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Skyrocket Your LinkedIn Presence: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Noticed and Found by Your Target Audience on LinkedIn

Skyrocket Your LinkedIn Presence: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Noticed and Found by Your Target Audience on LinkedIn
Sourabh Yadav, Founder, Qoulomb - Ultimate Guide to Get Noticed and Found by Your Target Audience on LinkedIn
This article has been contributed by Sourabh Yadav, Founder, Qoulomb.

"LinkedIn is a Goldmine for businesses" is the most overheard statement about LinkedIn.

Come on!!! Today, everyone knows LinkedIn is a crucial channel for marketers, founders, and freelancers. But what most people miss out on is "How to rush this goldmine?"

The answer is obvious: by getting in front of the people and opportunities sprinkled across the corners of LinkedIn.

Whether you are a founder building your personal brand on LinkedIn or a marketer turning LinkedIn into your most effective marketing channel, you want one thing (other than some mental peace).

To get in front of the people and get the eyeballs. Isn't it?

The Power of LinkedIn

On the one hand, people are building million-dollar brands, building communities, and leveraging LinkedIn, while you are just crying in a corner because you don't know how to get in front of your target audience.

Believe me, LinkedIn works like magic. I have seen it hundreds of times while working for my clients in the SaaS, B2B, and B2C industries and turning their LinkedIn into a sales machine by just getting in front of their target audience.

But how will it happen? Is it rubbing the magical lamp? No, it won't work!

Key to LinkedIn Success: The C.E.O. Formula

I know you hate formulas, thanks to your boring Mathematics professor, but I have a formula that can help you get in front of your target audience on LinkedIn.

I call it the "C.E.O.” formula.

Yes, that's your success formula for LinkedIn! But what does it stand for, how does it work, and how can you use it?

Don't worry; I am your Lord Buddha on this enlightening journey. I will answer all the questions ruining your peace of mind.

The C.E.O. formula stands for:

C: Content
E: Engagement
O: Optimization

The C.E.O. Formula - Boost Your LinkedIn Presence
The C.E.O. Formula for LinkedIn Success

These are the only three ways to get in front of your target audience on LinkedIn. So let's dive in to understand each one of them:

1. Your Content

The "C" in the C.E.O. formula stands for "Content" that you create on LinkedIn!

Go back in your memory and think about the last week, when you came across an incredible thought leader you followed on LinkedIn.

How did you discover and follow them?

While you were mindlessly scrolling through your feed, someone's post (connection out of your network) slammed on your face, and it resonated so well with you that you ended up following them or DMing them for the same.

Feeling the nostalgia?

That's how we mainly discover good people on LinkedIn, i.e., through their thought-provoking content.

See, LinkedIn is a social media platform, so ultimately, content is and will always be the best way to get in front of people.

So, to get in front of your target audience, you must create content that resonates with them!

Create a proper content strategy, and a content calendar, and start creating content; believe me, it will be the best decision of your life.

Content Calendar Example - Enhancing Your LinkedIn Presence
Content Calendar Example

Talking about the whole content strategy and plan is an entirely different chapter for another day.

Start sharing your experiences, life lessons, new things you learned, and your awesome work. People will connect, engage, and resonate with you, eventually sparking conversations that convert to business.

So start building your tribe!

It's free, and as LinkedIn is a comparatively new platform, it has immense organic reach.

You can easily reach more than a million people in your target audience every month for free, who will eventually become fans of your work. So it will be easier to convince them to do business.

I am sure you are going to work on it, so let me introduce you to the second way to get in front of people on LinkedIn:

2. Your Engagement

The "E" in C.E.O. stands for "Engagement." It's another way to get in front of people, but how?

Let's take an example:

You are a B2B marketer, and your target audiences are usually the founders, Head of Marketing, and Marketing Heads of B2B organizations.

You want to get in front of these people.

