Dunzo Suffers A Data Breach, Information Of Customers Accessed By The Hackers

Dunzo Suffers A Data Breach, Information Of Customers Accessed By The Hackers

Dunzo, a hyperlocal delivery startup, backed up by Google revealed that it has been attacked by a data breach. As per the news report generated by News Minute, company's database which had the information like users information, email address has been accessed by the hackers.

Payment Information has not been hacked

The exact amount of user data which has been accessed is still not known. Although, they have said that payment information of the users have not been accessed by the hackers. The technical team at Dunzo although have updated the security pattern and have made it more stronger.

Data At huge risk
Dunzo Delivery App

An Internal Investigation Has Been Initiated

Dunzo have also initiated an internal investigation pertaining to this case. The investigation has come up with the suggestion that unauthorized access to the database could have followed a break in the servers of a third party.

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A Dunzo spokesperson came up with the statement, “Our investigation so far suggests that the servers of a third party we work with was compromised, leading to bypassing of our security measures and a breach of our database.”

CEO Mukund Jha Reaction To The Situation

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Customer information can be at huge risk

Dunzo CEO  Mukund Jha also published a post this Saturday related to the development done by company in data breaching. He said that his company has taken "swift action" to fix the security problems and have also  “added additional layers of security protocols” to fix the issue.

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The company is claiming that they have enhanced the old logging and tracing mechanism to monitor and  will receive an alert when there will be any doubtful activity in the future.

Jha said, “While our best teams are working on resolving and strengthening our security efforts, we're also engaged with leading cyber security firms and experts to further strengthen our efforts,”

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Dunzo was launched in 2014 and was founded by Kabeer Biswas who is an alumni of University Of Mumbai. Dunzo deals with the food delivery services, groceries and medicine delivery from nearby shops across eight cities around the country namely Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Pune.

Had A Good Business During The Lockdown Phase

Although recently it's business became tough as big food delivery giants Uber and Swiggy also came up with an idea of package delivery services in India during the lockdown phase. But, being in such a competition did not affected Dunzo and they managed to get a good amount of business in this lockdown phase.

Recent Partnerships

Dunzo also partnered up with Pepsico in May 2020 in the lockdown phase so that they could deliver Lays and Kurkure to customers in Bengaluru under the Pepsico's ‘Direct-to-Customer’ initiative.

During May Dunzo also partenered up with Google pay to provide necessary services such as groceries and medicine delivery, bike pooling and also pickup and drop facilities.

Also in June 2020, Dunzo partnered up with Leadsquare to expand their business to different locations and increase their spread around the country.

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