How was Chrome browser Started? - History of Google Chrome

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Jun 14, 2021 5 min read
How was Chrome browser Started? - History of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the widely used search engine which has the maximum market share in the browser segment. The browser is available on almost all the platforms which include Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. Google chrome has a 66% market share as of March 2021. Let’s look at the story behind the building of Chrome.

History of Google Chrome
Release of Google Chrome Browser
Features of Google Chrome
Growth of Google Chrome

History of Google Chrome

Google Chrome was initially released during the year 2008, it was when Google was looking to create something better for the modern world. During that time, there were only two major browsers available in the market which had the major market share i.e., Internet Explorer and Firefox.

There was another browser Safari but it was exclusively available only on the Apple devices. The internet Explorer had a 60% market share in the browser segment and was widely adopted but at the same time, it was highly criticized. Firefox had said to be offered a better service but it had only a 30% market share.

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Release of Google Chrome Browser

Before releasing Chrome in 2008, Google had released a blog post which had a title “A fresh take on the browser”. The blog post had an explanation which conveyed that they were going to launch a new browser that would add value to the users and at the same time would bring in more innovation to the web.

Chrome was first released as a beta version on the Microsoft Windows and a stable version on the Microsoft windows was released after 3 months. macOS and Linux had received a stable version of Google Chrome during 2010.

Features of Google Chrome

Google Chrome had offered some great benefits in its browser compared to the competitors. Google had more resources and monetary when compared to its competitors. The aim of Google Chrome was to innovate the web and the browser was built on the existing technologies.

The Google chrome was developed keeping in mind to build something more than a browser and so it was developed with a lot of web applications in mind. The most important feature added to Google Chrome was it's sandboxing. This ensured that the browser would not be crashed and the application opened on a tab would be completely different from the one opened on the other tab.

For Example – If you’re playing a game on chrome on a tab and on another tab, you open your Gmail, then both the tabs would be separate from each other and the speed for loading the page would be the same. The tabs will not be interconnected.

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Growth of Google Chrome

Google Chrome Market Share
Google Chrome Market Share

Google Chrome had slowly developed something bigger and better over the years. By the year 2010, the chrome had released its stable version on macOS and Linux and it was completely available on the desktop and by the 2012 it was ported to Android and iOS.

One of the best features of Google Chrome was that it was an open-source initiative. The public had access to the browser's source code through the open-source counterpart which was the chromium browser. Google also pulled out certain components from Firefox and Apple’s WebKit to develop it.

This led to the major companies to build browsers using the source code of chrome or the chromium version. Browsers such as Opera, Brave and Vivaldi were built on the chromium version, even the Microsoft edge was built on it.

With so many browsers using the base technology of the Google Chrome, the web standards had increased more and more keeping the chrome browser in mind. This cycle of dominance and the standards of the web is one of the major reasons for the growth of Google chrome to gain the majority market share over any other browser.

Google had more engineers and monetary to develop a full-featured browser and Chrome has maintained the web standards over the years. The Google steadily started gaining more market share which helped in developing the browser and making it more efficient.

Google had eventually developed an entire Operating system around it as it had become so capable. The OS is known as ChromeOS.

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From the initial release, chrome has been widely adopted and this was because they were able to release the right browser, at the right time according to the requirement. The main aim of the development team was to keep the feeling of the browser to be minimum and the applications to take the dominancy and this has helped in the long run.


Google Chrome became popular in 2013, when it surpassed Internet Explorer and Firefox.

When was Google Chrome released?

Google Chrome was released on September 2, 2008 for Windows XP.

Who is the CEO of Google Chrome?

Sundar Pichai is the current CEO of Google.

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