Edukhoj - India’s Growing Education Search Platform

Edukhoj - India’s Growing Education Search Platform
Edukhoj - India’s Growing Education Search Platform

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In today's fast-paced world, almost everyone is running a race to learn something new and achieve success in their lives. However, it is a known fact that the very first step towards any journey is the hardest, and oftentimes, people get skeptical about their career options just because they cannot find an appropriate source for their educational research.

Edukhoj is a platform that has come up with a solution for students' educational search needs. The platform bridges the gap between students and educational institutions, helping them attain the best results.

In this article, you will discover the various aspects of Edukhoj that contributed to its success, like its business and revenue model, founder and team, products and services, and more.

Edukhoj - Company Highlights

Startup Name Edukhoj
Headquarters Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Sector Education Administration Programs
Founder Abhishek Porwal
Founded 2020

Edukhoj - About
Edukhoj - Industry
Edukhoj - Founders and Team
Edukhoj - Startup Story
Edukhoj - Mission and Vision
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Edukhoj - Products/Services
Edukhoj - Business Model
Edukhoj - Revenue Model
Edukhoj - Challenges Faced
Edukhoj - Funding and Investors
Edukhoj - Customer Acquisition Strategy
Edukhoj - Marketing
Edukhoj - Awards and Achievements
Edukhoj - Competitors
Edukhoj - Future Plans

Edukhoj - About is a one-stop, data-driven, and technology-based educational platform which helps connect students to education institutes and make informed decisions. Empowering learners worldwide with community discussions, counseling, and educational blogs on various test preparation, skill-based, distance learning, or college-level courses. An Artificial Intelligence web-based education institute tool for nurturing inquiries to admissions and more.

Edukhoj - Industry

The education market is expected to increase significantly, with total revenue expected to reach US$55.44 million in 2022, according to a Statista analysis. The results point to a noteworthy 14.68% annual growth rate (CAGR 2022–2027), which suggests a significant rise in the industry.

The education market is expected to grow, with a predicted value of US$106.50 million by 2027. This strong development trajectory, which reflects the changing environment of educational technologies and services, highlights the growing importance and investment in the education industry.

Edukhoj - Founders and Team

Abhishek Porwal, Founder of Edukhoj
Abhishek Porwal, Founder of Edukhoj

Abhishek Porwal

Abhishek Porwal, the founder of Edukhoj and a graduate of the Indira Institute of Management, has a diverse professional background. Beginning as a Senior Relationship Manager at Birla Sun Life Asset Management, he later served as an Area Coordinator at Aakash IIT-JEE. His experience includes roles at Resonance Eduventures Limited, where he started as Marketing Senior Business Development and progressed to Branch Manager. Before launching Edukhoj, Abhishek held leadership roles in a startup venture and served as Assistant General Manager at Narayana Educational Society. His dynamic career showcases a strong foundation in education and a commitment to driving positive change in the sector.

The company size is comprised of 11–50 members, as per LinkedIn.

Edukhoj - Startup Story

The idea for Edukhoj originated when Abhishek Porwal answered a pointed question from a biology student during a career counseling event at a prestigious university: "Sir, if not NEET, then what for biology students? And as a student of science, what if IIT wasn't? Why is science restricted to or IIT, sir?" This thought-provoking question ultimately led to Abhishek quitting his work, and Edukhoj—a bootstrapped startup with the goal of redefining educational possibilities—was founded as a result.

This pivotal occasion not only marked a change in Abhishek's professional trajectory, but it also embodied Edukhoj's dedication to challenging traditional educational standards. By offering a comprehensive platform that transcends conventional trajectories, the firm hopes to empower students by enabling them to explore and select a variety of educational pathways. The origins of Edukhoj are more than just a startup tale; they are a story that stems from the desire to change students' perceptions of their academic destiny and extend their horizons.

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Edukhoj - Mission and Vision

Company Mission:

Offer opportunities for cognitive learning and growth by matching aspirants with the most relevant education service provider

Company Vision:

Empower aspirants with an immersive learning experience to help them make an informed choice for a future-ready career
Edukhoj Logo
Edukhoj Logo

The team was looking for a name that should have no limitations to geographical boundaries. Long calls with the core team, meeting on a few occasions at cafes or having tea or coffee and maggie, as both the snacks have maximum geographical acceptability by humans with fixed ingredients. They also thought of the same aspect or pattern as they were targeting only one sector, which was education, and what they were building was an education platform that understands two languages, Hindi as an Indian and English as a global language, so they combined Hindi and English terminology to give it a name, Edukhoj, where Edu is defined as "Education" and khoj means "Search".

Edukhoj - Products/Services

Edukhoj Website
Edukhoj Website

The platform deals on the basis of a subscription model. The products/services provided by the company are:

  • Branding & CPL option to educational institutes.
  • A mix of online advertisements and institute partnerships.

They have a simple working formula, that is: Search-Shortlist-Apply.

Edukhoj's USP:

  • First to build an education marketplace.
  • They have their own CRM for institute partners, which saves their extra costs in CRM.
  • Verified Leads.
  • A detailed listing of academic institutions: Coaching, Professional institutes, Colleges and Universities.

