Countdown to Creativity: Top New Year Ads of All Time

Countdown to Creativity: Top New Year Ads of All Time
Top New Year Ads of All Time

As the clock strikes midnight and the world bids farewell to the previous year, advertisers grasp the chance to create campaigns that engage, motivate, and resonate with people all around the world. From heartwarming stories that make us cry to hilarious sagas that make us laugh, each ad tells a distinct story that reflects the spirit of the New Year.

Advertisers recognize the metaphorical significance of the New Year as a harbinger of new prospects and fresh beginnings. These advertising efforts have become positive beacons with their uplifting messages and visuals.

At their finest, exceptional New Year advertisements' meaningful messaging and emotive creativity can inspire millions. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the most creative commercials of all time.

  1. Mamaearth: #AaoBanayeNewYearBeautiful (2022)
  2. Vivo India: #SwitchOff (2021)
  3. Google: #YearinSearch (Annual)
  4. WhatsApp: #EveryoneYouLove (2022)
  5. Ariel: #CelebrateEqual (2022)
  6. BMW: The Happy New Year Flim (2023)
  7. T- Mobile: New Year. New Neighbour (2023)
  8. Volkswagen (2015)
  9. Netflix: Expectation Vs Reality (2020)
  10. Coca-Cola: New Year

Mamaearth: #AaoBanayeNewYearBeautiful (2022)

Best New Year Advertisements - Mamaearth's #AaoBanayeNewYearBeautiful

The Mamaearth #AaoBanayeNewYearBeautiful campaign centered on welcoming the new year with natural beauty and self-care rituals. It extends an invitation to everyone to participate in the endeavor of making the New Year wonderful. Mamaearth is well-known for its dedication to natural and environmentally friendly products. The advertisement showcases simple home remedies and beauty recipes using toxin-free, ayurvedic products.

The phrase "goodness inside" fits the ad perfectly with the new year's theme of enthusiastically starting over with mindful practices for both body and mind. Their products facilitate that symbolic shift. More than an advertisement, it is a call to action for people to actively participate in bringing about a change for themselves.

Vivo India: #SwitchOff (2021)

Best New Year Advertisements - Vivo India's #SwitchOff

This phone company launched a touching commercial during the New Year's holiday, emphasizing the value of disconnecting from technology in order to spend quality time with family. This advertisement depicts a typical image of people disengaged from real-life events and instead engrossed in the parallel digital world inside their devices.

 It struck a lovely chord with more extensive cultural conversations around the adverse impacts of constant connectivity on relationships, mental health, and, specifically, child development. #SwitchOff delivered much-needed inspiration to re-evaluate our relationship with technology every so often. 

Google: #YearinSearch (Annual)

Best New Year Advertisements - Google's #YearinSearch

Every year, Google releases an ad with a dedicated website analysis of the top trending searches on Google over the previous year as a glimpse of what captivated the world's interest.  In honor of Google's 25th anniversary, they broadened this search to include the top searches over the past twenty-five years. From critical global events to viral trends and technological advancements to the most famous personalities, #YearinSearch curates a visual journey through the highs and lows of the year.

 Moving beyond conventional advertising, it becomes a shared experience. It serves as a digital time capsule, capturing the year's zeitgeist and inviting audiences to explore, contemplate, and possibly gain fresh insights about the unfolded events.

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WhatsApp: #EveryoneYouLove (2022)

Best New Year Advertisements - WhatsApp's #EveryoneYouLove

Centered on the insight that individuals often send messages to everyone they love to share New Year's wishes, this ad visually guides viewers through celebrations worldwide. It emphasizes how WhatsApp facilitates relationships, allowing individuals to feel close even when they are physically apart during the holidays. The ad strikes an emotional chord by turning the focus away from WhatsApp's capabilities and instead emphasizing its crucial, almost nostalgic role in a significant cultural tradition that transcends demographics.

While many enjoy New Year's Eve festivities such as parties, midnight celebrations, and fireworks, the commercial says that the emotional reset of the New Year is found when they connect with the people who matter most.

Ariel: #CelebrateEqual (2022)

Best New Year Advertisements - Ariel's #CelebrateEqual

Ariel's #CelebrateEqual campaign addressed a pressing social issue by highlighting inequality in household duties, particularly during holidays. Ariel aspires to bring about a better society in which everyone is treated equally. The goal of the advertisement was to initiate these kinds of discussions in order to promote change.

