No Code Development Platform for Designers

No Code Development Platform for Designers

Irrespective of the domain or field, one is very likely to bump into designing, be it a poster, template, backend of a website, or even a power point presentation. Designing is such a wide realm, that it borders on most professions, and even non IT employees are expected to possess basic designing skills. They can also come in handy while posting on social media or making a presentation, and might give you an edge over others.

Although custom designs can be built through coding, there are various no code tools for designers, that allow non coders to create beautiful designs. Most of these no code tools use drag and drop features to add elements onto a template, and allow users to leverage various pre-built templates to create social media posts, blog banners, backends, and templates for other use cases. Here we compare the top 5 no code development tools for designers, so you can take your pick.

Bravo Studio
Web Flow
Adobe Spark


Canva No code Designing Tool
Canva No code Designing Tool

Canva is one of the first tools that strikes our minds when considering building a template or a design without code. From presentations to videos to YouTube icons, Canva is nothing short of the go to tool for non professional designers, and allows you to design with a variety of fonts, vector images, backgrounds, while also allowing you to embed audio and video into your presentation. Its convenient interface is another feature that allows Canva to secure the top spot in the list.

Features Offered by Canva

  • The tool offers users various free pictures including a variety of backgrounds in different niche.
  • Canva also offers various icons, elements, and vectors for social media, folders, business related, along with the ability to import and use vectors.
  • With Canva, users can also print a variety of items including T-shirts, postcards, invitations, business cards and more.
  • Canva allows users to connect and collaborate with their team on different applications such as Slack, OneDrive, Pinterest and more.
  • Canva can also be downloaded as a cross platform application, and works for Windows, Mac, and Android seamlessly.

Pricing for Canva

Free Version Pro Version Enterprise Version
Offers all the basic features for free Costs INR 8,9oo per year for yearly plan while INR 999 per month on monthly payments Costs INR 2,2oo per year per person
Offers over 250K templates and over 100 designs across different social media platforms Offers all features in the free plan along with a brand kit with custom fonts and logo Offers all features in the Pro plan along with multiple brand kits with different logos and fonts
Offers a plethora of free photos and graphics with team collaboration Offers over 420K free designs with new designs everyday along with over 75 million free stock media Allows for access control and offers built in workflow
Collaborate in real-time with 5GB of cloud storage Allows users to save designs with 100GB of cloud storage Enterprise features such as unlimited cloud storage, Single Sign-on and support

Bravo Studio

Bravo Studio No code Designing Tool
Bravo Studio No code Designing Tool

Bravo Studio is a no code design tool that also allows you to build iOS and Android applications. It permits users to import designs from other designing tools and turn them into mobile applications, while also allowing you to connect to a database or rest API to interact with data in real-time. Once the testing of application is done, it can be published on Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Features Offered by Bravo Studio

  • Bravo Studio allows users to add gifs, animations, and lotties along with transitions in your application to make it more visually appealing.
  • Bravo Tags are another features that allows users to place a text string in the layer names on of the application. The layer consisting the tag will then turn to a mobile component.
  • Bravo Studio also offers users a publishable apk for Android and a resigned IPA for iOS, which can be then published once the development and testing is done.
  • Users can also connect to a rest API for external data usage directly into the application.
  • Bravo Studio also offers a crash course and a community to help you connect with more app developers and learn to create professional applications.

Pricing for Bravo Studio

Bravo Free plan Olé plan Bravissimo plan
The free plan offers unlimited projects with 3 shares per appliaction The Olé plan offers unlimited projects and shares applications The Bravissimo plan offers unlimited projects and shares applications
Offers 3 builds per week with Bravo branding Offers unlimited builds with Bravo branding Offers unlimited builds with custom branding
Offers community support Offers community and email support Offers community and email support along with publication

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Web Flow

Web Flow No code Designing Tool
Web Flow No code Designing Tool

Web Flow is a no code tool for designers to build avant garde website designs with production ready experiences. While Web Flow also offers other tools such as CRM, E-commerce, and animations builder, the designer is especially intuitive, and lets you create with the power of code without actually writing it. You can design responsive web templates, and structure and style elements, and publish your work straight to the web.

