Best No Code Platforms for Augmented Reality Development in 2022

Best No Code Platforms for Augmented Reality Development in 2022

The entertainment or the telecommunications industry initially unraveled itself in the form of landline telephones, radios, Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions, then the LCDs/LEDs came into the picture, and so on. Technology is thus a never-ending race with itself, and today we have what we call Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. There have been various use cases of this technology, and it is quite evident that the future holds a lot more for this promising technology.

Augmented Reality is what we use to superimpose digital information ranging from images, audio, video, and even text, to the view of the real world, hence augmenting the real world and virtual information. This is quite different from Virtual Reality, since VR completely cuts off the real world, and is only a 3-dimensional view of the virtual world.

There is no doubt regarding the fact that Augmented Reality will have a lot more uses in the near future, and hence will need an equally expansive workforce of developers. Fortunately, there are several no code development platforms for Augmented Reality, which can be used to develop AR applications and interfaces. So, here we have compared the best 5 No Code AR Development Platforms, so you can compare and choose the one that is most suited to you.



Augmania no code AR Platform
Augmania no code AR Platform

Augmania is a no code AR development platform that helps you create engaging Augmented Reality Ad campaigns, lets shoppers use products virtually, and engages customers with activities such as treasure hunts in malls and conventions. Augmania helps create a powerful and lifelike AR experience with just a few clicks, while also allowing users to monitor and track campaigns. Moreover, it doesn't even require users to download any applications and offers an in-browser experience.

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Features Offered by Augmania

  • Augmania allows users to create an AR environment and launch it with a few clicks irrespective of the venue.
  • You can attract more customers for your products with live demos through interactive AR brand stories and engage them by virtually augmenting products.
  • Augmania offers an effortless image recognition tool that converts images to 3D videos, ad holograms, and even touchable menus.
  • No need to develop mobile applications since Augmania offers an in-browser experience with scalability and interactive storytelling.
  • Augmania also offers users a robust and efficient dashboard for analyzing ad campaigns and understanding results.

Pricing for Augmania

Augmania doesn't have a free version that it can offer the users. It has only a free trial for the users whereas the paid plan for the same starts from $199/month per feature.

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Plugxr no code AR Platform
Plugxr no code AR Platform

With over 8000 registered customers and over 1500 engaging and immersive AR experiences, Plugxr is one of the leading no code cloud-based AR development platforms. It offers all the essential features to create an AR experience and applications, and publish them on WebAR or embed them in an application. Moreover, with no coding skills needed to develop an AR application and low time and cost of development, Plugxr has become the popular choice among AR development platforms.

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Features Offered by Plugxr

  • Plugxr offers an efficient and intuitive interface to develop AR with a simple drag and drop functionality, and all you need to do is have your elements at hand.
  • You can publish advanced AR experiences into your own applications with publish-ready files and source libraries at your disposal.
  • You don't even need to download an application or software to test your AR since WebAR does that for you on the browser with a customized URL or QR code.
  • Plugxr offers a platform that supports tracking of all dimensions and verticals of AR and offers users an all-around experience, literally.
  • With the Plugxr platform, users get image, ground, location, face, and even object tracking, making the AR experience quite comprehensive.

Pricing for Plugxr

Plugxr furnishes its users with 3 different pricing plans called the Starter Plan, Pro Plan, and the Enterprise Plan which cost $30, $79, and $199 respectively. While the Starter plan offers limited features and is meant for relatively newer audiences and users, the Pro plan is more suited to middle-sized companies. The Enterprise plan is a complete package of AR tools built for larger corporations.


Scapic no code AR Platform
Scapic no code AR Platform

Scapic started out as a simple and intuitive tool to build AR, VR, and 3D experiences without the use of code. After hundreds of no code projects building Augmented and Virtual Reality to life, Scapic has been acquired by Flipkart, offering the domain of E-commerce, an all-new dimension. Since the audience today expect better visual quality, Scapic delivers just that along with an experience that helps you stand out.

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Features Offered by Scapic

  • Not just Augmented/Virtual Reality, Scapic allows you to display 3-dimensional visuals, to offer your customers a better look at your products.
  • AR helps customers virtually try on any wearable product, takes out the guesswork, and decreases product returns.
  • With the use of 3 dimensional CGI technology, create realistic images of products in any number of settings.
  • Eye-catching product images and interactive experience with AR helps with high conversion rates and lower return rates.
  • Scapic also allows no-code integrations along with an interactive dashboard for tracking metrics to enhance product performance.

Pricing for Scapic

Scapic offers 4 different pricing plans including the Starter Plan, Essential Plan, Plus Plan, and the Advanced Plan. While the Starter and Essentials plans offer 10000 and 50000 impressions per month respectively, the Plus plan offers 150000 impressions. The Advanced plan furnishes its users with customized features and pricing.


