Marketing Miner Review - The All-In-One Tool for All Your SEO Needs

Marketing Miner Review - The All-In-One Tool for All Your SEO Needs

Marketing Miner is an SEO tool for data-driven marketers or simply a data mining tool. It was founded by Filip Podstavec in 2015. The main focus of the tool is to gather marketing data insights.

Marketing Miner has been given a near 5-star rating on g2, Software suggest, and many other similar tool reviewing websites.

The target audience of this app includes marketers and entrepreneurs. As per the company, they offer 40 different features useful for search engine optimization.

In this blog, we will discuss the features as well as pros and cons of Marketing Miner to see if they could deliver what they promised.

So let’s begin…

Features of Marketing Miner
Pros of Marketing Miner
Cons of Marketing Miner

Features of Marketing Miner

Marketing Miner is loaded with the following features:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research Feature of Marketing Miner
Keyword Research Feature of Marketing Miner

Based on your search query this feature analyzes the important SEO metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty, trends, CPC, SERP, etc.

The trending keyword feature lets discover popular keywords similar to your search. Moreover, it also suggests the new keywords that have gained popularity recently.

You can also analyze the content gap to see the keywords your competitors are using to gain popularity. The search visibility feature gives you the traffic insights for your domain.

SEO Audit

SEO Audit Feature of Marketing Miner
SEO Audit Feature of Marketing Miner

This feature is meant to detect the technical issues on your site that may be hindering your rankings. You can analyze the indexing status to understand which page of your website is unable to attract traffic.

Another feature lets you check response codes for a webpage so you can find errors and resolve them. This app also identifies which of the external or internal link/s given on your website is broken so you can fix it.

Marketing Miner is also said to reduce keyword cannibalization in your text and help you improve your online visibility.

The search visibility feature estimates the traffic for a page and analyzes ranking keywords for both paid and organic traffic.

The alert notifies you of the technical SEO changes and keeps you updated.

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking Feature of Marketing Miner
Rank Tracking Feature of Marketing Miner

This helps you get detailed information on the performance of your website. The position tracking helps you see the progress of your keyword ranking on regular basis.

A bulk keyword rank checker helps you check ranking for multiple keywords.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis Feature of Marketing Miner
Competitor Analysis Feature of Marketing Miner

They offer the competitors insights like which keyword they are using to rank higher. The estimated traffic on the website together with an analysis of their performance based on organic and paid traffic.

This also reveals to you the top-ranking pages of your competitors and helps you make data-driven decisions. Overall, you can obtain the list of sites that always appear as your competitors in Google search.

This tool also makes brand monitoring possible by checking what other people have to say about your competitors. This also keeps a keen eye on the competitors and notifies any changes in their website immediately.

Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring Feature of Marketing Miner
Brand Monitoring Feature of Marketing Miner

This tool detects the online mentions of your brand and how others reacted to it. Thus, helping you build new partnerships.

You can also set an alert for your mentions, so you can immediately respond to them. Also, it tracks the mentions of keywords and phrases related to your niche to keep you updated with the latest trends.

Link Building Feature of Marketing Miner
Link Building Feature of Marketing Miner

Telling you about the mentions in this app gives you an opportunity to build new links and strengthen your backlink profile. It also notifies if and when the links are removed.

It gives an insight into the websites that rank for the same organic keywords as yours. It also provides the contact details such as email addresses and social media handles that may be interested in working with you.


API Feature of Marketing Miner
API Feature of Marketing Miner

The Application Programming Interface (API) helps you to extract data without manually logging into the tool. The app provides over 10 endpoints such as search volume, keyword suggestions, etc. to extract data.

The accurate and fresh insights are quite useful in enhancing your SEO strategy while dealing with bulk data.

The REST/POST APIs are flexible and support working on your own dashboards or applications. Project APIs are meant to extract worthy data from your projects.

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Pros of Marketing Miner

  • It is an all-in-one program that reduces the need of using any other SEO tool.
  • It has quality click-stream data for SEO specialists.
  • It is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other similar tools.
  • The data provided is authentic and reliable.
  • The keyword analysis feature gives you an insight into the customer demand and needs.
  • It gives real-time alerts of the mentions. Thus, helping you respond quickly.
  • It has the ability to work with a large amount of data.
  • It offers simple and intuitive reports.
  • It is time-saving.
  • Provides Bulk Data analysis. You can analyse up to 100,000 keywords, domains and URLs
  • Marketing Miner provides a free version and their paid plan, which starts from $13, is affordable for small businesses and freelancers, in comparison to all the biggest players in the SEO tools market.

Cons of Marketing Miner

  • The interface can appear crowded owing to a large number of features.
  • It may be difficult to use in the first instance. So it may take time to accustom to the interface.
  • The final reports may sometimes appear technical for a layman and may need a little description.


The best part about Marketing Miner is the authentic and reliable information provided by the app. The ability of the app to work on a large amount of data simultaneously gives it an edge over other similar apps. The reports are mostly simple and easy to read.

Still, we cannot deny certain drawbacks to the app. But, the best part about it is that the team is regularly working on updating and improving the features. Our suggestion to them is to first improve their customer care services to hear and help people.

Overall, the app appears good. Most features work efficiently while a few may cause trouble at certain points in time. Comparing the promised and delivered features, the customers are able to take advantage of 95% of the features promised by the Marketing Miner easily which is a really big achievement. Therefore, our suggestion is to give this app a try.


What is Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner is an all-in-one SEO tool for all the marketers and SEO professionals to rank higher on google and grow their business.

What are the features provided by Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner provides SEO Audit, Keyword research, Link building, Rank tracking, Competitor analysis and more.

What is the pricing of Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner has 3 plans Miner, Digger, and Machine each cost around $29, $59, and $99 respectively. It also has a free plan that offers 1000 queries for one month.

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