Top 3 Best Eco-Friendly Business Ideas You Can Start in 2022

Top 3 Best Eco-Friendly Business Ideas You Can Start in 2022

Today being environment friendly is not just ensuring to look after the environment but also to take necessary and conscious efforts to change our lifestyles so that we conserve our scarce resources.

Many industries and multinational companies take the protection and conservation of the environment very seriously. Many small industries, companies, and governments have also started realizing the need and importance of eco-friendly operations. In India, many startups and organizations make efforts to get a sustainable lifestyle and culture, be it renewing resources, recycling resources, or reducing consumption.

In our country, there are a handful of businesses that are striving to make a difference in society, preserve the environment, and earn money through eco-friendly businesses. Although many want to adopt such business services only a few can do so.

Having an eco-friendly business in India simply means providing products and services to the customers that do not harm the nature and environment in their production, use, or disposal.

Also, such products and services usually help in conserving energy, minimizing carbon footprint, emission of greenhouse gases, and do not lead to any kind of pollution in the environment.

In this article, you will look at the Top 3 eco-friendly business ideas that you can start even on a small scale and earn by not harming nature.

Organic Products
Reusable/Recycled Items
Handicraft Business

Organic Products

The products that are produced and made by organic methods help in promoting healthy and safe habits. Organic products help in encouraging more people to be responsible in the way of using scarce natural resources and help their exploitation.

The organic product market today has huge scope and potential to grow. The demand for such products is increasing day by day as people are becoming conscious about their health and lifestyle.

Since the demand in this sector is increasing, there is going to be great competition, hence early movers can take advantage.

Organic Products You Can Sell:

There are many options to do business when it comes to selling organic products, some of them are:

  • Organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Organic herbs and spices.
  • Organic shakes and juices.
  • Organic fertilizers.
  • Organic body and skincare products.
  • Organic poultry and dairy Products.

How to Sell Organic Products?

The best way to sell products in today’s fast-changing world is through online stores. Although you can get a good response by putting up an organic product store in your city if you do not have much competition but it will cost you the additional cost of the rent. Selling online with the right marketing tools can also help you gain a faster presence in your local market.

Requirements for Starting an Organic Product Business:

  • Section 22 of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India governs organic food business in our country and one needs to register their business, get a license, and certify the business under the same.
  • For a physical store, you will require a place with ample space to keep stock along with cold storage.
  • An initial investment of around 30,000 to 100,000 rupees is required to start the business.
  • Advertising resources for online and offline advertising.
  • An e-commerce website.
  • Social Media to promote your brand.

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Reusable/Recycled Items

If you want to have a lucrative and thriving business then this could be the one. Selling used products or items like books and clothes is one of the businesses that are eco-friendly and assuring as well. Also, such businesses have taken a rise over the recent years in our nation uncommon on online platforms and much more common on offline platforms.

A platform like OLX has set a huge example in the market that used products that still have a good value that can be sold; hence this proves to be one of the best eco-friendly business ideas. Opening up a second-hand store helps to save the customers money whereas it also helps to create a better environment.

Some of the Things You Can Resell:

Even though anything and everything that has a good condition, can be used and has value could be sold. Here is a list that is some popular reselling business ideas that are eco-friendly:

  • Used Clothes (Commonly known as thrift stores).
  • Used Books.
  • Refurbished Electronics.
  • Other refurbished and recycled products.

How to Sell Reused Items?

These products can be sold on online and offline platforms. From both places, you can get good returns.

Requirements for Starting a Reused Store Business:

  • Thorough knowledge about the reselling segment and market.
  • An initial investment of about 10,000 to 50,000 rupees.
  • Land and human resources.

Handicraft Business

Our country is known for its culture, uniqueness, and talent. A major part of our culture is depicted through the unique and intricate handicrafts of our nation. Almost 20% of the country’s rural manufacturing workforce is deployed into making handicrafts.

In the race of mass production and machine-made products, the artisans and handmade products aren’t much highlighted but are still valued. This is one of the best eco-friendly business ideas as mostly handicrafts are made from natural resources, and also it helps to uplift the economically weaker section of the society. Even our government is empowering such as artisans, weavers, and craftsmen by initiatives like Make in India.

List Of  Common Handicrafts You Can Sell in India:

  • Jute bags and products.
  • Handmade bangles.
  • Pottery Products.
  • Khadi Products.
  • Crochet Products.

How to Start a Handicraft Store Business:

Handicraft stores usually gain success when they are in the local market or exhibition stalls. However, if you plan to open an online store, you can sell your products on online portals too. A few of them are Craftsy, eBay and Amazon.

Requirements for Starting a Handicraft Store Business:

  • Raw Material and Bulk purchase of products.
  • Initial Investment of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000.
  • License and Certification if a physical store is to be opened.
  • E-commerce website (If you are planning to sell online).

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If you are someone who believes in earning money but also you want to help in building a more positive and sustainable future for the coming generations then the eco-friendly business is what you should do today. Whether you are choosing an idea from these three or apart from this you are contributing towards helping the environment and are definitely making a huge difference.


Are eco-friendly businesses profitable?

Yes, according to a report 66% of eco-friendly businesses are profitable.

What are some eco-friendly business ideas?

Recycling Waste, Used bookstores, Eco-friendly toys, Plastic-based clothing, and Bio-fuel production are some of the eco-friendly business ideas.

What is the best recycling business to start?

Paper Recycling, Electronic waste recycling, Recycling of Tire, Vermicompost Recycling, Plastic Recycling are some of the best recycling businesses you can start now.

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