by Zoho, named Zia, identifies convertible leads, so they can be more focused on, in turn, generating more revenue.

Features offered by Zoho

  • Zoho offers Sales and workflow automation for better lead and account management, and avoid repetition.
  • Predictive sales and Zia voice assistant point out convertible leads and detect anomalies while also suggesting on assignments and workflows.
  • With Zoho, you get to customize your page layout, views and fields, and add components and subforms.
  • Reports, statistics, funnels and and KPIs based on real-time analysis with Target meters to set and achieve milestones.
  • Zoho makes project management and team collaboration efficient with tags, chats and groups while also providing data security and compliance.

Pricing for Zoho CRM

Standard Zoho Plan Professional Zoho Plan Enterprise Zoho Plan Ultimate Zoho Plan
Costs Rs 720 peruser per month, billed annually Costs Rs 1200 peruser per month, billed annually Costs Rs 2100 peruser per month, billed annually Costs Rs 2300 peruser per month, billed annually
Offers all the utilities in the free version along with scoring rules and workflow management Offers all the utilities in the standard version along with SalesSignals and business blueprint Offers all the utilities in the professional version along with Zia AI, a command center and a canvas layout Offers all the utilities in the enterprise version along with advanced Business Intelligence and Zoho Analytics
Offers to build and manage multiple pipelines, send mass emails and customize dashboards Helps build forms to collect user data, frame validation rules, and manage inventory Enterprise plan comes with advanced customization, portals for multiple users and, mobile SDK Advanced features with Zia recommendations on different niche

Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM
Insightly CRM

Insightly is a CRM tool that specializes in offering you a unified view of your customers including marketing, sales and project teams. Insightly allows you to connect with your customers on a personal scale, and helps convert your audience into regular consumers. Like most other CRM tools, Insightly assists users in creating customer journeys through marketing, sales, lead conversion, and integration with your email and other applications, with the primary focus on growing your pipeline.

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Features Offered by Insightly

  • Naturally a CRM's primary task is to collect and manage customer data. Insightly seamlessly manages data and has it stored in an organized manner.
  • Insightly helps you come up with campaign ideas to nurture existing leads and welcome new leads simultaneously.
  • Insightly offers flexibility to tailor the CRM to your specific business needs. Design your own sales processes, lead opportunity and management, and custom fields.
  • You can also create new fields using custom objects, applications, and fields, without any complications.
  • Insightly helps you turn deals into projects and set milestones, so you have the perfect opportunity to deliver what you promise and eventually build a brand and earn customers' trust.

Pricing for Insightly CRM

Plus plan Professional plan Enterprise plan
Costs $29 per user per month Costs $49 per user per month Costs $99 per user per month
Helps you work from any device and deliver prjects Offers all features of the plus plan along with lead searching and management Offers all features of the professional plan along with strengthening customer relationships
Insightly also helps you collaborate with your team with a unified platform for your team members to be on the same page Offers integrated phone dialer for call analysis and reporting with some extra cost Offers custom automation with validation rules, fields on objects, and permissions
Offers over 250 business app integrations and web APIs Along with the integrations, Professional plan offes configurable webhooks Enterprise plan offers schedulable serverless lambda functions to create and run custom code

Copper CRM

Copper CRM
Copper CRM

Copper CRM is one that works with Google Workspace, and helps you manage contacts and communications, deals, and files all in one place, so you don't have to juggle around in your work. Copper allows you to manage multiple tasks such as updating deals, searching for past transactions, and schedule tasks with Google Calendar, all with the help of Gmail. Moreover, you get custom dashboards and pipelines help you never miss an opportunity such as a strong lead.

Features Offered by Copper CRM

  • Schedule your meetings and other tasks with integrated Google Calendar, and never miss them again.
  • Copper also allows you to customize your slide decks with advanced slide integrations to enrich it with important and useful data.
  • Leave all the task of finding and updating contact details of leads to Copper. Moreover, make data driven decision with Data Studio to analyze and visualize data.
  • Copper also offers multiple resources to grow your business including books, product updates, blogs and others.
  • Along with other features, Copper offers complete security of your data, track deals through pipelines, and get custom reports and insights into your business.

Pricing for Insightly

Basic plan Professional plan Business plan
Costs $25 per user per month when billed annually and $29 when billed monthly Costs $59 per user per month when billed annually Costs $119 per user per month when billed annually
Offers a full Google Workspace integration with a limit of 3 users This plan is more suited for growing businesses needing basic CRM features This plan is built for scaling businesses and enterprises
Contact enrichment and project management and multiple pipelines Contact enrichment and automation features such as workflow automation Contact enrichment and automation features such as workflow automation and unlimited templates and bulk email
Basic reporting and sales forecasting Various integrations such as HubSpot, Slack, and Zendesk with account configuration All integrations in Professional plan with custom embedded integrations along with leaderboard and goal tracking

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