Marketing Strategy of Indeed: A Ladder To Your Dream Job

Marketing Strategy of Indeed: A Ladder To Your Dream Job

In a world, getting a job that you love is not an easy task. Millions of people wake up in the morning and get out of their house in search of their dream job. Some succeed and sadly, some don’t. It takes weeks, months, or even years to secure a proper job, which can be a boost to their career. We live in an era where social media rules, so getting a job may seem easy, but the truth is far from it. Here, social media is just not enough.

So, the internet here plays a very significant role. Online job portals came as a blessing for job seekers as well as the employers. There are numbers of employment websites present, for people to find their desired job. ‘Indeed’, is one such website and is one of the most popular online job portals. It is leading in the process to unite employers and job seekers from the front.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."


About Indeed
Indeed - Marketing Strategy
Social Media Campaigns of Indeed
Brand Positioning Of Indeed

About Indeed

Indeed as a job-seeking platform started its way from the month of November 2004, founded by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan. It has given opportunities to millions of people to find their dream job. The headquarters of Indeed is situated in Austin, Texas, United States. It is a hub where one can find millions of jobs from thousands of different companies.

With its craze, it has become the number 1 job-seeking platform in the United States in just a few years. Now, the website is available in more than 60 countries and 28 languages and is thriving in this business industry.

The company started its journey by getting just a $5 million investment from Union Square Ventures, The New York Times, and Allen & Company. Chris Hyams is serving as the CEO of Indeed since 2019.

At this point, over 330 million people use it every month. With just one click, several options of employment, a person wants can be found here. By just selecting, job title, experience, and industry, one is interested, in the search option, numerous options are available. In 2012, a Japanese company Recruit Co. Ltd. acquired Indeed for 1 billion dollars.

Indeed - Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is important for any kind of business, not everyone is or can be your customer. So one need to plan marketing in such a way that it can catch people’s attention and can make them their customer.

1. From the very first day of its existence, Indeed target audience is the entire job market. Those who are looking for jobs and employers who are looking for the desired candidate for the job.

2. It kept itself free of charge for the people, who are looking for a job and offers them CV builders and templates to use for free.

3. Although the employers post for jobs are also free but to be noticed more by the job seekers, Indeed offer some premium features to the employers. As free job posting is not that visible to the crowd of job seekers. Employers spend some bucks to highlight their companies presence in the search list.

4. Indeed follows Pay-Per-Click (PPC) process. Here the employer only has to pay when a job seeker clicks on the information about the employment advertisement.

5. In 2011, an option was introduced where the aspirants can upload their resumes in a database that is open to employers. They can check from the thousands of resumes that are present there and can decide if that person is ideal for the position or not. To access the database a minimal subscription fee is charged by Indeed.

6. Indeed was dependent on word-of-mouth marketing for 10 years since its birth in 2004. After that in 2014, they started indulging in advertising themselves on online, television, and even on films.

Social Media Campaigns of Indeed

In 2020, Indeed partnered with TikTok in India and launched their new campaign #IndeedPeDhoondo. The main motive was to introduce itself as a perfect platform for potential job seekers from the Z generation and millennials.

Popular Indian TikTok stars like Jannat Zubair, Avneet Kaur were a part of the campaign. Here a catchy tune was used where they has to show some dance moves and share with their followers. This social media campaign here asked others to join in the challenge as well and with a promise to provide a chance to win some gifts.

Indeed teamed up with YRF’s film ‘Hichki’, starring Rani Mukherjee. This campaign was made for the younger generation and asked them to share their stories on social media of how they overcome their shortcoming to get their dream job. In this campaign, Bollywood stars Soha Ali Khan and Anusha Dandekar took part and shared their stories.

Indeed the year 2020, Indeed roped in Actor Kajal Aggarwal for its new campaign. In this campaign, Kajal Aggarwal was seen introducing new options that Indeed was providing to the audience in various snippets.

Brand Positioning Of Indeed

With more companies, like the presence of LinkedIn, it is facing quite a big competition among online job portals. It needs to buckle up to give proper competition to its competitors and need to increase its free service quality. To strengthen its positioning in the market it can introduce new features to job seekers as well. Strong steps are needed as well to avoid any kind of fraud.


We live in a world of cut-throat competition, not everyone will get the same position in a particular company. Indeed is an acquaintance ‘indeed’ that helps in finding the desired job that a person wishes for and provides them with different interesting choices. So, having an online job-seeking portal at this age is significant and truly an amazing option.


Who is the CEO of Indeed?

Chris Hyams is the current CEO of Indeed.

How many Employees does Indeed have?

Indeed consists of almost 10,000 employees from all over the world.

Who is The parent Company Of Indeed?

Recruit Holdings Ltd. Of Japan is the parent company of Indeed.

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