Best Tips To Write Catchy Titles and Headlines

Best Tips To Write Catchy Titles and Headlines

It's agreeable that you have a unique and amazing article, but can it bring traffic? Having great content is not enough if you are a blogger or social influencer. The first thing your audience will see is your headline. If you have a catchy heading, you will get a lot of traffic. Not just on your blogs, you will have to put a catchy title on your social media posts too.

The Buzzsumo top headlines research studied over 100 million headlines published between March 1st, 2017 and May 10th, 2017. There are many posts that are shared on social media platforms for success but Buzzsumo considered one post with direct user engagement that is like, share or comment.

According to the study, the most successful headline has the phrase "Will Make You". An article posted on Facebook with the phrase "Will Make You" in the title got on average of 9000 engagements. On the second number, the catchy titles consisted of the phrase "This is Why" which received under 4,100 engagements.

How to write catchy headlines? However, you don’t have to worry about a great headline because we have this great post based totally on the headlines. Follow these tips below to formulate the best article titles.

Tips To Write Catchy Titles and Headlines

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Tips To Write Catchy Titles and Headlines

Tips To Write Catchy Titles and Headlines

Use Co-Schedule

You can use this amazing free tool to test your headline. Co-Schedule gives you a rating to your headline. This is one of the top headline writing tips, as it helps you come up with ways to improve it. Just, for instance, the headline of this article was rated 79% on their tool, hence making it more agreeable to put it as a headline. This catchy title generator is another great way to come up with catchy titles for entrepreneurs.

Solve The Problem

Try solving some problems of the people in your headline. However, these factors depend on the type of content you have. If you are giving some tutorials or any hack, etc. It is the best headline strategy. One of the catchy headlines examples of solving the problem headline is “How to grab media attention”.

Share Experience

You can mention your experience related to some events or places, etc. Catchy headlines like this tell people what exactly you are going to include in the content. E.g.: “My journey of rags to riches” or “How was my trip to Comic-Con”.

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Suggest The Best Options

You can tell people what is best for them in a particular category. The best marketing headlines will attract the potential readers and when you attract the potential readers, your bounce rate decreases. You can find a list of catchy titles for articles which is similar to “Best and free marketing tools for entrepreneurs”.

Give Advice

You can give some advice and increase someone’s curiosity to read your content. People who have even a little bit of interest in that niche will come to read your article if you add informative and interesting titles for articles. E.g. “why should you have VIP membership in business”.

Include Stats

One of the top headline writing tips is to include some stats in the title. It increases trust in the reader’s mind. Great bloggers like Neil Patel use their stats in the headline most of the time like “Boost your online conversions by 158% in these 7 steps”

Include Numbers

Another way of coming up with catchy titles for articles is by including numbers in your headline promises the reader of something they like. With a a catchy title they will be assured that there will be a variety of information and also that they will get something of their interest in all those points. E.g. “9 Ways To Use Twitter For Your Business”. Many social media catchy titles include numbers in order to catch attention.

Keep it simple

Make your headline simple and straight to the point, there are a list of catchy titles for articles that are simple yet interesting. Don’t play with your reader's time and eliminate unnecessary things. However, don’t make it too short that it doesn’t even explain what the content is about. E.g. “10 Benefits Of Guest Blogging”

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Make It More Active

Use a more active voice in the headline than passive voice. An active voice makes it easier to read the content. Many people don't know how to come up with catchy titles. One of the first step is to use a more active voice in your main content too. E.g. “Brand Positioning Strategies For Your Business”.

Use The Headline to Mention The Content

Attractive titles for articles must contain words that define the contents of the article. Like the catchy ad titles, you can also use brackets ([]) to define them. E.g. “Increase Instagram follower [Info-graphic]” or “20 pics of entrepreneurs”.

Use Twitter For A/B Testing

However, we have a whole article based on just A/B testing but we didn’t mention twitter’s role in there. You can A/B test your heading on Twitter by observing your follower’s reaction on them.

Add An Attractive Adjective

Another way to come up with catchy headlines for articles is by adding an attractive adjective to the headline that also mentions the specialty of your content. This is similar to catchy newsletter headlines as it attracts readers and gives them a reason to read the content. E.g. "Best Ways To Repurpose Your Content".

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Do Not Clickbait

Please do not use catchy clickbait titles in your headline. There was a generation when clickbait was in fashion but now is not the time. Catchy headlines that include clickbait increase the bounce rate of your website, which is the worst thing which can happen to your website. If you don’t know what clickbait exactly is, then they are headlines that contain over-promising information (which sounds impossible).

Some catchy clickbait titles examples are, “how to earn 15,00,000 in just one week” or “do this to lose 3 Kg in 3 days”. The reader never knows if the writer of those articles is a poor man who can’t even pay his bills or an obese woman who can’t even move from her bed.

Use Simple Language Instead of Difficult Language

One of the most important headline writing tips is to use simple yet effective language in the headlines for the ease of the writers. The catchy newspaper titles are usually simple, because people will initially click on a headline which is easy and simplified to understand instead of a difficult, complicated one even though the content in the later is more effective. This is why best article titles are simple and easy to bring in more traffic.

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Make The Statement Bold

Now boldness has its perks and one way to incorporate is use it is using the statement in the headlines will surely make some heads turn and they will surely take a look into the subject at least out of curiosity and bam!!Interesting titles with a statement will get you some views. For e.g.- 'This Hollywood actress is pregnant with her third child ". This is one of the best marketing headlines as the statement is bold enough to make some heads turn and you don't need to use a catchy title generator for it.


As already said, the headline is the main factor of your content. You can either gain 50% more visitors or lose 100% of them with the help of a good or bad headline. Once again, check your headline on Co-Schedule before posting it. And no, this post is not sponsored by them (I wish it was), but I genuinely think it is a great tool. What do you consider before writing a headline?

There are list of catchy titles for articles that will bring in more viewers to our website and you can apply these tips to come up with catchy headlines. Comment some more tips for writing a good headline. Share this post with all your friends. Don’t forget to look for more articles on more topics from StartupTalky. Hopefully this helped you learn how to write catchy headlines.

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What is catchy headline?

A catchy headline is extremely important to bring the reader in to view of an article, advertisement, or social media post. 1.   A headline should be carefully worded to catch someone's eye and get that person interested in reading what follows the headline.

How to come up with catchy titles for a project?

Think of your title as a mini-abstract. A good title should paint a quick picture for the reader of the key ideas of your project. The words you use in your title should clearly reflect the focus of your proposal. The most important words should come first, then the less important words.

How to write catchy headlines?

  • Use numbers to give concrete takeaways.
  • Use emotional objectives to describe your reader's problem.
  • Use a unique rationale to demonstrate what the reader will get out of the article.
  • Use what, why, how, or when.
  • Make an audacious promise.
  • Use Co-Schedule or a catchy title generator.

What is a good catchy title?

Overall, a catchy headline should speak directly to the part of the brain that subconsciously cares. However, a catchy headline is nothing without quality, thoughtful, engaging content that is shared and admired. However, a catchy headline is nothing without quality, thoughtful, engaging content that is shared and admired.

What are the main characteristics of a good title?

The main characteristics of a good title is that should be interesting to the reader. To make the title interesting, attention-grabbing, and easy to read, use words that create a positive impression and stimulate the reader's interest. It should also reflect the tone of writing and must contain keywords.

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