Zapworks no code AR Platform
Zapworks no code AR Platform

Zapworks Designer is a no code tool that allows users to build multi-scene AR experiences with an easy interface of drag and drop. It is deemed as the easiest and fastest way to create immersive 3D WebAr experiences.

Doesn't matter if you're a marketer, designer, or even an educator, with Zapworks, you can add information, to your mobile applications, of even websites without the use of code. Engaging the users is not much of a deal with Zapworks and its stand-out WebAR experience, which boasts of No Apps, No Downloads, and No Coding. Moreover, Zapworks also offers users a scene transition functionality for a more immersive experience, along with videos and documentation to make the process simpler.

Features Offered by Zapworks

  • ZapWorks brings innovative 3D model support thereby helping the customers make informed decisions while buying. ZapWorks helps its clients to upload and drop 3D models easily into a scene, and then preview them before it is published to the mobile web.
  • Zapworks extends the facilities of producing holographic video that jumps right off the page. This is why the alpha channel video feature of Designer emerges as more engaging for the users.
  • Zapworks allows users to build their own AR photo album for projects and events.
  • With features like screen transition and video support, Zapworks helps users to create multi-scene AR experiences for a more comprehensive approach.
  • The drag and drop interface along with image tracking allows for more detailed AR designing, and better visuals. Creating quality WebAR is possible now within minutes and not hours by the intuitive drag and drop interface that ZapWorks provides. The best-in-class image tracking offered by ZapWorks helps its users track 2D & 3D assets to print, products, and packaging.
  • ZapWorks also makes it easy for its users to instantly preview and publish the AP experiences directly to the web of mobile devices, thereby avoiding the need for any app.
  • Zapworks can be helpful for marketing campaigns by sharing their products in more impactful ways and transforming product packaging into a media channel.
  • Zapworks can also work for agencies with custom AR app solutions and powerful analytics tool and demonstrates ROI in real-time.

Pricing for Zapworks

Zapworks Designer offers 2 different pricing plans, the Starter Plan and the Pro Plan which cost $60 and $150 per month respectively. While the Starter plan includes 12000 views per year with 1 user support, the Pro plan offers 30000 views per year with 3 user support. Zapworks also offers an Enterprise plan with custom pricing and features.


Minsar no code AR Platform
Minsar no code AR Platform

Minsar is a design and collaboration platform for creating engaging AR/VR experience directly through your smartphone. It offers creative technology to design powerful Augmented/Virtual Reality experiences along with cloud support including Google Cloud and Dropbox. Minsar's no code platform offers you a simple yet efficient interface, where you can just drag and drop elements from your local or cloud storage, directly into the scene. You can even export your content to your website, and create an experience that stands out among other websites.

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Features Offered by Minsar

  • The interface offered by Minsar is so simple that you can use your fingers to drag and drop elements while also allowing you to scale and adjust them.
  • Minsar Studio allows you to assess your elements in real-time, where you can instantly preview any subtle changes, and experiment with your imagination.
  • No code means that you no longer have to waste time on debugging. Moreover, an efficient interface means you save even more time, simplifying your workflow.
  • Instead of just importing elements, you can also create them with, shapes texts, and blocks, and edit them as you deem fit with Minsar presets.
  • You can import elements directly from a cloud service provider which can be integrated with Minsar, and also store your work on the cloud, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

Pricing for Minsar

Minsar offers 3 different pricing plans called the Starter Plan, the Plus Plan, and the Pro Plan that cost $9, $100, and $500 per month per experience respectively. While the mentioned plans offer all features needed to develop an engaging AR experience, Minsar also offers a free plan with all the basic features, along with an Ultimate plan with custom features.

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What are no code tools?

No Code Development Platforms are tools that help us create digital assets such as a website, mobile or web application, automation platforms, and in this case Augmented Reality apps, without the use of code. They offer simple and intuitive interfaces, which do not need coding, and all the work can be performed via drag and drop, copy-pasting, and other effortless maneuvers.

What is ARCore?

ARCore is a platform offered by Google to build AR experiences using APIs. It enables your smartphone to sense the environment and interact with the information that surrounds you. These APIs are cross platform interfaces allowing users to experience a shared Augmented Reality Experience.

What is the difference between VR and AR?

While Virtual Reality completely cuts you off from the real world and displays before you a virtual world, the approach of Augmented Reality is as such that it augments with the real world, and you can view both the real and the virtual world at the same time. Augmented Reality is more suited for displaying information, pretty much in the same way as in the science fiction prevalent these days.


AR/VR is the tech of the future, and considering its growing demands in different domains, no code platforms are some of the best platforms to create AR experiences. While the basic features of these platforms are the same, users might need to take care of the pricing plans, and while platforms like Plugxr and Minsar offer diverse plans, others such as Zapworks have a neat set of comprehensive plans. All in all, based on the features and pricing, the above-listed are some of the best no code AR development platforms and are widely trusted.

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