Whiteboard Videos | Most Popular Whiteboard Animation Makers

Whiteboard Videos | Most Popular Whiteboard Animation Makers

Whiteboards have always played an important part in learning. From schools to colleges, they have been with us.

With time, technology has seen great development. This technology has modernized the whiteboards as well. Since everything is going online, whiteboards are also going online.

Now, we can make doodles, memes, and more on the digital whiteboards. One latest trend that is gaining popularity is whiteboard videos. Yes, you heard it right. We can now make animations on whiteboards.

This content looks like hand drawings on the board. These drawings are then turned into videos. Thanks to the latest developing technology, we have got a lot of software to get our work done.

What is a Whiteboard Video?
What Makes Whiteboard Videos Popular?
Most Popular Whiteboard Videos Maker

  1. Doodle Maker
  2. Animation Studio
  3. VideoScribe
  4. Doodly
  5. Animaker
  6. Moovly
  7. Adobe Animate Creative Cloud

What is a Whiteboard Video?

In simple words, it is a video that appears to be hand-drawn on a whiteboard. These are made up of simple doodle-like graphics that are simple to understand. These are super popular as they help show something complex in a simple way.

In this, one makes different illustrations on a whiteboard. These are then animated and thus, transformed into a video. So, as the name suggests, these are the animated doodles drawn on a whiteboard.

These are a go-to choice for many businesses to create marketing content. Apart from this, many people make these videos for their social media handles as these are entertaining.

Nowadays, we have a lot of software that helps us with the making of these videos. This makes the work easy and helps produce good-quality videos.

What Makes Whiteboard Videos Popular?

These videos are more beneficial for a business than regular ones. These are now opted by many people for advertising purposes. Here are certain points that make it more popular:

  • These are not only desktop-oriented but also mobile-friendly.
  • These videos help explain complex information in an easier manner.
  • These videos are light and clear, thus, ensuring easy understanding.
  • These videos have higher scope for modification.
  • These videos are appealing that catch the eye of audiences.

In the earlier times, whiteboard videos were non-existent. The traditional style of videos was all-over the markets. But since the past decade, whiteboard animations have grabbed people’s attention. Today, we can find many of these used for various purposes. So, this demand gave rise to the popularity of whiteboard video software. Here are some of the most popular names:

Doodle Maker

Doodle Maker - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker
Doodle Maker - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker

It is a cloud-based software that helps in doodle making. It helps in making these doodles come to life. Here, you can make high-quality whiteboard videos. You can also make videos on a black or glass board.

With this, you can create a video in more than 60 different languages. It uses the technology of AI so anyone can use this without knowing any technical or editing skills.

It is an appealing software that allows you to transform a video script into animated doodles in many languages.

Doodle Maker Pricing: $67 per month

Animation Studio

Animation Studio - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker
Animation Studio - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker

This is also a popular video editing software, that helps you with the creation of whiteboard videos. It helps you to create compelling and impressive videos easily. It is not essential for you to have any prior knowledge of technology or other skills to use it. They offer a great range of animation characters, templates, ready-to-use recorded voices.

The best thing about this is that it is free. This can help you make effective animations at zero investment.

Animation Studio Pricing: $47 per month


VideoScribe - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker
VideoScribe - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker

This software helps you to create all types of videos. It is a simple tool and enables you to produce quality videos. It is an all-around software that is adequate for both amateurs and professionals.

In this, the process of editing takes place in blocks. So, all the activities work with the drag and drop feature. This feature makes it easy yet efficient. It is available for free and also has paid plans for experts. You can select them depending on their needs.

VideoScribe Pricing:

Monthly Plan: $20.6 per month
Annual Plan: $9.4 per month

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Doodly - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker
Doodly - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker

This is one of the most popular software for making videos or animations on a whiteboard. It enables people to create compelling videos with utmost precision according to preferences. There are various pre-made elements like animations, themes, and more. It also comes with the feature of drag and drop that makes the process convenient.

In this, one can customize everything and can also record voiceovers. It is an amazing tool for creating attractive videos for experts as well as learners. One drawback is that its usage does not come with a no-cost policy.

Doodly Pricing:

Standard Plan: $39 per month
Enterprise Plan: $69 per month


Animaker - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker

It is a popular tool for making the doodles come to life. This software is based on the cloud. It has many pre-made elements that ensure the easy making and editing of videos. Apart from the existing elements, you can also use your images.

It enables you to customize every detail and also allows you to sneak out the video before the final result. It has both free and paid plans.

Animaker Pricing:

Basic: $10 per month
Starter: $19 per month
Pro: $49 per month


Moovly - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker
Moovly - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker

This is another go-to solution for all your video makings. You can create many different styles of videos with its many video templates.

Moovly provides many elements to help you create your desired video on a whiteboard. It enables the creation with its drag and drops feature. It gets updated with the latest audio as well as visual elements.

This tool adds quality value to video making and editing. It provides many of its elements at no cost. It does charge a nominal amount if you want to use the upgraded elements.

Moovly Pricing:

Free version is also available
Pro: $24.9 per month
Max: $49.9 per month

Adobe Animate Creative Cloud

Adobe Animate - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker
Adobe Animate - Best Whiteboard Animation Maker

The word Adobe is enough to know that it is the best tool available for video making and editing. It helps in making superior videos with great professionalism. It is a versatile tool that has every feature, needed to make an impressive animation on a whiteboard.

You want to add images, texts, or videos, it supports everything. This offers top-notch tools for doodling and animations that make a video more compelling.

In the presence of this system software, one does not require any other tool for making or editing. Since it is a professional tool, one needs to give some time to grasp its usage and get acquainted with it.

Adobe Animate Pricing: $22.45 per month


Doodle animations are a popular tool of marketing these days. In earlier times, only regular video style was used. But now whiteboard videos are a go-to choice for many businesses. These are preferred more as they can explain complex information in an easier and more entertaining manner.

Now, one doesn’t need any major technical skills for developing these videos. We have many software available that can make the process easy. Hence, making and sharing these videos are super lucrative and a great way to spread marketing messages.


Which is the best whiteboard video maker?

Some of the best Whiteboard video making software are:

  • Doodle Maker
  • Animation Studio
  • VideoScribe
  • Doodly
  • Animaker
  • Moovly
  • Adobe Animate Creative Cloud

Are Whiteboard Videos effective?

Whiteboard videos make ideas and messages understandable, clear, engaging and memorable. So, they are effective ways to communicate.

What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is a process where a story is drawn on a whiteboard.

What is VideoScribe used for?

VideoScribe is software for creating whiteboard videos and animations.

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