Mamaearth Marketing Strategy: Making Indian Brand stand Out from its Competitors

Poonam Chauhan Poonam Chauhan
Jun 11, 2021 8 min read
Mamaearth Marketing Strategy: Making Indian Brand stand Out from its Competitors

Unless you are living under a rock, you might have heard about the company name Mamaearth.

Not just this, you must have heard about the marketing strategy of Mamaearth when you are in marketing for a while. And it is a brand that is well known among its customers. We are certain that people have tried its product at a certain level, so the question to the discussion here is what they did to get the attention of buyers, or why they are ruling the market. Well, that is the question if pops in your head then you are definitely at the correct place.

When a brand does something that helps them achieve what they are looking for, then the mind behind this is their marketing team. They work around a clock on ideas that can represent their product in a perfect way. But more than this the product should be top-notch. When Steve Jobs said, don’t sell products, sell dreams, half of the businessmen and young entrepreneurs relate with it. And this is exactly why after so many years Apple stands tall in the market.

One such company is Mamaearth whose marketing strategy is something that forces us to compile this guide. So without any more time, let’s focus on the marketing strategy of the company.

The Story Behind Mamaearth
Marketing Strategy of Mamaearth
Why Mamaearth rules over its competitors

The Story Behind Mamaearth

Varun and Ghazal Alagh battled as new parents to find healthy and non-toxic items for their son. With most young parents, it can be a time-consuming and overwhelming experience, and the Alagh’s were no exception.

After their son was born in 2016, they discovered that almost all baby care items in India featured dangerous chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and bleach, that can cause side effects in the skin of a baby. When exposed to delicate parts of the face, these chemicals can cause rashes, inflammation, and skin allergies. The Alagh's started ordering goods from the United States in search of better options, but this proved to be more costly and uncomfortable.

This is not just it, soon they came to know many young parents struggle with this which is exactly how the idea to start Mamaearth occurs.

Varun Alagh and Ghazal Alagh created Honasa Consumer, which runs Mamaearth company, in an effort to provide goods that are clean, non-toxic, and organic by global standards.

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Marketing Strategy of Mamaearth

Marketing strategy is something that plays an important role in conveying the message. Below we are going to talk about the marketing strategy of Mamaearth.