Edukhoj is a one-of-a-kind educational marketplace aimed at connecting learners to educational services and product providers across the globe. The platform provides solutions to various problems for both students and educational institutes.

Students Perspective:

  • Lack of reliable information on global educational institutes and career choices.
  • Absence of an integrated platform addressing all educational-related queries.
  • Poor decision-making due to insufficient information on studying in India and studying abroad matters.

Education Institutes and Content Creator Perspective:

  • Limited market visibility and reach worldwide.
  • High cost of marketing and CRM.
  • Unavailability of verified organic leads.

Edukhoj - Business Model

Edukhoj stands out as the leader in building an education marketplace and uses a strong B2B2C business model. Using their in-house developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which is specifically designed for institute partners, is a major factor in their success. This tactical strategy greatly lowers the needless expenses related to using third-party CRM solutions while also streamlining processes.

One of Edukhoj's primary USPs is its dedication to offering verified leads, which guarantees the accuracy and dependability of the data that reaches academic institutions. This dedication to excellence benefits the institutions as well as improving the general user experience for learners and future professionals.

Edukhoj - Revenue Model sustains its revenue through a dual revenue model. Sponsored advertising and partnerships with educational institutions are combined by Edukhoj to increase the visibility of educational institutions. The Cost Per Lead (CPL) approach, in which institutions pay for the quantity of student inquiries generated via the platform, is a crucial component of its revenue strategy. According to this approach, the reason behind's success is its ability to create a mutually beneficial relationship between educational institutions and potential students.

Edukhoj - Challenges Faced

Abhishek considers the difficult yet fruitful year that Edukhoj had, pointing out the challenges of growing a bootstrapped company in the face of well-funded rivals. The business overcame financial difficulties by developing features quickly in order to support client expansion. With competitors possessing significant marketing and talent acquisition resources, Edukhoj's strategy focus on innovation and client happiness stood out as a crucial differentiator, allowing the business to prosper in the fast-paced educational technology industry.

Edukhoj - Funding and Investors

As a bootstrapped startup, Edukhoj has not taken outside funding. This self-sufficient strategy demonstrates the business's capacity to run and expand on its own without the need for outside funding.

Edukhoj - Customer Acquisition Strategy

Building a bootstrapped startup is hard, but in reality, it's just like searching for life on the moon with limited resources, or, you can say, just like studying a whole year for one examination, and the result is not known unless you appear for the examination. Edukhoj members as a team pinged each other at any point in time to get the task done, working hard day and night to build the smallest of features to their best.

As usual, moving ahead with daily routine, the team, with their superb coordination, just rechecked each aspect placed in the best way as per tech standards or as required and, after almost working for around a year on Edukhoj, they made the website live and waited patiently for the first user on the website, which happened in a couple of days, and the rest is the journey of sustaining in COVID and generating revenue with month on month growth. Closing the first subscription deal through cold calling was the best motivation factor for the entire team.

The following are the prominent strategies that the company used for acquiring the first 100 users:

  • Cold Calling
  • Direct institute visits
  • Traditional Marketing Methods
  • References
  • And yes, for sure, every business has its own secret of success.

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Edukhoj - Marketing

As of now, the company has not run any marketing campaigns. However, they prioritised and relied on the following strategies for their marketing:

  • Delivery of commitment to institute partners
  • Trust
  • Timely delivery of services
  • After-sales services
  • Being bootstrapped, they had a limited budget, so they stuck to the basics of sales and marketing.

All this brought good word of mouth for Edukhoj, which helped them to grow month on month and sustain in the tough times of COVID.

The company started with coaching and professional institutes and, in a span of 1.5 years, they have grown to include Edukhoj in higher education too, and they are soon moving ahead with study abroad and e-learning services.

Edukhoj - Awards and Achievements

  • Participated in the Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive by IIT Kharagpur.
  • Sold their services in 11 states as of 2022.
  • Bootstrapped the build to revenue-generating stage and sustained the COVID period.
  • Onboarded a few national institutes.

Edukhoj - Competitors

The following are some of the competitors of Edukhoj:

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Edukhoj - Future Plans

Edukhoj future plan include improving its offerings in skill-based and professional institutes, overseas universities, "Study in India," e-learning, and online education, with a focus on securing a top-three ranking among its rivals.

The company is growing its staff and looking for investor money to support its expansion. Prioritizing customer feedback, improving product implementation, and strategically extending the company's reach into rural India and worldwide markets are all part of Edukhoj's future strategy.


What is Edukhoj?

Edukhoj is a one-stop, data-driven and technology-based educational platform which helps in connecting students to educational institutes and making informed decisions.

When was Edukhoj founded?

Edukhoj was founded in the year 2020.

Who is the founder of Edukhoj?

Abhishek Porwal is the founder of Edukhoj, the one-of-a-kind educational marketplace.

How does Edukhoj work?

Edukhoj works on an extremely simple and easy formula which is Search-Shortlist-Apply.

Who are the competitors of Edukhoj?

Some of the prominent competitors of Edukhoj are Shiksha, Collegedunia, CollegeDekho, Careers360, and more.

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