Kushmanda's Abundance: Insights and Tips from Women Founders for Business Prosperity

Kushmanda's Abundance: Insights and Tips from Women Founders for Business Prosperity
Kushmanda's Inspired Insights and Tips from Women Founders- Naina Ruhail, Pretty Singh

We are now embarking on our fourth captivating story, guided by the inspiring presence of Goddess Kushmanda in the midst of Navratri. Goddess Kushmanda's name beautifully encapsulates her role. "Ku" means "a little," "Ushma" is like "warmth" or "energy," and "Anda" is about the "cosmic egg."

Her worship is thought to have the special power to make people healthier, wealthier, and stronger when they seek her blessings. In the spirit of this benevolent deity, we asked these amazing women entrepreneurs how they created abundance and prosperity in their businesses and what tips they would like to share with fellow female founders who are looking to grow their businesses.

Now, let's explore what they have to say, drawing inspiration from the energy of Kushmanda.

Naina Ruhail, Founder and Co-CEO, Vanity Wagon

I nurtured my business with creative campaigns and strategies in order to achieve our goals and grow large. There are many factors that contribute to creating a prosperous business but all of them converge to one aim - to foster a strong customer relationship.

For aspiring female founders, my advice is to be bold and don’t let yourself be confined by conventions. Always believe that the world needs a person like you who breaks the mold and creates a new one. So keep daring in your pursuits and carve out your unique path.

Preety Singh, Co-founder and Managing Director, Boomlet Group

Emulating Kushmanda's spirit of abundance, I've fostered prosperity in my business by identifying my strengths and leveraging them to the fullest. This process involves recognizing what we are good at and focusing on those core competencies.

My advice to fellow female founders is to self-assess, discover their unique abilities, and channel them into their businesses. Embrace creativity, adaptability, and a strong work ethic, by harnessing your potential, you can create abundance and prosperity in your business just as Kushmanda brings life to the universe.

Akanksha Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, CITTA

In the luminous spirit of Kushmanda, the embodiment of abundance and creation, CITTA, the luxurious baby skincare brand, thrives by nurturing an ecosystem of prosperity. We've harnessed the essence of fertility and abundance, infusing our products with the purest ingredients to foster the growth and well-being of newborns. Our success story revolves around nurturing innovation, crafting top-tier, toxin-free products, and fostering a sense of community. By relentlessly focusing on quality, adding value to their lives through various channels, and building a community where people can share their hearts, we've created a loyal customer base.

To fellow female founders, embrace diversity, build strong partnerships, stay true to your values, innovate continuously, and adapt to evolving market demands. Empower your team, celebrate each milestone, and, like Kushmanda, radiate positivity. With passion and perseverance, you can create a legacy that shines brightly in the world of business.

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Dr. Malini Saba, Self-Made Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Global Advocate for Women and Girls

Kushmanda's spirit of creation and abundance served as an inspiration to me, and I aggressively nurtured prosperity within my businesses. I have the following advice for other female founders: Build a team with a variety of skills and interests, and have complete faith in your vision. Create a creative environment, and be brave in your willingness to take calculated chances to succeed.

For instance, I encouraged a culture that valued creative thought and creativity to cultivate abundance. This culture has inspired ground-breaking solutions and products, advancing our vision. Furthermore, having a varied team around me strengthened our decision-making by incorporating a variety of viewpoints and strengths.

I urge you, my fellow female founders, to be consistent in your goal, even in the face of challenges. Accept change and have an open mind to new opportunities and partnerships. Don't be afraid to take calculated chances because they frequently result in big returns. By taking this route, you can encourage prosperity and abundance in your business and have a significant positive impact.

Hema Bansal Ahlawat, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Partner, HJA & Associates LLP

In my journey as a female founder, I've embraced the essence of Kushmanda by fostering abundance and prosperity within my business. I've created abundance by nurturing a supportive team and empowering them to contribute their best. I've also cultivated relationships, partnerships, and networks, which have expanded opportunities. In addition, I've encouraged innovation and adaptability, always seeking new avenues for growth.

For fellow female founders, I'd advise embracing resilience, staying true to your vision, and seeking mentorship. Embrace challenges as opportunities, and never underestimate the power of community and collaboration. It's through these practices that I've invoked the spirit of Kushmanda, witnessing my business flourish and prosper.

Divanshi Gupta, Director, The Marcom Avenue

In my journey as an entrepreneur, much like Kushmanda, the embodiment of abundance and creation, I've strived to create abundance and prosperity in my business. The key is to foster a growth-oriented mindset, always seeking new opportunities to expand and create. I've diversified my services and offerings, tapping into new avenues. Networking and building strong partnerships have also played a crucial role in creating abundance. 

For fellow female founders, my advice is to embrace innovation, think beyond boundaries, and explore various facets of your industry. Don't be afraid to step into uncharted territories. Collaborate, build a strong support network, and never underestimate the power of resilience and determination in your journey to prosperity. Abundance is as much a mindset as it is a reality.

Shreedha Singh, CEO and Co-Founder, The Ayurveda Co.

Abundance and prosperity are achieved not only through material gains but also through mental abundance. Dreaming big and setting ambitious goals unlock our mental resources. Maintaining a positive mindset, believing in problem-solving, and continually learning is the key to success. My advice to fellow female founders is to nurture this mindset and stay persistent.

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Shreya Ghodawat, India Ambassador, SHE Changes Climate | CEO, Sustainable Guides

I've created abundance and prosperity in my business by fostering a supportive community of conscious consumers who want to do more for the environment, society, animals, and humanity as a whole. Our success is collective, it goes beyond an individual. It’s palpable and infectious. Prosperity in impact-driven business is not limited in its definition to just monetary growth but ensuring prosperity and abundance for all living beings.

My tip for fellow female founders is to focus on building a loyal and engaged community based on your values and your company’s values and to learn to collaborate as much as you can within this space instead of competing.

Shreya Sharma, Founder and CEO, Rest The Case

I think what I have learnt is that you should believe in yourself and your work. Only when you believe you can do something will you be able to do it. Same is for the business you are creating, you must believe in your idea and know why you are creating whatever it is you are creating. When you think and believe that your idea will solve its purpose you will be able to create something to resonate with that idea.

Smitha Jacob, Co-founder, Jolger Activewear, Founder Director, Saggian Ventures

At Jolger, we don’t believe in the concept of hierarchy. We maintain an open line of communication to ensure that all employees are allowed to express their opinions. We also consider all proposals seriously and with utmost respect, whether they relate to HR regulations or methods to expand our company.

Founders must make sure that innovation is prioritized if they want to foster a happy and effective work environment. Keep in mind that all ideas are valid and make sure that communication is transparent!

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