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Landingi Review: Make Professional Landing Pages Without Code

Landingi Review: Make Professional Landing Pages Without Code

Maintaining an internet presence is essential when you want to grow your business and build up a customer base. It gives customers a place to locate your business and acquire further information.

Moreover, having a website or landing page is imperative for any kind of digital marketing. Making an attractive and functional landing page may appear to be a complex task but it really isn’t.

Landingi is a modern landing page and pop-up builder that lets you build unlimited landing pages with ease. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy, allowing anyone to design a beautiful landing page within minutes.

What started out as an interactive agency in 2005, Landingi was launched as a product in 2012. Landingi was developed as a user-friendly marketing tool to provide independence to everyday business owners.

Hiring developers to create a single landing page can cost well over $100. Landingi eliminates the middleman, letting you take control of exactly how you want your landing page to look. On the web, pop-ups are also increasingly popular and there are not many reasons why you shouldn’t use the same for your marketing campaigns.

The platform still with the goal of converting visitors into leads and future customers has implemented features that are meant to help any marketing campaign and business.

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Features of Landingi
Pricing of Landingi

Features of Landingi

The platform is clean and has a friendly UI with minimal options to help avoid any confusion. When creating a landing page, the user has the freedom to create a page from scratch or select a template that seems appropriate to the niche and modify it.

The template gallery has over 400+ templates based on a variety of themes for all sorts of marketing and business purposes. Once a theme has been selected you can begin editing it immediately. Some of the platform’s highlighted features include:

Multiple Ways of Publication

Landingi provides users with its own hosting, meaning that you can link up your domain and the page is ready to be published on the internet. Besides this, the service is compatible with WordPress, the popular CMS.

If you’ve already got a website up and running for your business, importing your new landing page just takes a few clicks. There is support for custom domains and even adding the page to your own server through the use of embeds.

Landingi uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers to host your pages so you can rest assured about uptimes and reliability. Having the freedom to host your custom landing page the way you want is quite useful.


Optimized websites gain more conversions and traffic. Landingi offers its own SEO optimization tools to improve your SEO rankings and conversion rates.

Launching an awesome page for a campaign is only the first half of gaining more customers. It’s important to maintain and make sure that the page is optimized.

Landingi’s PageInsider feature scans your landing page along with its content to give you a clarity score. The clarity score is based on the speed, accuracy, and data-based insights of your webpage and can give you a glimpse of how your page will perform when it’s public.

Landingi Clarity Score
Landingi Clarity Score

The platform also allows you to A/B test your landing pages and pop-ups. A/B testing is one of the most popular optimization tools for a reason. It guarantees better results if it’s used properly.

By comparing and testing it's rather easy to know which version does better and is more likely to get conversions. The service also supports dynamic updates, so your landing pages always stay fresh.

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Seamless Integrations

Landingi can integrate with third-party apps to send leads, measure effectiveness, track conversions, and more. Getting those detailed, custom-made analytics with Google Analytics or automated emails with Mailchimp is possible through the platform.

Landingi Integrations
Landingi Integrations

This opens up a wide range of automation and customization possibilities. Using the right marketing tools for your business has a lot to do with preferences and this is where integrations are helpful as ever.

Landingi also supports webhooks allowing users to send data from your landing pages to any other place automatically after an event occurs.

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Through the use of templates, the process of making a beautiful landing page simpler than it actually is. Having the option to choose from over 400+ templates for both landing pages and pop-ups, you can rest assured that there are atleast a few templates that are perfect for your business.

The template editor is feature-packed and customizable giving users more creative freedom. The editor produces responsive and mobile-friendly pages for all the available themes. Having a visually pleasing landing page for your product certainly makes an impression.

This is true since most people online know how to distinguish between a good-looking website and a bad one. The template gallery can be sorted according to campaign goals or industry-based themes to further narrow down your selections.

Landingi's vast template collection
Landingi's vast template collection

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Pricing of Landingi

Landingi has been priced with the average entrepreneur in mind. The platform’s core solutions include becoming independent in business marketing and their pricing reflects the same.

The basic plan starts at $55/month and grants access to all the templates, integrations, and creation of unlimited templates with the only cap being 50,000 unique visitors/month.

The automate plan at $79/month supports A/B testing, funnels, schedules, and 100,000 unique visitors/month.

The highest tier agency grants access to all of the platform’s features including access to its API at $149/month.

All plans come with a free 14-day trial and are priced in a way that doesn’t break your bank. It's also worth knowing that all plans include AWS hosting for your landing pages to keep things fast and responsive.

Landingi pricing and plans
Landingi pricing and plans
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Website builders certainly aren’t new. They’ve been around for a while and provide similar features but require additional tinkering. When it comes to marketing, it's best to avoid the technical complexity of using a CMS and focus more on the campaigns and generate leads.

This makes a tool like Landingi genuinely effective as it gets the job done while being simple enough for everyone. It’s a great option to consider for those wanting to generate more leads and a place to showcase their product on the web.


What is Landingi?

Landingi is a landing page and pop-up builder that lets you build unlimited landing pages with ease.

How much does Landingi cost?

The pricing of Landingi starts at $55/month and goes up to $149/month.

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are specific web pages used to grab the visitor’s attention and present them with a specific product or service.

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