Top Job Titles of Your Searchers on LinkedIn
Top Job Titles of Your Searchers on LinkedIn

Now, what do you need to do? Shortlist a few thought leaders in marketing, B2B marketing, and industries you work in.

They are thought leaders because they share their valuable thoughts, recent works, and unique insights related to their industry on LinkedIn. They have built an engaged community on LinkedIn.

You just have to go to the posts of thought leaders in your industry and start sharing your 2 cents regularly.

As they are thought leaders, your target audiences, like founders and marketing heads, already follow them; they have the eyeballs you need.

Now, if you keep sharing your valuable insights on their posts, you can use the attention they built to get in front of people.

Now let's do some math.

If an average influencer's post gets 100K views, assume 1% will see your comment, i.e., 1K people, and let's say even only 10% of them chose to visit your profile, i.e., 100 people. That’s just 100 people, but those are your qualified target audience visiting your profile.

Though these numbers are just assumptions, still think about it. Imagine what 10–15 comments a day can do if just one comment can do this.

And that's an efficient approach, as it will only take 20 minutes of your day.

Now, imagine how many unique people from your target audience are going to visit your profile.

Isn't that an amazing way?

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3. Your LinkedIn Profile

The "O" in the C.E.O. formula stands for "Optimizing." It means optimizing your LinkedIn profile to rank higher in your target audience’s LinkedIn searches.

To take up an example, let's continue the previous one:

You are a B2B Marketer, and someone at a big B2B startup is searching for someone like you to help them craft their strategies to build their sales pipeline.

Then what's the first thing they will do?

They will search for a B2B Marketer on LinkedIn; that's what everyone does, right?

So they will search for keywords like "B2B marketing expert," "B2B expert," "strategist," or something similar.

You can list down a few more keywords with which your target audience will search.

Now, when they do the search with keywords, a few profiles will appear on the first page as a result, and almost similar behavior that we see on the Google searches is observed here, i.e.,

If you are on the second page of this search list, no one can find you, not even the F.B.I.

So what to do? Obviously, you have to be on the first page of the search list.

And how do you do that?

By optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

That's what the "O" in the C.E.O. formula stands for.

But how do you optimize your LinkedIn profile?

Understand this; there is SEO for LinkedIn profiles as well.

You have to optimize the keywords in your LinkedIn profile if you want to rank higher and appear when someone searches for your relevant keywords.

LinkedIn places the highest weightage in search SEO on three key sections:

  1. Your Header/Bio section
  2. Your About section
  3. Your Work Experience section

These sections play the most impactful role in LinkedIn SEO. Here's how to optimize them:

  • List down the keywords you want to be ranked for.
  • Bio: While writing your bio, try to write the first word as the keyword that defines you and what you want to rank for, then write what exactly you can help your visitors with.
Optimize LinkedIn Bio
Optimize LinkedIn Bio
  • About: Your "About" section should have some results, your journey, and the work you have done in a crisp way. Do use a few keywords while writing this, but don't overdo it. Just sprinkle a few.
Optimize LinkedIn About Section
Optimize LinkedIn About Section
  • Work Experience: Most of the work experience you have added should be similar to the keyword, and you can also use those keywords to rank higher in the description.
Optimize LinkedIn Work Experience Section
Optimize LinkedIn Work Experience Section
  • Use any LinkedIn Profile audit tool to get a free audit review of your profile and things you can improve.

Well, there are tons of details involved in optimizing the profile, but that's for another day.

If you have an optimized profile, your profile is highly likely to get in front of your target audience when they are searching.

And it's a very intent-based search, so your chances of conversions are high. LinkedIn has a few more factors to list you first, like the number of mutual connections, location, and a lot more, but those are out of your control, so we can hardly do anything about them.

And that's a wrap!

In conclusion, I would say that if you can just remember this "C.E.O." formula and implement it with your LinkedIn profile, you are all set to get in front of your target audience and hit all your goals.

It's time to turn LinkedIn into your best marketing channel, so what are you waiting for? Just go out and implement it!

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