Opportunities & Market Size of the Sustainable Packaging Industry

Opportunities & Market Size of the Sustainable Packaging Industry

The world is currently getting more and more focused on eco-sustainable packaging. Understanding completely about sustainable packaging considering the reality that eco-sustainable packaging is now the thing to stay in the packaging industry, is very important. This is what a common opinion within the packaging industry is as far as sustainable packaging is concerned.

Inputs By: Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder of Packman Packaging. Packman, a Delhi-based company helps its clients Amazon, Flipkart, Bosch & others to reduce plastic packaging. In 2002, Gaurav Jalan founded Packman Packaging, which manufactures eco-friendly paper-based corrugated boxes to pack electronics, shoes, food items, clothes, etc. The company has an annual revenue of 20 Cr.

The Sustainable Packaging Industry is on the Verge of Growth and Expansion - Opportunities and Market Size?

The term sustainable packaging or more conveniently the eco-friendly packaging has gained a lot of momentum because both the government authorities globally and end-users are more aware of maintaining the green harmony of our planet. And sustainable packaging is one of the alternatives. Because of this awareness, the businesses worldwide are also a lot more aware and are focussing more on making the products sustainable and packaging is one of those sectors that have implemented using sustainable packaging concept for quite some time now.

All these factors are good enough to predict somehow that sustainable packaging is here to stay for long. And the sustainable packaging industry will not just grow but gradually have an increased market size to maybe during the next 6 to 7 years to be precise.

In fact, it is estimated that the global sustainable packaging market will get to see a growth rate of 6.7% to 469.49 billion in 2027 from 280.60 billion which was in 2019.

This will happen as already stated above that more growing awareness related to the environmental concerns among the buyers, and tough government regulations related to the toxic packaging materials have driven further the sustainable packaging industry more than ever before.

This is why in an attempt to lower contamination of the environment, manufacturers are bound to adopt eco-friendly packaging solutions, which will also turn the sales to boost eco-friendly materials. Also, various government bodies are initiating several programs on the importance of innovative packaging solutions and their positive impact on our planet.

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The non-degradable packaging solutions are also one of the top factors for environmental disharmony like the degradation in the fertility of the soil, increased amount of waste materials, and water contamination. Thus, adopting environment-friendly biodegradable wrapping materials like paper or paper boards helps to maintain the sustainability of our environment as they can be repeatedly recycled, renewed, and reused instead of one-time use and dump. As the world is also suffering from another major issue of the growing amount of dumped waste, in view of this sustainable packaging methods can really be a boon is no doubt eco-friendlier as well.

Another scenario that indicates market-wise the industry will grow can be seen from the fact that market the segment was divided mainly into plastic, paper, paper board, glass, metal, and others. But it has been the paper and paper board that has witnessed the large-scale share in the market, which is further expected to be USD189.19 by the year 2025.

Also, you will look at the end user section of the market which is majorly divided into healthcare, food and beverage, and others. Now the trend is that the food and beverage industry is also opting for more sustainable packaging options because it also means fewer possibilities of food contamination as well.

Thus, all these signs indicate the sustainable packaging market will continue to grow and flourish only not just in the coming years and but also in the coming decades as well.

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The Things that the Packaging based Industry has to Say with Regards to the Eco-Sustainable Packaging Industry?

The industry and its leaders and players think that eco-sustainable packaging is there to stay in the near future now. The reasons being they are completely environmentally friendly, made out of renewable resources, and 100% recyclable, like paper or cardboard. A good example is a corrugated paper, which gets used, changed into the paper mill, and then becomes a brand new packaging product. Also, several industry-based research also confirms the importance of eco-sustainable packaging in the industry and suggests that 4 among 5 buyers are likely to opt for products made out of cardboard.

All these factors again suggest sustainable packaging is the thing of both present and future. Besides contributing towards the wellness of our planet. It is also going out to the add revenues of several packaging manufacturers, and those who are directly linked with the packaging market like the package retailers and whole sellers gradually. Because everyone now wants to contribute their bit towards making nature cleaner and greener.

This is why packaging manufacturers over a period of time are more likely to adopt the sustainable mode of making packaging products. Both are big or small players inside the industry.

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