How to Generate B2B Leads From LinkedIn? | Best Platforms and Tools

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Aug 30, 2022 7 min read
How to Generate B2B Leads From LinkedIn? | Best Platforms and Tools

B2B inbound marketing is a strategy used by B2B marketers. Advertisers use it to attract new consumers to their company. Lead generation methods are used to improve exposure and engagement among consumers. A certain target demographic falls into this category. Online posts, online articles, and SEO are all types of online marketing tactics.

There is constant competitive pressure from smaller counterparts, firms, and corporate entities. It would be best if you stayed on top of revenue and profit ambitions by attracting customers. A good lead generation system can produce huge returns and put the company up for ages of growth.

The excellent thing is that there are now more methods of making connections. Thanks to the advent of digital marketing techniques and their execution.

Platforms and Tools

B2B Lead Generation Tools
B2B Lead Generation Tools

Let's take a look at the best available Platforms and Tools through which you can generate B2B leads from LinkedIn.
Octopus CRM

Is LinkedIn Premium Really Worth it?
LinkedIn premium consists of different types of accounts and an intended search filter majorly. Thus, making LinkedIn Premium worthy of its tag.

This program searches public web pages using their LinkedIn profile. It also mimics communications using the email trends of corporations. Connecting with personal emails also validates the messages.

With a Sales navigator on LinkedIn, you may uncover thousands of high-quality customers. You may also get their information en masse via

Skrapp is a Google Chrome plug-in as well as a web-based application. This platform utilizes LinkedIn queries and accounts. Its main purpose is to help you improve tailored lead lists. It also assists in locating and saving all the prospect's emails in groupings.

Skrapp's email finder is the most important function for locating an email address. It also generates contact information, or website, and a potential lead's identity. Its bulk email finder helps in the wholesale recovery of emails from the database. Skrapp's Chrome add-on interacts with LinkedIn and gives validated email addresses for leads.

It will be in your toolset if you're concerned about LinkedIn lead creation. Email marketing, as you may understand, is not going away anytime soon. It remains one of the best digital marketing channels available. Of course, you must follow GDPR in this case. also provides a Chrome add-on that looks for B2B emails on websites. is a LinkedIn automation tool that is both powerful and simple to use. It's a cloud-based technology that helps find relevant Twitter and Facebook accounts. It supports the growth of your account by allowing you to create connection programs through personalized LinkedIn conversations. It makes the use of advanced targeting tools easy. It also includes a few built-in development techniques. It helps in promoting your business more.

  • Send personalized links, messages, and inbox invites.
  • You can handle many LinkedIn profiles from a single platform.
  • You can access the account function using the same IP address.
  • It allows you to create an endless number of programs.
  • Hyper-personalized pictures and GIFs can be used in your marketing.
  • They offer detailed information and analytics.
  • Reload and add to the search campaign.
  • Import advertisements from a CSV file.
  • You can develop scenarios based on the behavior of your customers.

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM
Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is a LinkedIn platform to assist advertisers, company owners, and employees. Its main purpose is to boost marketing and lead creation on LinkedIn by allowing them to:

  • Send customized connection requests in mass
  • 1st level links-mass messaging
  • Auto-endorse your first-level contacts' abilities
  • View thousands of LinkedIn accounts

Octopus CRM also makes it easy to create a unique sales pipeline on LinkedIn. It converts leads into commercial clients. In other words, first, submit a connection request. Follow it up with a thank you email after the request is approved. You can then send a sales presentation for further conversation.

And keep track of your LinkedIn prospecting efforts on your personalized statistics page. It displays your current LinkedIn productivity, and marketing conversion rate. You can also see your accepted and engagement ratios, key LinkedIn numbers, and more!

Check out the most powerful and secure LinkedIn advertising methods within this platform. It has over 15,000 registered users.


Scrab is a LinkedIn lead creation solution for your company. It optimizes the lead collection methods by analyzing and collecting lead information. It doesn't need many human procedures. It then assists you in automating LinkedIn marketing. This includes engaging and contacting these prospects. Also, engaging them with activities like profile visits helps. This helps in leveraging LinkedIn to establish strong bonds with whom you can sell.

Scrab automates your LinkedIn development because LinkedIn has the greatest lead conversion rate. It is due to its professional social networking structure.


