How to Leverage LinkedIn for Personal Branding?

How to Leverage LinkedIn for Personal Branding?
This article is contributed by Mr. Abdul Nasir Shaikh, CEO, Lexicon Group of Institutes & Multifit.

Networking is one of the most important things one needs to do to further their career. It gives out opportunities that one cannot find on their own. Through the help of proper networking, one gets to explore other fields and get noticed by the people that will benefit them.

Today, the notion of branding can indeed be implemented on an individualistic level. You can create a  picture that will help you stand out online and reach a wider audience.

Every time we talk about personal branding, LinkedIn pops up in our minds. It emerges over the course of our daily discussions about brand management and novel media advertising. In fact, whenever someone is asked to help individuals and startups with personal branding, LinkedIn is bound to be brought up. In this article, we will talk about how we can use LinkedIn for personal branding. So let's get started.

What is LinkedIn?
Steps to Leverage LinkedIn for Personal Branding

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the most effective business networking tools out there, if not the most. LinkedIn is definitely the best place to increase your network whether it's for your business or as an individual.

Everything and anything that propels your personal branding and ascension lives and thrives on the network. It's the digital meeting place for meeting people, accumulating knowledge, and forming and growing business connections.

Steps to Leverage LinkedIn for Personal Branding

LinkedIn can be your ticket to accelerate your career to a whole different level for that you need to follow some important steps and they are down below:

Make your Profile Stand Out

If you sprint through the process of making a profile, you'll be shooting yourself in the foot. Your profile will be observed and analysed more often than on other social media platforms. Since personal branding is so important in the LinkedIn environment, you're given a massive and dynamic canvas to portray a picture of yourself on. Delve deeper, put hard work as well as creativity into jamming your public profile from head to toe.

Think of LinkedIn as a Live Profile

Keep your profile updated. Whenever you make any career move, take a new course, learn anything new or publish a new article, everything should go on there. You cannot afford to set your profile and then forget about it. Treat it as a live resume, describing you in a professional as well as in a personal way.

Publish Articles for LinkedIn

There is more than one way of writing for LinkedIn. You can, of course, write exclusively for the platform and reach several people in doing so. You can also publish an excerpt of an article on your own blog and move your LinkedIn audience to read more on your site, creating traffic for your page. The benefit of publishing your work on LinkedIn is that every time you post, your connections get notified, generating a bigger audience.

Strategically Choose your Skills

You can mention up to 50 skills on your profile, be sure to use relevant skills to target your potential clients or employers. Strategize and add skills that work for you in creating a good impression. Remember to stay authentic!

Engage Meaningfully

Take the time to interact with posts on your feed by liking, sharing, and commenting frequently. You must build a relationship with your connections over time so if you want to work with someone in the future, they recognise you as someone they have interacted with, giving you a real presence online.

Optimize your Profile

As said earlier, LinkedIn is a search engine of sorts along with being a social networking site. The words you use matter a great deal. Use keywords for your headline, job descriptions, summary, etc. The right words can go a long way.

Build your Knowledge

Learning should never stop. Keep taking up new things, learning new skills, embarking on adventures of your own, to not only make your profile look better but also to help you grow into a richer human being.

There is another thing that can be discovered over the years, which is individuals on LinkedIn either recognize what they really want to accomplish through the platform or don't understand what they want to accomplish at all.

While it may appear that those who understand what they want to accomplish will be more successful on LinkedIn, it's not always the case. As a result, they operate with the wrong mindset,  focusing on how many direct leads or sales they can generate.

However, LinkedIn is not really a place for people who would like to constantly hear sales pitches. It is a  place for people to collaborate with other people who provide the relevant content or whose stories strike a chord with them.

LinkedIn- building brand | LinkedIn Vs Twitter & Facebook
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LinkedIn is one of the easiest platforms to use and has more than  500 million users worldwide! While until recently, your LinkedIn profile was simply for job purposes, many professionals are now starting to emerge as leaders in their sectors and are using LinkedIn as part of that strategy.

Embrace how LinkedIn can be used to build your personal brand beyond just a place to keep up with who has employed you. Start by developing yourself, get better and stronger with personal branding and you will have the best chances of having a successful career.

In this platform, the more one will reveal about themselves, the more people will gravitate towards them.


How should you use LinkedIn to promote your brand?

Invite your connection to follow your company page, promote your company using emails and blog posts, and optimize your page search.

Do you think personal branding is important in landing your dream job?

Yes, personal branding is really important for landing a dream job as it will help you to get in front of employers.

How do you market on LinkedIn 2022?

Publish articles on LinkedIn, Make your profile stand out, Optimize your profile, and mention your skills.

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