CHISELL- Most Convenient Tool To Develop A Strong Chiselled Jawline

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Apr 8, 2021 13 min read
CHISELL- Most Convenient Tool To Develop A Strong Chiselled Jawline

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It relies on several individual genetic factors to be born with a powerful, commanding jawline. Where some people are blessed with a perfect jawline naturally, there are others who need to tone their jawline or struggle with maintaining one at all. A lack of regular exercise, reliance on junk food, and a sedentary lifestyle can create a wider jawline, a double chin, and/or a seemingly swollen face.

CHISELL is a jaw training tool that is meant to give you a better-structured face. Its only purpose is to accelerate jaw muscle growth. It is an on-the-go training tool made from the highest quality food-grade silicone, making it safe for usage. It comes with a soft-touch carry case, making it travel friendly.

CHISELL- Company Highlights

Company Name CHISELL
Headquarters Rīga, Latvia
Founders Dmitrii Vasiukov and Reinis Bekeris
Founded 2018
Sector Beauty

CHISELL- About and How It Works
CHISELL- Founders
How Was CHISELL Founded
CHISELL- Name, Logo and Tagline
CHISELL- Vision and Mission
CHISELL- Target Market Size
CHISELL- Product/ Services
CHISELL- Business and Revenue Model
CHISELL- Startup Launch
CHISELL- Customers/ Clients
CHISELL- Challenges
CHISELL- Marketing Campaign
CHISELL- Advisors and Mentors
CHISELL- Competitors
CHISELL- Recognition and Achievements
CHISELL- Future Plans

CHISELL- About and How It Works

CHISELL, a jawline exercise tool, is the pioneer of the newly-emerged jawline development industry that helps people achieve good jawline and look better. As a true engineering marvel CHISELL is used by thousands of progress-striving people in over 120 countries around the world as a jaw trainer.

The main purpose of CHISELL is to break the widely held belief that facial attractiveness is determined purely by genetics. CHISELL strives to empower its customers to dominate their facial looks with the help of the innovative product, high style, and untamed communication. CHISELL aims to make chiseled jawline accessible to everyone who desires it.

CHISELL | Light Bite jawline exercise tool
CHISELL | Light Bite jawline exercise tool

CHISELL- Founders

CHISELL is founded by Dmitrii Vasiukov and Reinis Bekeris.

CHISELL | Reinis Beķeris (CFO on the left) and Dmitrii Vasiukov (CEO on the right)

As both CHISELL co-founders Dmitrii Vasiukov (CEO) and Reinis Beķeris(CFO) were obsessed with the self-development topic, it didn’t take them that long to understanding the importance of the jawline development tool. As graduates from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, both entrepreneurs acquired the advanced financial and marketing skills to create CHISELL.


It all started as in a real startup – everyone is responsible for everything. The constant desire to grow and learn allowed CHISELL to evolve from an unknown jawline exercise tool to the jawline development of industry leaders. Now the team consists of 11 high-skilled specialists in various fields such as marketing, sales, logistics, and many more. All together they change the status quo, which can be done only by thinking differently.

How Was CHISELL Founded

Right after Dmitrii Vasiukov, CHISELL Co-founder, finished his Bachelor studies at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, he found out some new information about the jawline trainer that helps to achieve good jaw with a set of chew exercises. As he believed that the face was not something anyone could change by themselves, he didn’t pay much attention to this weirdly-new product at first. Nevertheless, curiosity took over Dmitrii, and he decided to do some research.

Being a self-development addict, Dmitrii started exercising his jaw muscles by allocating some resistance to the closing motion of the mouth. He took small pieces of the ripped silicone tube and just chewed on them. He kept on the exercise routine for a few weeks and was amazed that the hypothesis got confirmed and the jaw muscles increased in size visually.

After 9 months of workouts, he was surprised by a significant improvement in his facial lines - a chiseled jawline. In a while, Dmitrii approached his friend and second CHISELL co-founder, Reinis Beķeris, and presented his breakthrough to him. As a result, both friends agreed to finance the project and develop a newly-established jawline industry. As a result, the industry front-runner was born!

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CHISELL- Name, Logo and Tagline

CHISELL came from the word “chisel” that is a metal tool with a shaped cutting edge of the blade on its end, which allows shaping solid materials. Meanwhile, CHISELL is a jawline exercise tool to get a chiseled jaw and dominate every aspect of your life.


CHISELL slogan reflects its main mission - CHISELL YOUR JAWLINE AND DOMINATE!

With its bold slogan and highlighted logo CHISELL empowers people to get a chiseled jaw and create the jawline of their dream.

CHISELL- Vision and Mission

The future vision for CHISELL is to make jawline training as common as a workout at the gym!