  • Continue to analyze and browse 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-grade LinkedIn pages.
  • Deliver texts to organizations without having to be connected.
  • Without being connected, write emails to 2nd and 3rd graders.
  • Send requests, communications, and ability verifications (endorsements).
  • To create quality traffic in a divided and appropriate model.
  • Use LinkedIn to get and process accurate findings.



Zopto is a cloud-based lead creation platform. It helps you organize your contact supply chain so you can reach out to new clients and industries. It's a great alternative for customers that are just getting started with LinkedIn advertising. It is easy to use for those who don't know much about the procedure. It's a cloud-based system, so you won't have to install anything to get going. It'll only take you a few moments to have everything set up. Zopto has dozens of connections with LinkedIn marketing automation. Some of the features include:

  • Streamline your LinkedIn lead generation process completely.
  • Duration, randomized pauses, and auto scale-up
  • Manage many user accounts and gain insight into your firm's success.
  • LinkedIn conversation on the app
  • Client service manager and supportive culture.
  • It responds to email discussions immediately in the app.
  • The use of auto scale-up, and randomized pauses. Spacing helps to simulate human conduct while lowering risk.
  • LinkedIn Networking Made Simple
  • It gives convenience depending on the size and type of business.



Phantombuster is a cloud-based information extraction program. It scrapes important data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other popular websites. Its main motive is to assist organizations with streamlining sales and marketing strategies. The program allows users to upload all their data in CSV and JSON formats to the cloud.

The characteristics of Phantombuster are:

  • Email address collection,
  • Divergent data gathering.
  • Document extraction,
  • IP address extraction,
  • Image extraction,
  • Phone number extraction,
  • Online data extraction, and
  • Valuation extraction.

It allows customers to

  • Book and develop action plans such as auto-following profiles,
  • Delivering personalized content,
  • Approving inquiries and more.

Group members are notified about many automated processes via email and Slack. Marketing executives can use the product's built-in frameworks to develop sophisticated workflows. It helps in launching products at specific times or events.

All your LinkedIn lead generation activities will be powered by Phantombuster. Additionally, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Phantombuster in tandem are helpful. They are one of the most used tools for lead generation.



Dux-Soup is a Google Chrome extension that can also handle some of the most important tasks, such as:

  • Check out the profiles.
  • Promote Competencies
  • Make Contact With Potential Clients
  • Send information that is unique to you.
  • Send Follow-Up/Drip Ads
  • Notes and tags can be saved to profiles.

Yet, in comparison to Phantombuster, its strength and functionality are limited. So here is the catch: it doesn't function in the cloud, so you'll have to keep your device on all the time.

Dux-Soup communicates with the candidates you choose on LinkedIn. It validates their talents by sending customized connection invitations. It helps in executing focused, personalized sales funnels. It also stops automated communications once you get a reaction.

It creates a process of running sales leads for your company. This allows you to expand your user base without increasing your workload. Dux-Soup allows you to manage LinkedIn outreach programs from your CRM system. You will be able to enhance and expand your information from LinkedIn.

Dux-Soup has over 70,000 users. It assists marketing and advertising experts all around the world in finding leads.

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Today's advertisers are under great pressure to develop good relationships with customers. Along with confidence, it plays a significant role in influencing brand recognition. Client maintenance is important too.

The average buyer nowadays feeds 7 to 10 types of information before deciding where to buy an item from. When it comes to B2B purchases, potential buyers need expert advice as well since it is more complicated in nature.

But, it's worth noting that LinkedIn has over 610 million members, including 2.8 million decision-makers and 260,000 executive management leaders. All these users are saving their talents, online CVs, corporate identities, and employment histories in one massive database.

To gain this viewer's confidence, you should first gain a thorough grasp of their mindset.


What is B2B Marketing?

B2B Marketing stands for Business to Business marketing. It refers to the marketing done between different businesses i.e selling or buying products or services from one company to other.

When was LinkedIn founded and launched?

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and then launched on May 5, 2003.

Who are the founders of LinkedIn?

Reid Hoffman, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Eric Ly, Konstantin Guericke, and Allen Blue are the founders of LinkedIn.

What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation refers to attracting potential customers to buy your product. It is an integral part of marketing and sales.

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