How Blusteak Media clocked 5 Million revenue; Plans to Become 360° Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala

How Blusteak Media clocked 5 Million revenue; Plans to Become 360° Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala

Blusteak Media is a creative digital marketing agency located at Kottayam, Kerala. Lets learn from Jaison Thomas and Telson Thomas along with Dixon Alex, the co-founders of Blusteak Media, about the startup story and How Blue Steak managed to clock a revenue of 5 Million.

And the Journey Begins...

From our childhood, me and my brother (Jaison and Telson Thomas) always had a dream about making a mark in the world, and to pursue our dreams so that we can influence the lives of many. But, we had no idea, our mind was blank except for the urge to do something of our own.

By the time Facebook became a thing in India and Orkut became history, even though we had no internet connection in our homes, we would go to the nearest cafe to surf through the net, and especially really enjoy all the internet "memes" thoroughly.

Inspired by many of the much loved meme pages in Facebook, we decided to start one of our own. We initially tried to build up several pages but everything failed miserably, but our perseverance gave us the energy to give it one more shot. This time fortune was on our side, the last two portals that we began ended up getting more that 5.5 Million followers.

We managed and generated sufficient income from those sources for about 3 years. All these time me & my brother were doing our schooling & college degrees.

Launch and Shut Down of their First App - Dudeapp
Bluesteak Media - Launch, Initial Challneges, Growth
Strive Campaigns by Bluesteak Media

Launch and Shut Down of their First App - Dudeapp

We decided that we needed our own platform or an app to scale and stabilize the business, By that time apart from us brothers, Dixon Alex also made it into the list of cofounders. We then together developed and launched an app called Dudeapp, which was a UGC segregation platform.

Dixon Alex - Bluesteak Co-founder
Dixon Alex - Bluesteak Media Co-founder

In the initial month it saw itself grow into a user base of more than 50,000. The app was covered by several news outlets and gave us tremendous exposure. Unfortunately, due to technical disabilities we had to shut it down soon.

Bluesteak Media - Launch, Initial Challneges, Growth

We got the opportunity to learn in depth with tremendous exposure on practical experience on social media platforms. At that time, we knew that we have developed a set of skills that is in huge demand for the business world. So decided to start a social media agency which was one among the first of its kind in Kerala, we named it Blusteak Media.

We had no experience in business development or in how to build up real world professional connections. We had only a very few amount of money left with us since all the other revenue sources has been shutdown. Hence we had only one shot at marketing our company and if it did not hit the spot, that would mark the end of it and we would have been forced to quit and join some other day jobs to sustain our daily needs.

While we were brainstorming ideas to effectively market the startup to businesses, one of our friends, Dimple Meera Jom contacted us and shared her idea of conducting a 1 day workshop on Social Media Marketing to students and businesses.

We thought it out and realized that, this workshop could help us connect with brands and would give our startup a quick boost. Hence we conducted the one day workshop “Swipe Up”.

Blusteak Media
Swipe Up Workshop

Just as we thought, it turned out that one of the main sponsors of Swipe Up was interested to test out digital marketing for their brand. After a couple of meetings, we were able to land our very first client and their budget was enough for us to run the company and to stabilize it by hiring new team members.

Blusteak Founders and Team
Blusteak Media Team

Several other brands soon associated with us we started rolling out effective online result oriented campaigns. We then moved to a new multi-storied office which was situated even closer to the city of Kottayam.

Some of the great achievements we pulled off was to grow the sales of an Ayurvedic product 600% compared to the sales statistics before us through our well executed e-commerce integration. By this time we had managed to bag half a crore revenue that year.

Blusteak Media Headquarters
Blusteak Media HQ

It was time to level our game up, we plan to become Kerala’s biggest 360 degree digital exclusive marketing agency by 2020. Hence we currently accompany an in house production team for creating social media friendly video ads.

Strive Campaigns by Bluesteak Media

Apart from production, what makes us stand out from the crowd is our unique marketing service protocol, known as “Strive Campaigns”. We have been running beta Strive campaigns and it continues to outweigh all other campaigns in terms of results.

Strive Campaigns by Bluesteak Media
Strive Campaigns by Bluesteak Media

Pushing much deeper into online marketing so as to provide maximum value for our clients, we are developing our own wing for technology integrated marketing activities such as Augmented Reality based interactions and chatbot communication. This will enable data collection and Machine learning based data processing methodologies for our clients.

To summarize about our organisation, We are passionate about creatively passing on the message of an organisation to the masses which will, in turn, help the audience to choose better & worthwhile products and services.


Who is the founder of Bluesteak Media?

Telson Thomas, Jaison Thomas, and Dixon Mathew are the founders of Bluesteak Media.

Where is the headquarters of Bluesteak Media?

The headquarters of Bluesteak Media is located in Kottayam, Kerala, India.

When was Bluesteak Media Founded?

Bluesteak media was founded in 2018 by Telson Thomas and Jaison Thomas.

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