Opinion Shared by Wiztales: Hiring Employees & Getting Clients for Business

Opinion Shared by Wiztales: Hiring Employees & Getting Clients for Business
Utpal Khadagi, the Director of Customer Success, Wiztales

Wiztales is a SaaS startup that helps businesses connect with their teams and audiences to build relationships via virtual events services. The Bengaluru-based SaaS startup is founded by Sumanyu Soniwal. Startuptalky took an initiative to know about their strategy in hiring employees to build a great startup team and how they got clients for business initially. Here is an opinion shared by Wiztales.

Insights shared by Mr. Utpal Khadagi, the Director of Customer Success, Wiztales.

How did you get your first client/first 10  for your service-based company?

Wiztales was founded with the goal of providing tech-driven solutions to the event industry. We began with the idea of bringing experiential tech-based solutions to physical events. But with physical meetings gradually shifting to video calls during the pandemic situation and the growth of the IT sector, businesses realized that virtual events are easier to manage and can give larger coverages. The exposure to the virtual world quickly evolved at this point.

At Wiztales, we leveraged our technical strength to create a virtual event platform that catered to each individual client's needs. We soon launched our beta version to event partners and agencies who were searching for a 'Made in India’ solution. These agencies/partners were our first customers, and we worked closely with them to make this platform as strong and user-friendly as it is today!

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Hiring initial employees for your company, what to look for in them?

As a new-age company, we choose people based on their skill set and potential of growing at work, not just their basic track record and past experiences. We look for bright individuals who are self-motivated, disciplined, technologically savvy, and believe in and understand the capabilities of our product. We provide equal opportunities for everyone in the firm to develop and grow with us and believe that talent cannot be judged by work experience. Every individual should be given the time and space to learn at their own pace.

What are the things a founder must focus on and how to maintain that among so much noise?

It takes time to produce the ideal product for the market, but I believe that nothing is impossible if we have the desire to achieve it. Working as a team, selecting like-minded teammates, and doing your homework on what needs to be done, who will do it, and how goals can be achieved are the keys to success. A company's founder must wear blinders and stay focused on the company's vision.

As members of the industry, we have to keep tabs on the latest developments. Furthermore, maintaining a calendar and keeping it up-to-date, as well as compartmentalizing duties, can be beneficial to a founder and the company's growth. We also believe that learning must continue as it helps us to grow as a company. The more we learn, the more we grow in terms of business and experience.

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