Anyone can train their jawline just like any other muscle in the human body. Training consistency, correct technique, and nutrition will result in a bigger muscle that will increase the contrast between the jaw and the neck which allows for a sharper shadow to be produced. As a result, anyone can have a more highlighted jawline.

Another goal for CHISELL would be to change a worldwide belief about the natural facial transformation once and for all.


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CHISELL- Target Market Size

The topic of facial fitness and grooming has rocketed in the men’s beauty industry in recent years. The number of influencers interested in facial development is emerging, while the interest in self-development in a convenient way and a short period is increasing. As a result, CHISELL offers an efficient tool for jawline development.

The jawline development industry is a newly-emerged industry with only a few products available, while already hundreds of thousands of clients all around the world. According to the latest ISAPS statistics, global spending on male jawline related procedures in 2019 reached 1.2 Billion in USD. CHISELL believes that in the upcoming by 2026 the jawline development industry will expand enormously, while the natural facial development with CHISELL will be as a matter of course.

CHISELL- Product/ Services

CHISELL | Regular Bite chisel your jaw
CHISELL | Regular Bite chisel your jaw

The main purpose of CHISELL is to allow people to efficiently and comfortably improve their facial outlook by growing their jaw muscles! By chewing CHISELL, the jawline becomes sharper and more defined, which makes it more attractive. Surgery is expensive and it tampers with the natural harmony of the face. Moreover, it can potentially cause nerve damage and joint pain. CHISELL gives a chance to be the creator of your face, and with time and patience determine how sharp and strong the jaw will be.

As a chewing exercise for the jawline, CHISELL ceaselessly conducts studies and consults with the dental field specialists to create an anatomic wonder. As a result, 3 different product resistances are produced: Light Bite, Regular Bite, and Tough Bite. That is the only way CHISELL can ensure jawline industry growth and worldwide awareness.

With the use of CHISELL, anyone can develop the masseter muscles which are responsible for chewing. Consistent practice allows you to grow your masseters in size which makes your jaw wider and more defined. A sharper and wider jaw will result in a more pronounced shadow on your neck which makes your jawline appear more masculine.

With only 15 minutes per day of jawline training, CHISELL will allow to get a chiseled jawline after 2-3 months of constant work.

CHISELL is the best jaw muscle exercise tool on the market right now for the following reasons:

  • CHISELL has the most optimal stress distribution which evenly engages the muscle throughout the biting movement
  • The tabs are small and entirely invisible when used which puts the other ball-shaped products at a severe disadvantage since you can use it in public
  • CHISELL has an unlimited free-replacement guarantee in case the product breaks at any point
  • The product design makes CHISELL the desired tool for confident and progressive people

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CHISELL- Business and Revenue Model

All 3 different product resistances: CHISELL Light Bite for beginners is priced at 37.99$, Regular Bite for experienced users at 39.99$, and the strongest jawline exercise tool Tough Bite at 41.99$. For up-to-date information please visit CHISELL web page.

CHISELL- Startup Launch

CHISELL needed to hit it with the first try. On paper and in 3D, the team had over a dozen concepts. To even develop a fully functioning prototype has taken over half of our initial budget. So, it was a rocket launch case for CHISELL - if the first one failed the team would have been left with nothing. Luckily it worked out.

CHISELL worked for around four months to get it done and get the prototypes on hand. After that, the first sales through the official web page started.

CHISELL- Customers/ Clients

As a progressive company, CHISELL uses the opportunity of social media. CHISELL launches successful Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns cooperates with YouTube famous influencers, has viral TikTok videos, promotes business vision and mission on Linkedin, and many more. All of it has significantly contributed to the company’s current growth and success.

CHISELL- Challenges

The major challenging part For CHISELL as a startup was cash. CHISELL’s co-founders were able to collect around 4k EUR to start the project and had a friend’s family investment down the road close to 1Ok EUR. Bootstrapping from zero to over 1OOk monthly within 1 and a half years of operations has certainly been a ride of its own. CHISELL took many risks and worked 15-hour workdays with no weekend breaks for close to a year.

Dmitrii would not say anything was easy; the whole venture was hard. He does not recommend starting a business to anyone who wants to have a balanced life. It does pay off only if you are nuts, and you have a high pain threshold!

CHISELL- Marketing Campaign

The United States of America, the EU, Australia, Canada, are the top countries where the interest in chiseled jawline is the highest. The US has the most potential for CHISELL. The most influential standing hypothesis CHISELL has is that the early adopter’s market is most developed in that country. People are not afraid to try new unconventional things, in this case – the jawline exercise tool.

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CHISELL- Advisors and Mentors

The best source of information was CHISELL’s team community. It has supplied them with a ton of feedback on their product so that they could make it more suitable for their liking.

