Castanet Review: An Enhanced LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool

Charudath K Nair Charudath K Nair
Aug 30, 2021 5 min read
Castanet Review: An Enhanced LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool

LinkedIn outreach is all about finding and reaching out to new people on LinkedIn. The group you target should be people who might be interested in your product and services.

Outreach marketing can be done manually for that personal touch, but as your business scales up you’ll need new clients fast. That's where automation tools like Castanet come in. Castanet is an enhanced LinkedIn lead generation tool that helps expand your outreach capabilities. It does all the finicky work for you and helps you cultivate clients automatically. You may only need to step in when closing the deal or some personal interaction with your clients.

Castanet works in the cloud meaning, you aren’t required to be logged in. Once you’re done setting up a campaign, you can just sit back and watch the process.

LinkedIn is a great way of getting new, interested customers if you do it right. Using Castanet also allows you to get users from a ranked post that has the same target audience as you. Understanding how the LinkedIn marketing works is also important as you want to generate new leads and develop your customer relationships.

Features of Castanet
Castanet Pricing
Is Castanet Better than a bot?

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Features of Castanet

Castanet is a platform meant for deep segmentation. It's meant to get you those clicks and built with features that support LinkedIn architecture. The process is simple enough for everyone to operate. You create a campaign with a target audience that you can specify, create action sequences and then monitor your progress. Some of the platform’s features are:

Multiple ways to target

Finding the right kind of people is crucial to your marketing strategy and Castanet offers you two ways of doing this. The Sales Navigator search allows you to search for users across LinkedIn using a string query.

Anything that describes or is common to the people you wish to target is a valid string query. Then there's the option to target people who’ve engaged in a particular post. This could be your own post or any other post that has good engagements and is relevant to the topic you're trying to get people on. Indeed it's an easy way to get customers when you already have them assembled towards a post of relevance.

All generated leads can be viewed, including imported contacts
All generated leads can be viewed, including imported contacts

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Action Sequences

Create precise automation sequences with Castanet that makes your campaign run even smoother. You may also change up, stop or restart any sequence if you choose to do so.

Sequences work best when pre-planned about your campaign. Every aspect of the sequence including the messages you set can be customized according to your preference. Adding a little bit of delay can help keep the service less robotic in nature. Sequencing allows you to perform tasks like:

  • Triggering a profile view
  • Follow a user
  • Sending a Connection Invite
  • Sending a message
Castanet step-by-step action sequencing
Castanet step-by-step action sequencing
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Campaign Analytics

Keep track of your progress with the analytics dashboard, which gives you a detailed insight into how every campaign is performing. You can track your progress in real-time making sure that things go out as planned. The panel gives you information on acceptance rates, reply rates, and average message replies.

Making sure you have the right message is important as that decides the course of what happens next. Most customers tend to ignore a message within the first 5 seconds if it's plain and cold. This applies well to LinkedIn. Putting some effort into writing messages that help connect with your targeted people can be beneficial.

Castanet analytics dashboard
Castanet analytics dashboard

Castanet Pricing

Leaning a bit towards the expensive side, Castanet’s starter plan or solo plan comes at $199/month. It comes with one LinkedIn account and includes all the primary features of the platform. The Small Team/Agency comes at $499/month which includes 3 LinkedIn profiles, unlimited sequences and unlimited campaigns. This is perfect for any medium to large-scale enterprise or marketing expert.

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Is Castanet Better than a bot?

Bots are another way of getting automated tasks done. They’re for the most part super cheap to set up and once configured, proceed with the tasks they’re programmed with. Is Castanet any better? Well, it depends on how you perceive it.

In theory, Castanet is a front-end platform that offers you the same functionality that you would get with a LinkedIn bot. However, the amount of time it takes for you to set up and configure a bot is far greater and requires some programming skills. Both function the same way once set up.

But Castanet makes the process much easier for normal people who don’t want to be bothered with the complications of setting up a bot. So the price you pay for the service saves you much valuable time.

Try Castanet now!


LinkedIn lead generation is something businesses are catching onto. Castanet is an easier solution compared to spending valuable time trying to generate leads on your own while you can focus on the actual business. Having a free 7-day trial you can try out the platform's features to see how effective it is for your style of marketing. If getting leads on LinkedIn is something you always wanted to automate, then Castanet can be a good platform, to begin with.


What is Castanet?

Castanet is an enhanced LinkedIn lead generation tool that helps expand your outreach capabilities. It does all the finicky work for you and helps you cultivate clients automatically.

What is the pricing of Castanet?

Castanet’s starter plan or solo plan comes at $199/month, The Agency plan comes at $499/month and offers 3 accounts with added customer support.

What is the alternative of Castanet?

Cleverly is an alternative of Castanet.

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