- How to Capture the Right Leads with Marquiz - How to Capture the Right Leads with Marquiz

Have you ever been to a website but were overwhelmed by the number of options and choices available to you and you didn’t know which one to choose?

Well, you aren’t the only one because a lot of your leads are doing the same. They have no idea which products to choose and why, and they end up not buying anything.

This is bad for your website, clients, and products. So how do you guide leads to the right offers to turn your loyal fans into recurring customers? is the answer.

What is Marquiz?
Marquiz - Features
Marquiz - Pricing
Marquiz - FAQs

What is Marquiz?

Marquiz is an online quiz building where you can create one in under 15 minutes!

Quizzes don’t necessarily have to be about superheroes or celebrities. With Marquiz, you have the option to choose from 11 different types of quiz questions that help your audience understand their needs.

You can use text answers, options, number ranges, emojis, images, and more to learn about your audience while they engage with your website. This will automatically improve customer engagement and will definitely help you generate and capture leads.

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Marquiz - Features

Logic branching

Use logic branching to ask relevant questions based on your customer’s previous responses. This means that every quiz will be personalized to a particular customer and will make sense to that person.

The way this works is that question 2 might only appear to someone if a specific criterion is met. For instance, people who answer ‘yes’ to question 1 might be led to a different question than for those whose answers are negative.

Incentivize users

Incentivizing any aspect of your website will be sure to lure people in. This is why to boost quiz completion rates, you can use conversion triggers to add rewards for those who participate in your quizzes.

Motivate your users to follow through with the task by adding ascending and descending discounts, bonuses, and free downloads after a customer finishes the task.


You can then enable a two-step contact form in order to collect their contact information before you offer incentives.

Personalized results

It’s fun to participate in quizzes that are intellectually stimulating, but the magic is not in the questions but the results. Marquiz makes this easy by delivering custom results with offers tailored to user responses.

Assign a score to each answer so your customers receive results based on their score range. You also have the option to deliver the quiz results before the contact form or after. In addition, you can add different CTA buttons, link unique content or product and recommend services depending on the user’s quiz result.

Match your brand

Marquiz also has a ton of customization options that will help you create a unique quiz that matches your brand identity and style. Customize your quiz with ready-made templates and themes in the quiz editor.

Readymade Templates
Readymade Templates

These customizations are built for various niches, from legal services to children’s clothing.

You can install it on your website or create a landing page on Marquiz. Once the quiz is complete you can link the landing page directly to your own domain.

Landing page
Landing page

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Marquiz - Pricing


  • Unlimited questions
  • Unlimited quizzes
  • Twelve question types
  • Conversion rate optimization triggers (discounts & bonuses)
  • Full list of available integrations: , Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Tiki’s Tok Pixel, Zapier, Webhooks & more
  • Full list of customization options: text colors, quiz background, fonts, buttons, button styles, etc.
  • Quiz templates
  • Link a domain name to quizzes
  • Assign a domain name to quizzes
  • Setting up the contact form: collect emails, phone numbers, social networks id or messengers
  • Add quiz results based on users’ answers
  • Logic questions branching
  • Scoring logic
  • Grouping quizzes by project

Tier 1 -$49

  • All features above included
  • 1,000 leads per month

Tier 2 -$98

  • All features above included
  • 2,000 leads per month

Tier 3 - $147

  • All features above included
  • 4,000 leads per month
  • White - labeling
  • Option to disable contact form

Tier 4 - $198

  • All features above included
  • 7,000 leads per month
  • White - labeling
  • Option to disable contact form

Tier 5 - $245

  • All features above included
  • 10,000 leads per month

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Marquiz - FAQs

Do you support RTL? What language do you support? And how to embed the quiz in a WordPress site?

We are working on adding RTL, it is actually almost ready.

And regarding WordPress, you can use Webhooks or Zapier to send leads to your WP base. We don't have a direct integration yet.

Could integration be created between the quiz and LMS via Pabbly Connect?

We haven't integrated with Pabbly Connect yet, but have already added it to RoadMap.

Can we give access to our teammates?

You can group your quizzes into projects and organize collaborative work by granting access to your co-workers.


Everyone loves a good quiz. Especially if these quizzes give out discounts, bonuses and exciting offers.

With Marquiz, improve engagement with your customers with personalized quizzes and offers so that you can bring more qualified leads and the right customers.

Now you can finally get the business results you want without too much of a hassle.

Must have tools for startups - Recommended by StartupTalky

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