As far as mentors, CHISELL has none. CHISELL team did the whole project themselves together with friends who are professionals in their areas of marketing, PR, PPC marketing, etc. So far, no true professional hand has touched CHISELL. CHISELL is expecting a significant upside potential from involving more seasoned professionals in the nearest future.

Throughout the development process, CHISELL has spoken to many professionals and practitioners of the facial development field. Earlier this Autumn CHISELL addressed its transparency and constant development as the jawline front-runner through the survey results paper in cooperation with orthodontists. The paper was on CHISELL’s potential effect on teeth, temporomandibular joints, and skull structure. In 3 months CHISELL created the 1st dentists/orthodontists survey results paper done in the jawline development industry.

CHISELL | Chewing Exercises For Jawline
CHISELL | Chewing Exercises For Jawline

During this period CHISELL interviewed 30 specialists in the dentist industry from 12 different countries, such as the US, Germany, the UK, Canada, Switzerland. As a result of the paper, CHISELL has the orthodontists and dentists survey approval that its jawline tool increases the masseter master in size that leads to a more highlighted jawline. The paper answered many vital questions on CHISELL’s usage and effect on overall body integrity. Specialists recommend to workout with CHISELL 2-3 times per week, for around 10-15 minutes. This will ensure healthy usage of the product and no harm to the body. Moreover, the first results of the highlighted jawline will happen after just a few months of training.

CHISELL is also engaging with the mewing community to promote correct tongue posture and breathing habits. This collaborative effort helps deliver the most precise message to customers about the safer natural facial transformation!

As a progressive company, CHISELL is willing to support any further research related to CHISELL products and the jawline industry. Therefore, CHISELL can ensure the constant development of its products and provide additional value for its customers.

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CHISELL- Competitors

CHISELL was looking at competitors only at the start. In general, CHISELL believes that it is a bad practice to rely on them for the idea of inspiration. CHISELL is making a new industry, so the new players are merely growing the pie everyone is enjoying. A relatively small number of people believe that products like that work, which is why every new player is helping others by spreading awareness about facial attractiveness possibilities.

Some of the similar jawline training companies that answer the question of how to get bigger masseter muscle and more chiseled jaw are Jawliner and Jawzrsise. They are CHISELL’s competitors!


  • Asana for the efficient task allocation and plan creation
  • Slack for the team communication
  • Later for the social media content creation tools

CHISELL- Recognition and Achievements

CHISELL is the only company in the jawline development industry with a published review from orthodontists and dentists. The 1st dentists/orthodontists survey results paper done in the jawline development industry puts CHISELL ahead of other companies in scientific surveying for more accurate and detailed product analysis.

CHISELL also has a great PR presence. Earlier this year, CHISELL was featured in Forbes business magazine, Attitude lifestyle magazine, and Startup Magazine platform for entrepreneurs.

Another great achievement is the number of famous world-wide influencers. Some of them include YouTube stars Brett Maverick and AstroSky.

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CHISELL- Future Plans

CHISELL is running a significant R&D project right now, developing the ultimate jaw muscle exercise tool. The last remaining piece of the puzzle is the solution of durability. It is more than satisfactory now, but CHISELL’s team mindset does not allow them to stop until they hit that perfect spot. After this has been accomplished, CHISELL will diversify the product line a little adding more options for people to choose from different jawline exercise tools.

Besides, CHISELL is working hard on improving the customer experience. CHISELL does not sell a jawline training tool. CHISELL is on a mission to change the status quo around the globe that face is not set in stone by genetics and that people have the power to change if they desire so.

With the growth of CHISELL all around the world, the company wants to educate people on mewing and chewing movements. Attractive face development is now freely available to everyone with a bit of patience and a small investment in your future. It is the time people face reality and understand what they are capable of when it comes to their body transformation. CHISELL proves that you are fully capable of customizing your future appearance!



What is CHISELL?

CHISELL is a jaw training tool that is meant to give you a better-structured face. It is an on-the-go training tool made from the highest quality food-grade silicone, making it safe for usage.

Is CHISELL safe?


How do you use CHISELL?

  • Put CHISELLS on the back teeth, one on each side. Your last 2-3 teeth in the back of your mouth are the proper placement
  • Squeeze fully, hold for 1 second, release. Repeat this motion for around 2 minutes
  • Squeeze fast without hold 40 – 50 times
  • Squeeze and hold for 30 seconds

What is CHISELL made of?

Made from food-grade silicone, with different levels of resistance. It is suitable for anyone, just pick up your resistance level and start chewing.

Does CHISELL jaw work?

Using the Jawzrsize may lead to some enlargement, or hypertrophy, of the masseter muscles, which are large chewing muscles at the side of the face. However, while it may help strengthen the jaw, it is unlikely to provide other benefits. The chewing, or masticatory, muscles do not tone or rejuvenate the face.

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