  1. Enhancing Customer Base - It is critical to learn that by the time you have to enhance your customer base. You can’t be limited, the world is your oyster. If we follow the pattern Apple started from the CPU then personal computer then iPhones, iPods, and much more. All this time they tried to grow. The same goes with Mamaearth, initially, they started out to be the company of mothers and babies, however, it gradually began to grow its client base. The company has now branched out into skincare. It offers bathing ingredients, skincare serums and ointments, face wash, moisturizers, hair oils, and a variety of other items. The greatest thing is that none of these items contain any chemicals.
  2. Concentrate on Digital Platforms - All the brands and companies know the value of digital platforms. We are in the digitalization era so we can’t overlook this factor, Mamaearth knows it very well. Digital tools are used in Mamaearth's ad campaigns. The use of the internet is growing, and most people rely on these digital channels for all of their knowledge base. As a result, the brand management approach utilizes these new outlets to raise brand awareness and attract a broader audience. Mamaearth's official website, Amazon, Flipkart, and other digital outlets sell the product. As a result, the company is establishing a robust digital footprint. Most of its sales come from online channels.
  3. Brand Message - The brand message is a very important thing, it presents your brand in a nutshell. So it should be precise, clear, and engaging. It should commence with the customers and proffers the feeling of home. The brand's mission and slogan are "Goodness Inside." It ensures that the brand should not jeopardize the consumers' wellbeing. It offers goods that are free from contaminants and dangerous chemicals. The brand's goods are somewhat more expensive, but they are of the highest quality available.
  4. Social Media Marketing - Do you know how many people spend their time on social media? The answer is every second individual. We are actually living in the social media era where things can become memes and people can become stars overnight. It can make and break people. But more than this, people believe what they see on social media. It is the platform for ordinary people to voice out their opinion and Mamaearth knows that. The crowd they are looking for is available on social media that’s why they approach various influencers to spread the word about Mamaearth. The company is engaged on several social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Mamaearth's most influential approach is Influencer Marketing, which includes hashtags on platforms.
  5. Brand Endorsement - It is one of the strongest pillars of marketing strategy. It gradually increases the overall value of the brand. The thing is when a celebrity talks about the product, people will fall for it no matter what. The same goes for if the brand is endorsing our favorite show we will definitely pay attention to it. Mamaearth's growth accelerated after Shilpa Shetty, a well-known star, became a shareholder and product ambassador. She is involved in the creation of new technologies and marketing strategies. The actress used social media to promote the business. Not just this, Big Boss, a popular reality television program, is also sponsored by the company.
  6. Word of Mouth - Now this technique might seem vague, odd, and sham to some of you but it literally has benefits. You might have heard that the word spread faster than air and it is actually true. When you hear something from someone you know, you believe what they say with zero doubts and this is exactly what Mamaearth planned. They start approaching the Mom bloggers and the customers who have a huge fan base and ask them to write their experience about the product.  Since the company trusts in the influence of mothers, it opted for a word-of-mouth approach in which mothers can inform people about the company and how it provides the best product for their children.
  7. TV Commercials - TV commercials method is considered as the traditional method and somewhat old schooled. So initially the company didn’t believe in the idea of advertising the brand through TV commercials. They want to do something out of the box, but the thing is TV has an influence on people and this is exactly why they decided to dip their toes in the TV commercials too. They did launch their first advertisement on the big screen about the onion hair oil. The good part was they focused on the benefits of using onion hair oil and how the person came to know about this brand through one of its colleagues. We hope that we will see a lot more of Mamaearth on commercials in upcoming times.
  8. YouTube Marketing - There is no doubt that YouTube has become one of the strongest channels for spreading brand awareness. Almost half of the population prefers to watch review videos on YouTube rather than reading about it. This is exactly why brands want to take full advantage of the platform. There are many influencers on YouTube with a high number of subscribers that can spread awareness about the product. Mamaearth has improvised its marketing strategy by reaching out to influencers on YouTube. Not just this, in comparison to traditional advertising, the marketing cost is modest.
Mamaearth Influence Marketing

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Why Mamaearth rules over its competitors

Now comes the question that Mamearth is the sole ruler in baby care and the answer is no. There are many more competitors such as Himalaya, Pigeons, Moms, and much more. So how come it is standing out in the crowd, this is something we should pay more attention to. The reason why Mamaearth is leading the race is that it focuses on customer’s needs. Mamaearth's product line features conventional recipes in order to engage with consumers. Not just this, the product is natural and has no side effects is another plus point for the company. Also, the name speaks volumes on the behalf of a company and to the people who genuinely care about their mother earth.

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There you have it! This is our full take on the marketing strategy of Mamaearth. The intention of only using the finest of nature in Mamaearth's products is fundamental to the company's consumer strategies and marketing communications. The brand has been collaborating with influencer marketing to raise awareness of the brands and their exclusive selling propositions, as well as to establish credibility amongst health-conscious consumers. So no doubt they have a strong marketing team and strategies.


Is mamaearth indian brand?

The Mamaearth company is an Indian brand based out of Gurugram, Haryana.

Who founded Mamaearth company?

Mamaearth company was founded by Varun and Ghazal Alagh in 2016.

Is Mamaearth chemical free?

It is a certified toxin-free brand in India.

How does Mamaearth advertise?

The most prominent strategy that Mamaearth uses in marketing is through social media. The Company collaborates with influencers and uses Influencer Marketing and hashtags on social media platforms.

Who is the brand ambassador of Mamaearth?

Sara Ali Khan is the brand ambassador of Mamaearth since April 2021.

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