10 Gmail Hacks for Entrepreneurs

‘Gmail’ is quite powerful and is a great option for individuals who need a great personal emailing service. Gmail has become a powerful business option mainly because of the greats features and integration with google products. As a professional, we spend most of the time checking our emails and we always try to optimize our time. While Gmail alone may be great, there are, however, a few Gmail hacks that you can use to make the most out of Gmail.

According to a report. Gmail’s market penetration in India stands at 62% which is highest in the world. With these Gmail hacks, it is guaranteed that you will spend much less time following up on emails and more time focusing on your business.

Using the Chrome extension MixMax

It is one of the most useful Chrome extensions for professionals. many. Installing this extension will allow you to do many things, right from scheduling meetings from the email’s body to the creation of email templates to the merging of emails among many others. It also helps you to track emails and sending personalized emails in mass number.

Making use of Boomerang  

One of the best ways to prepare and send off bulk emails at the snap of a finger is by using Boomerang. Boomerang makes it very easy for the users to have the emails sent back to you along with scheduling them to be sent from your Gmail account.


‘Can’ your responses  

This is one of the best productive hacks as it allows the responses to be sent by adding in a few basic sentences, words, or even email bodies, that we are prone to using them daily and that too, in the blink of an eye. To ‘can’ your responses, it is recommended that you should add Canned Responses from the Gmail Labs and then, go the bottom and select the option of canned responses and then end it, by choosing the appropriate phrase.

Scheduling the Email checks  

Though it may look productive by looking at your emails several times during the day, just to stay ahead of the game, while in truth, you are wasting a whole lot of your day. Instead, what you should do is to schedule your timing in checking the email, say, two to three times a day and that too, in the times when there is very little activity. Getting your head out of the inbox will allow focusing on your tasks more without having to waste your time in endless chat.

Managing the ‘Unsubscribe’ list

There’s a website named the ‘Unroll.me’ and with this, it becomes easy for you to keep track of the email newsletters as well as the subscriptions that are cluttering up your inbox. It is through this program, that you can very easily get rid of those junk subscriptions that you may have but is not able to do so.

Using the program ‘SaneBox’

You can also use the program ‘SaneBox’ in integration with the Gmail. With this program, you will be able to ‘whitelist’ all the important emails, and as such, they will go directly to the inbox. And the others, which are of a low priority than that, will end up in the ‘SaneLater’ box. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Sanebox Tutorial

Labeling the Emails

Okay, we may not admit this, but we all have our Emails up during the day, and sometimes, we all get a headache by just looking at the sheer number of them. As it is not time efficient to answer each and every one of them, it is suggested that you should go through all of your Emails and label them as necessary by putting them in the correct folder. This will make it easy for you to go to that particular folder and respond to them at once without the chance of slipping away.

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Setting up ‘Google Alerts’

One of the best ways to stay on top of the latest news is to let Google do it for you. Instead of having to go through all the news, articles, blog posts and many others, it is recommended that you should set up Google Alerts for a variety of keywords so that it becomes easy to see what is important to read and what’s not.

Google Alerts
Google Alerts

Tracking every Email

It is surprising to see that there many entrepreneurs who don’t follow their Emails. It is suggested that you should use ‘Yesware’. It is a plug-in which will allow you to see when and where the Email that you have sent is opened. You also have the option of sending Emails in batches. Keep in mind that it is a must-have tool for growing businesses.

Integrating Rapportive with LinkedIn  

Most of you are probably familiar with rapportive, right? Rapportive is in fact, a tool which is known to pull in the LinkedIn profiles of the Email contact. With this tool, you can easily see the whereabouts of the person, including his photo, company plus the current position of the person that you are about to email. Apart from that, you also have the option of adding that person to LinkedIn directly from Gmail or better yet, you can click on their LinkedIn profile to read more about the person.

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As an Entrepreneur, you might be using Gmail for business purpose daily. Thus above Gmail hacks will help you to increase your productivity and optimize your Gmail inbox. Share this post with your friends and put other Gmail hacks on the comment section.

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