Tips To Find and Hire The Best Freelancers In India

Tips To Find and Hire The Best Freelancers In India

Freelancers can be a very useful asset for your business. They are talented and can give a nice finishing touch to your project. All you need to do is find the right freelancer with the kind of skillset that you are looking for and get them to work for your project. There are plenty of online sites where you can look for freelancers. And each of these sites come with their own special set of advantages.

But the question that comes to our mind here is: why freelancers? Is talent the only thing that they provide or are there any other benefits? There are indeed many benefits that you get from hiring a freelancer to do the job. The gig economy is becoming the most recent and fastest-growing trend. A gig economy is where temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for a short-term engagement. There's much less commitment and the work is mostly online and not on-site. The workers belong to a certain niche.

In this article, we are going to cover:

Tips To Find A Freelancer

  1. Detailed Introduction
  2. Research About The Freelancer
  3. Pay A Decent Amount
  4. Give Deadlines For Each project
  5. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  6. Test The Freelancer Before Giving Work
  7. Draft Contract


5 things to know before you hire freelancers

But before proceeding, let me tell you the benefits of hiring a freelancer in detail.

Benefits Of Hiring A Freelancer

  • The first advantage that comes to sight when talking about the benefits of hiring a freelancer is that there is less overhead expenditure. There are no training costs as most of the freelancers already possess the skills that you are looking for. The workspace also becomes less of a worry as most freelancers telecommute.
  • Hiring a freelancer allows you to always have the exact amount of manpower that you need. Hiring full-time or a part-time worker cannot guarantee you that you are functioning at your best efficiency and that might reduce your productivity and profitability. Another benefit is that freelancers don’t work any fixed hours. That saves a lot of money and also adds to your profit.
  • A single employee rarely possesses the skills to master all of the tasks. Hiring freelancers allows you to have the best people to handle your tasks. Every freelancer tends to be very good at their respective fields. You can give a web designer to take care of your official website, an accountant to take care of finances, and so on.
  • Keeping an employee means that you have to extensively train them. If suddenly that person chooses to leave your company then you would have incurred a certain amount of loss. Hiring a freelancer is devoid of such problems. When you feel that your current freelancer is not working out to be what you wanted then you can move on to someone else with any mess. This allows your organization to enjoy a special kind of freedom and enhances your productivity and work quality.
  • With freelancers providing their services to you, you always get swift and immediate delivery of work. Not only that, the quality of the work that they deliver is also much better. Freelancers are usually motivated people who put their best into what they do and so you get to enjoy much better results at a lower price.
  • Freelancers are more innovative and updated to all the new technology in the market.
  • Good freelancers have vast and valuable experience to back them up. With each new client and project, their skills develop and they become better at their job.

Those are some of the benefits of hiring a freelancer for your business and the list goes on. Quality, comfort, affordability, freedom, flexibility, etc. are some of the things that a freelancer can give you.

The next step is to find one. You have to be careful and have a clear idea about the kind of freelancer you are looking for i.e. the exact set of skills that you need for your project. Be specific about the project that you need manpower for and the payment scale. Know your goals and what is the outcome/result that you expect from the freelancer. Let them know about the logistics on how to contact and how they will remain active with your business. Let them know the way that you need them to coordinate their work with the company.

Tips To Find A Freelancer

There’s competition everywhere. Freelancers are competing with others in the same field to seal the contract with the best of the companies out there. All they need is good pay and a kind of project that will further help them to build their portfolios. There are some popular websites available where you can find your ideal freelancer like LinkedIn, Craiglist,, freelancer, Fiverr, RemoteWorkHub, FlexJobs, Scripted,, ProFinder, etc.

Detailed Introduction

You have to represent your company and project as something that will attract the attention of the best and the most talented freelancers out there. So, you are competing for the best freelancers that are available in the market. Get hold of a catchy title, give an introduction about your company and what it does. Answer any pertinent questions about the work while leaving room for suggestions and input from the freelancer. Try and include as much detail as possible. Try to answer all the possible questions that might arise and leave the option for suggestions and further questions open.

Research About The Freelancer

The online portfolio of a freelancer is not just a resume that you can read. It’s a lot more than just that. It tells you about the kind of dedication that the freelancer has towards his/her work. How experienced is he/she and what are the skillsets that they possess. Look for their past clients, recommendations, accolades, the languages that they speak, their location, etc.

Pay A Decent Amount

Don’t be too cheap when it comes to paying the freelancer. It’s like a chain. If you want a good and experienced freelancer to do your job then you have to spend more money because if they are good then chances are that they already have offers from other companies.

You should be open to negotiations and try to decide the payment based on the complexity of your project. Higher rates mean that you’ll get higher quality because that’s the easiest way to catch the attention of a good freelancer. By following these simple steps you can hire the best freelancers.

Give Deadlines For Each project

Be very clear about the deadline that you are expecting from the freelancer. It will cause you significant damage if you later realize that the freelancer had other priorities or conflicts and cannot take the project.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

At some point, you might get worried about the safety of your intellectual property. Make sure that before actually hiring the freelancer you make them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is an extremely important and crucial step to hiring a freelancer.

Test The Freelancer Before Giving Work

If you are not yet sure about the freelancer that you hired to do the job then give them a test project and see their performance. Judge everything, starting from the way they handle the technical aspect of the project, their efficiency, what kind of questions they ask about the project, their efficiency, and whether they can meet the deadline that they were given. By following these simple steps you can hire the best freelancers.

Draft Contract

Draft a good contract that takes care of every little detail of the project that the freelancer has been hired for. The contract must have:

  • The work that the freelancer has to do and when it has to be delivered.
  • The payment mode, whether it is hourly or fixed.
  • If the payment is on an hourly basis then what is the hourly rate.
  • When and how the payment will take place?
  • What are the important milestones along with the project?


Whether your business is new or established you need to hire some freelancers who can manage your work more efficiently and also finish the given projects before the deadline. By following these simple steps you can hire the best freelancers. But before you hire anyone for your startup business make sure the person is the perfect fit for the organization and also has all the skills needed to complete your projects.


What is freelancing?

Freelancing means working independently rather than for a company. It is a type of job where you're self-employed. You find clients on various freelancing platforms to whom you can offer your services.

How can I find the best freelancer in India?

There are some popular websites available where you can find your ideal freelancer. Some tips to be followed while finding them:

  1. Provide a detailed introduction about your company.
  2. Research about the freelancer.
  3. Pay a decent amount.
  4. Give deadlines for each project.
  5. Non-disclosure Agreement.
  6. Test the freelancer before giving work.
  7. Draft contract.

What are the benefits of hiring a freelancer?

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a freelancer.

  • No training costs.
  • Best people to handle your tasks.
  • Swift and immediate delivery of work.
  • Less overhead expenses.
  • Access to top-tier talent.
  • Flexible access to special expertise.

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