How to Create the Best Order Confirmation Email (2022)

How to Create the Best Order Confirmation Email (2022)
Order Email Confirmation

Order confirmation emails have better engagement rates than other sorts of emails. Their open rates are as high as 70%, the average click rate is 17%, and the average order rate is 3.77%. That makes confirmation emails pivotal for your business. And you can use this opportunity to achieve your branding and marketing goals.

Customers are more likely to respond to order confirmation emails than to full-fledged advertising communications, and these numbers are a huge testimony of the potential of order confirmations.

To capitalize on these opportunities, you should employ well-thought-out techniques. And to help you out with that today we are going to give you all the necessary information on how to create the best order confirmation email.

WooCommerce Order Confirmation Email Customization

What Is an Order Confirmation Email?

An email confirmation is an automated email sent to the client after they place an order. Unlike a promotional email that is sent to a group, this transactional email is sent to a single user in response to the action they have performed, like in this case making a purchase.

While you already get an indication that your purchase was placed successfully on the website or app, an email confirmation is a great follow-up that most customers anticipate.

The email confirmation includes information such as your transaction, purchase, delivery address, payment method, list of ordered products, tracking data of the package, and delivery date. These emails can be used for confirming your appointment, reservations, subscription, or any other form of service.

An order confirmation email is an excellent way of keeping the customer's trust especially if they are a first-time buyer, as it fulfills the psychological requirement of keeping things in good faith. It can also be used for marketing purposes and as a tool to improve customer satisfaction. You can also add similar products as the ones brought by the customer or attach a discount offer to make them your recurring customer.

What Purpose Should Your Confirmation Emails Fulfil?

Order Confirmation Email
Confirmation Order Email

An order confirmation email is a significant element of upscaling your company. You may not be able to see its direct impact on your business, but in a long run, this works as the catalyst for increasing brand loyalty.

Consider the following subpoints when you craft the template of the order confirmation email.

It should Aid in Maintaining Long-Term Relations With the Client

Your order confirmation email should speak the language that makes your customers want to purchase from you again. This is possible when your email is successful in providing an amazing customer experience. You can attach an invitation for your customers to join you on social media or a loyalty program to maintain long-term relations with them.

It Should Pique the Interest of Customers in Your Products

Whenever a customer sees the confirmation email of their product or service it helps to subside their worries. Now they have the assurance, they start looking at the finer positive points of the services that you provide. This email alone promotes favorable thoughts and creates a base for future interactions of customers with your brand.

It Should Build Trust

When a customer makes a purchase from your online store for the first time they want to know whether your firm is legitimate or not. A confirmation email works as a trust-building factor that their payment information is safe and their order will be delivered to them successfully.

It Should Include All the Important Details

A confirmation email includes all the important information like mode of payment, list of products, expected delivery date, tracking details, and all the valuable information that a consumer expects from the seller. More about it in the upcoming section.

Your Email Should Give Customers Peace of Mind

When your customer sees a confirmation email in your inbox, it automatically gives you peace of mind that you haven't been duped and the amount you have paid on that item is in safe hands.

Things to Include in an Order Confirmation Email

A customer seeks several important components in an order confirmation to ensure the proper delivery of their product. These details can differ depending on your email marketing strategy. However, there are a few aspects that you must include in your emails. Here's a list of all those components:

Your Brand Name

Adding your brand name to the email will communicate to the customer that the communication has come through your company and it will also help to create awareness among the clients about your brand name.

Order Number

An order number streamlines the whole process of resolving customer queries. It helps the customer care executive in locating all the specifications of the purchase and provide instant solution to the customer.

Summary of Order and Contact Details

Including details regarding customer billing address, method of payment, product name, quantity, size and color of product, weight, and stock-keeping units along with a photograph of the items will provide the buyer with visual confirmation of their purchase in a proper way.

A Proper Breakdown of the Costs

Sometimes a customer may get confused about the price of a product, hence a proper breakdown of the cost will help them to comprehend the cost easily. Including details like the cost of the product, taxes, shipping cost, and any discount or promotional codes that are used by the customer or included by the platform itself.

Confirmation of Order Amount and Mode of Payment

This one's quite easy to understand, a display of the payment method and overall amount of the order gives the customer assurance and an idea of the charges they have paid.

Order Confirmation and Payment Mode
Confirmation of Order and Payment Mode

Tracking Details and Estimated Date of Delivery

Tracking details make your brand appear trustworthy and genuine. It also assists the customer in monitoring their package. The estimated delivery date will help the customer know when your item is scheduled to be delivered and if the payment mode is cash on delivery then the customer will be ready with the amount on the specified date.

Thank you Message and Customer Service Details

A thank you message will make a customer happy. It will also show them that you can go the extra mile to give maximum customer satisfaction. Providing customer service details gives the customers an accessible way of reaching out to you in case of any issue with the product or cancellation.

Some Fantastic Examples of the Order Confirmation Email

After gaining so much information on a confirmation email, let's have a look at some great order confirmation email samples so that you can create one of your own!

1) Show Some Excitement!

Since an order confirmation email is your first opportunity to communicate with your consumer, show them how grateful you are that they purchased your product. The degree of excitement you display in your email will make the consumer delighted and a returning customer.

Shoes order confirmation email
order confirmation email

2) Use Some Catchy Lines and Follow-up Information

Using some catchy phrases that fit with your product will create an impression on your customer's mind. It also demonstrates your level of inventiveness and the work you put into providing a positive user experience for them. Customers may be certain that their product is in good hands and will be delivered to them shortly if they receive follow-up information such as "we will send you another email after delivery."

3) Send a Personalized Thank You Message

A personalized thank you email will show your consumer that they are valued and will remind them that they made the correct decision. This will help to establish an instant connection between the consumer and the business.

Personalised Order Confirmation Email
Personalised order confirmation email


We hope you can see how crucial a flawless order confirmation email is for a business by now. An email confirmation creates positive ideas in the head of the consumer and aids in growing potential earnings.

Not only that, but it also demonstrates your genuineness and builds customer confidence in future transactions. Online business is all about risk and certainty, but with a purchase confirmation email, you can make it a little less perilous for your consumers.


How do you respond to a customer order?

Show your gratitude towards them for buying your product and craft a personalized message   to build trust and offer them a discount and then close your message with another thank you note with your email signature.

Why are order confirmation emails important?

Order confirmation email verifies that order has been successfully placed. It provide an opportunity for relationship building and create potential cross-and up-selling.

How long do order email confirmation take?

Ideally order confirmation email takes around 5 mins to 60 minutes. Sending an order confirmation email early at helps in making good customer relationship and building brand image.

What should be the length of the order email confirmation?

There is no defined length for it. But it must have all the details like- Order number, cost breakdown, purchased items, delivery timeline.

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