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Features Offered by Web Flow

  • Web Flow allows users to design responsive E-commerce web pages without code and visually store the designs.
  • Flexible tools, controls, and hosting also offer Search Engine Optimization for better reach and search rankings.
  • The Editor also allows you to edit the content of your page in real-time and update on the go.
  • A unique feature that Web Flow offers is that you can download the code of the design that you create in the form of a zip file and even add custom code.
  • The platform, along with designing features also offers marketing and data management tools along with backup and more.


Figma No code Designing Tool
Figma No code Designing Tool

Figma is a collaborative platform that allows several team members to work together and create designs and test them. Figma offers a plethora of files and templates to design, along with plugins to automate certain tasks. Moreover, it allows for prototyping and systems designing with an expansive library and the ability to share, create and delete designs within a single platform.

Features Offered by Figma

  • Figma offers a vector network, instant arc designs as well as advanced font features to create innovative designs.
  • The responsive auto layout reduces the resizing work and automatically adjusts to fill the frame with padding, directions, and spacing settings.
  • Plugins for stock images, flow diagrams, colors, charts, and other elements automate repetitive tasks and ease processes.
  • When working with a team, receive latest updates, monitor each member's contribution, and edit together in real-time along with the observation mode.
  • You can also invite other to your work circle to create prototypes with intuitive builds and interactions while also being mobile-optimized.

Pricing for Figma

Starter Plan Professional Plan Organization Plan
Offers free basic features for up to 2 editors and 3 projects Costs $12 per editor per month when billed annually; $15 per month when paid monthly Costs $45 per editor per month billed annually
Allows for 3 projects with a 30 day version history Offers unlimited projects and version history Offers all features included in professional plan along with an organization wide design system
Allows for up to 2 editors with an unlimited cloud storage Custom user access and grant persmissions along with invite-only private projects Offers advanced tools such as private plugins, centralized teams, and plugin administration
Offers an unlimited number of viewers Offers shareable team libraries for collaborative projects Offers shared fonts along with design system analytics

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Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark No code Designing Tool
Adobe Spark No code Designing Tool

When it comes to designing and editing, Adobe is just off the top of our head without question. Adobe Spark is one such designing tool that helps you build visual stories, social graphics, web pages, and short videos. Users can use images to build high quality web pages and stories with added text and design filters to stand out from the usual recurring designs. Its use cases span across business and educational purposes for creating designs, templates and more.

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Features Offered by Adobe Spark

  • Spark allows the use of professionally designed fonts and select from a plethora of pictures from Creative Cloud, Lightroom, and Dropbox.
  • Spark also offers a variety of layouts and themes which can further be customized or tweaked with text and subtle changes in color.
  • Publish and share your work since the content and projects that you create are automatically synced across the web or iOS.
  • Upload and edit images from your own device or even connect with your cloud storage and create a greater impact.
  • Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video allow you to create web stories, graphics, and videos respectively offering you different platforms to create different content.

Pricing for Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark offers 3 different plans including the Starter Plan, the Individual Plan, and the Team Plan, and while the Starter Plan offers the basic features for free, the latter two plans cost INR 797.68 and INR 1596.54 per month respectively. The Individual and Team plans allow users to pick from thousands of images and icons, invite others to create personalized projects, and share brands while also removing the Adobe Watermark.


No Code Designing Platforms definitely come in handy on more occasions than we can think of, and help us in countless ways. Most of the above mentioned tools help in designing just as good as their counterparts that require code, and while they might have different use cases, that doesn't give one precedence over the others. As Canva can be more suited to build templates for blogs and social media posts, Web Flow is the preferred tool for web pages. However different the use cases may be, their significance remains the same, and they will prove to be useful in the time ahead.

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