Top 7 Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Needs

Top 7 Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Needs

Chrome extensions are something that helps marketers to improve their professional skills and overall work. It provides a better experience for the users as well. Marketers can use chrome extensions as it helps in providing various customized features for them. It makes the work easy and efficient and thus, better productivity on their part.

The digital marketing industry is growing super fast with various new trends coming along. Sometimes, it's difficult to cope with the continuous change happening in the marketing industry. Marketers need to apply better SEO techniques and practices for dealing with the fast forward growth of the industry. For this, every marketer requires good and effective tools for the betterment of their work in their respective field. In tune with this, there are many chrome extensions that prove to be of great help for marketers like Grammarly, MozBar, Bitly, and more.

Top Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Needs

Number of Google Chrome Users (2015-2020)
Number of Google Chrome Users (2015-2020)

Chrome extensions are of great use to people as they help them customize their chrome browsing experience. The following are some of the popular chrome extensions that help marketers build their skills and expertise in the marketing industry:

  1. Wordtune
  2. Headline Studio by CoSchedule
  3. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar
  4. MozBar
  5. Grammarly
  6. Keywords Everywhere
  7. Bitly


Wordtune - Top Chrome Extensions for Marketers

If you are a writer then Wordtune is your basic requirement as it helps to improve the content and also one's writing skills. It uses AI technology to ensure a better quality of written content. It allows the users to enjoy its services for free and also offers a paid plan with more advanced features.

The free version of Wordtune gives suggestions about better writing ways and styles. It helps rewrite the content for more clarity and uniqueness. People can access its advanced features by paying for its premium plan. The premium plan has exclusive features such as smart paste, word finder, tone, length controllers, etc.

Headline Studio by CoSchedule

Headline Studio by CoSchedule - Top Chrome Extensions for Marketers

Headline Studio is free for all users. So, you can access all its features without paying extra money for it. A great headline is what catches a reader's attention and thus, helps to increase the traffic. Headlines Studio is a chrome extension meant for optimizing the headlines after proper analysis of the content. It works for both words as well as phrases' suggestions to help build SEO.

This extension has the data about the headlines of all the competitors depending on your content. After detailed research, analysis, and comparison with competitors, it gives correct remarks about your headlines. It is one of the best extensions for marketers that look for great headlines to make unique recognition among the competitor's crowd.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar - Top Chrome Extensions for Marketers

When it comes to SEO, one of the most popular and usable chrome extensions is Ahrefs SEO Toolbar. It is responsible for providing all the data of the SEO data for each page or website that you visit. It includes features like keyword research, rank analysis, SERP positions, and many more.

The features of this Chrome extension are meant to make the work of marketing professionals easy and perfect at the same time. It allows you to access its features for free and is considered one of the most important extensions for digital marketing.

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MozBar - Top Chrome Extensions for Marketers

MozBar is of great help for the people who have to conduct research regularly. It helps users to save time and effort on analyzing and researching links. You can speed up your process with the help of an SEO toolbar designed to speed up your analyzing skills.

Writers that are involved in search engine optimization must be aware of SEO metrics. The SEO metrics get increased with the MozBar SEO tool. Its techniques work for all web pages. People can open a free account for accessing all the features of MozBar.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere - Top Chrome Extensions for Marketers

For SEO building, Keyword Everywhere is a vital chrome extension. People should use appropriate keywords for better experiences. It will speed up your research process by providing the best data for SEO building. People can search for various terms in the Keywords Everywhere for accuracy and transparency. Keywords Everywhere work for trend analysis. People get both free and paid versions of Keywords Everywhere.

The features of paid Keywords everywhere are better than the free Keywords Everywhere.


Grammarly - Top Chrome Extensions for Marketers

Poor or bad quality content means a shut-off for all the writers. The writers need to show creative ideas in their content without any grammatical errors. Grammarly Chrome extension is a savior for all the marketers who get rejected for poor grammar or content structure. Grammarly has detection features for grammatical errors, poor structure, unclear phrases, and sentences. The Grammarly extension is no less than a hero in the writing industry.

With this extension, writers can watch for their punctuation and typos as it gives a free correction for all critical issues. Grammarly also helps check the plagiarism of the content. It offers a paid version as well (Premium and Business Plans) that comes with more advanced checking. One can simply download the extension and forget to worry about grammatical errors.

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Bitly - Top Chrome Extensions for Marketers

The software company Bitly Inc. came up with an outstanding idea of shortening the URLs or links. Large URL links are not considered good, therefore, one needs to keep the URLs short and related to the content. With this extension, marketers can create perfect URLs for their business platforms. It will analyze the type of your content and then provide the most suitable URL for it.

Bitly is known for providing the most accurate link to build the quality of content or other sources. The best part about Bitly is that the users are allowed to customize the URL for better marketing purposes. Users get to have the options for both free and paid services. People can go for the paid services to enjoy more features and their smooth applications.


In today's world, people are always looking out for ways to do their work more quickly and efficiently. When it comes to marketers, SEO is one of the most important things to be taken into consideration. So, to make the work easy and also perfect at the same time, chrome extensions come to the rescue. The above-mentioned are some of the popular extensions that every marketer needs to consider. These chrome extensions are available for free and some also offer paid plans with more advanced features.

The growing competition can kill the spirit of any writer if the quality of their content is compromised. Thus, in order to stay relevant with all the trends and compete with the growing competition, every marketer should use chrome extensions as an easy weapon to win professional battles.


What are Chrome extensions?

Chrome extensions are software programs that allow users to customize their browsing experience. These software programs are built on different web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and more.

Which are the most used Chrome extensions?

  • LastPass
  • Checker Plus Google Calendar
  • Grammarly
  • Loom
  • HubSpot Sales
  • Pushbullet

Is Grammarly completely free for all users?

Grammarly is free for all users. It also offers paid plans- Premium and Business for more advanced checking.

Which Chrome extensions are the best for SEO?

  • MozBar
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Ahrefs SEO Toolbar
  • GrowthBar
  • SimilarWeb

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