5 Best Gumroad Alternatives | Platforms for Selling Digital Products

5 Best Gumroad Alternatives | Platforms for Selling Digital Products

We are in the era of Digital Marketing which is going to rule the world. This is due to the surge in online technologies and internet in the past two decades. Their simplicity and ease of access pulls more users towards them. They have attained more than 10% growth between 2016-21.

Digital Distribution and Marketing becomes unavoidable even to traditional businesses. This is because, 57% of businesses are getting customers through this medium. More than 77% of customers use digital platforms to search for products. The Covid-19 pandemic has created an additional advantage for their growth.

In this article, we’ll see about one of the many such platforms, Gumroad. We’ll also flow through some of the best alternatives available for them.

About Gumroad
Gumroad – Features
5 Best Alternatives for Gumroad


Alternatives for selling digital Products and services

About Gumroad

Gumroad is a digital distribution and self-publishing site, that establishes an online platform for creators and sellers. They allow the sellers directly to showcase their digital products before their audiences. They deal in digital goods such as e-books, films, software, codes etc.

Gumroad was established in the year 2011 by Sahil Lavingia and Sachin Khanna. Lavingia was only 19 years old, when he created Gumroad. Earlier, he used to be a designer at Pinterest.

Gumroad – Features

Gumroad Digital product selling platform
Gumroad Digital product selling platform

Here are some reasons for the success of Gumroad:

Simplicity - They have designed this tool in such a way that, even people with less technological expertise find it easy to buy and sell products.

Affordable Cost – They have a good pricing structure that attracts creators to sell their products on Gumroad. Sellers will be charged based on their earnings. The higher they earn, lower they pay. This encourages them to sell more.

Sell anything – Earlier, it was restricted to selling digital products like codes and e-books. Now, Gumroad allows one to sell anything they created. You can even sell physical goods.

User friendly – They help the seller add their Gumroad product link to their own website. This helps buyers to easily access their purchase.

Tax Management – There are tools embedded in their site to handle various tax rates of countries. They ensure proper compliance of all related tax laws.

5 Best Alternatives for Gumroad

There is always something better than the other. Though Gumroad operates efficiently, there are few other sites that stands worthy considering, before reaching Gumroad. Here are those five alternatives:


Gumroad Alternative- Sellfy
Gumroad Alternative- Sellfy

Sellfy was established in the year 2011 and has supported nearly 3,00,000 creators globally. It is considered as the best alternative for Gumroad. Here are the reasons why:

  • Sellfy has one of the best subscription plans. Their plans start at $19 per month upfront. They don’t charge for the transactions made by seller.
  • They provide an option to customers called ‘Pay what you want’. The sellers have to set a minimum payment acceptable for their products. This helps to obtain a fair deal of pricing for both parties.
  • Mobile users, willing to go online, can have a flawless experience in Sellfy.
  • They have good SEO optimizations. This makes the search easy.
  • It is easy to do storefront sales without any coding. You can embed the link on your website, if you have one.


Gumroad Alternative- Thrivecart
Gumroad Alternative- Thrivecart

ThriveCart is known for its advanced features. No other Gumroad alternative could provide such facilities for their users. They are:

  • It has an in-built sales tax calculator. It helps the users to save their time and cost.
  • ThriveCart has an advanced A/B split testing tool. It helps to self-analyze and improve your work by comparing it with various available resources.
  • They provide you templates, that can be customized in any way as per the requirement. They are compatible in all devices including mobile phones and tablets.
  • There’s a subscription offer for lifetime with just a single payment.
  • One disadvantage of this tool is, they don’t support PDFs and video files.


Gumroad Alternative- SendOwl
Gumroad Alternative- SendOwl

SendOwl is considered to be the next best alternative after Sellfy. Though they have higher subscription cost, their unique features and facilities keep them popular. They are:

  • They partnered with various existing platforms like Drip, Shopify, PayPal, etc., to keep your workflow seamless.
  • The Drip functionality allows creators to release their products one-by-one to create excitement and curiosity among customers.
  • You can be free from tax management and fraud prevention. Its taken care by them.
  • Multiple payment gateways, 1-Click upsells, swift checkout and delivery and free trial for 30 days are some of their other benefits to be considered.


Gumroad Alternative- Samcart
Gumroad Alternative- Samcart

SamCart has sold more than 9.7 million products and helped 17000 businesses so far. Here’s why they’re better than Gumroad:

  • 'Marketing Automation tool' makes it easier for users by automating checkouts.
  • Drag & Drop editor helps new sellers to create online store and customize their products easily
  • They provide Live chat support throughout the week.
  • They issue SSL Certification for your page, thus making the platform safe and secure.


Gumroad Alternative- Podia
Gumroad Alternative- Podia

Podia has a unique feature of ‘All-in-one platform’ selling. Their main motto is to sell everything under one roof. Here are some of theirs best:

  • One of the best is their migration plan. They offer easy and free migration to their clients coming from other platforms. They assure smooth transition.
  • Affiliate program launched by Podia helps the creators to promote their products through their customers. This earns them reward.
  • The in-built email marketing tool helps the creators to gain advantage over potential customers.
  • You can run your own online shop through Podia.
  • This platform allows you to create articles and blogs on your own to have wider audience reach.

Common Features

Almost all the alternatives of Gumroad have some common features. They are:

  • Minimum 14 day of free trial
  • 1-Click upsells
  • User-friendly interface
  • No transaction charges
  • Affiliate centers
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies


All the platforms have one or more common features. But still, they have their own uniqueness. This is where they stand ahead from their competitors. Gumroad is not the only choice for those who wish to sell digitally. Users can choose their platform based on the requirement they needed the most. I hope, the information shared above helped you choose the right tool for your products. Happy selling.


What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is a digital market place to sell digital services like e-books, films, music, software, and tutorials.

What are the alternatives of Gumroad?

5 Best Alternatives for Gumroad are:

  • Sellfy
  • ThriveCart
  • SendOwl
  • SamCart
  • Podia

What is Gumroad library?

Gumroad library is the your collection of videos, music, books, and more service that is now with you.

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