Several successful campaigns on this topic have been launched over the years. Before the initiative, 79% of men believed that domestic responsibilities were solely the responsibility of women.  That figure has now dropped to 41%. Celebrations have returned, with family meals, festivals, and gatherings arranged with the purpose of achieving a genuinely equal celebration.

BMW: The Happy New Year Flim (2023)

Best New Year Advertisements - BMW's The Happy New Year Flim

The hashtag #bornelectric is a marketing campaign based on BMW's electric vehicles (EVs). BMW has been actively involved in the research, development, and promotion of electric and hybrid cars, harmonizing with the global shift toward environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

The commercial aimed to attract youngsters who are enthusiastic about electric vehicles and other environmentally friendly modes of transportation. The teenager in the commercial represents the current generation, and their dismissive attitude regarding automobiles is designed to resonate with viewers who share similar views. The commercial's tagline, "The future is electric," conveys the clear message that BMW is committed to building electric vehicles and truly believes this is the future of transportation. This is more than just hardware; it is a work of art that reflects a new direction led by conscience and innovation.

T- Mobile: New Year. New Neighbour (2023)

Best New Year Advertisements - T Mobile's New Year. New Neighbour

T-Mobile is known for its inventive and often amusing marketing campaigns in the telecoms business. The organization has a history of employing bold and innovative techniques to differentiate itself from its competitors. T-Mobile refreshed its hit 2017 holiday marketing concept in 2023, emphasizing its wireless plans and 5G network stability. In this advertisement, an American icon walks into the neighborhood and sings with the group to promote T-Mobile Home Internet. The commercial encourages viewers to try T-Mobile Home Internet, which is easy to set up and operates on 5G home networks.

Volkswagen (2015)

Best New Year Advertisements - Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a car manufacturer based in Germany. In their advertising efforts, they have frequently used a blend of creative storytelling, innovation, and a focus on the driving experience. The advertisement aims to promote Volkswagen's brand while creating a good relationship with the new year. The advertisement's eye-catching visuals demonstrated the brand's dedication to high design and quality. The ad's emphasis on the car's performance and aesthetics reflects the company's pride in its products.

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Netflix: Expectation Vs Reality (2020)

Best New Year Advertisements - Netflix's Expectation vs Reality

 Using a lighthearted tone, Netflix's 2020 New Year's commercial contrasted the romantic films' idealistic depictions of the event with the more grounded reality that viewers usually see in real life. The advertisement features a montage of cliché movie scenes depicting New Year's Eve as a gorgeous night but smoothly transitions into a hilarious reality. The primary theme of this out-of-the-box advertisement is that watching Netflix at home surpasses trying to replicate fictitious versions of New Year's Eve out in the real world, supporting Netflix's brand image as an essential source of entertainment.

Coca-Cola: New Year

Best New Year Advertisements - Coca-Cola's New Year

Amid the global excitement for the year 2022, Coca-Cola released a vibrant and upbeat New Year's advertisement featuring their trademark dazzling imagery and a message of unity. Coca-Cola is well known for its eye-catching commercials, which frequently include vivid colors, joyful scenes, and a festive atmosphere. It even features the contour bottle and red and white color scheme from its classic trademark. The video's joyful and cheery soundtrack, as well as its varying collection of characters, correlate with Coca-Cola's corporate image of promoting happiness and connection through its products.


These advertisements go beyond merely marketing items; they connect with us on a deeper level by tapping into the emotions and ambitions associated with the start of a new year. Whether it's the joy of being together, the promise of a new beginning, or the reflection on the passing of time, these advertisements have beautifully captured the essence of the New Year Spirit. These stand out as timeless masterpieces that continue to bring a smile to our faces and warmth to our hearts as we welcome each new year.


What is the world's biggest ad campaign?

Most Creative Ad Campaigns are:

  1. Nike: Just Do It.
  2. Coke: Share a Coke
  3. Absolut Vodka: The Absolut Bottle
  4. Volkswagen: Think Small (1960)
  5. Google: Year in Search (2017)
  6. Apple: Get a Mac (2006)

Who has the biggest ads in the world?

In 2023, Amazon claimed the global advertising throne as the largest spender, dishing out a whopping $20.6 billion—a 22% surge from 2022's investment in promotions and advertising.

What is the most viral ad of all time?

The most viral ads of all time are:

  • Old Spice
  • Dollar Shave Club
  • Open Six
  • Mac History
  • Dumb Ways to Die
  • VW, Piano Stairs
  • Dove, Evolution

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