Nutritional Startups Experimenting With Innovative Growth Strategies

Nutritional Startups Experimenting With Innovative Growth Strategies
The article is contributed By Pranay Jain, Founder & CEO, BodyFirst

Food and nutrition were formerly exclusively of interest to fitness and health-conscious individuals. For many years, the idea of fitness was limited to enhancing one's appearance through gym memberships. In the last two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has gradually redefined the concept of healthy living and emphasized the need for immunity boosters and supplements. What, when and how individuals eat are becoming the main themes of discourse in contemporary culture. The post-pandemic period is now experiencing an increase in the number of persons benefiting from different health and nutrition products, which corresponds with the increase in the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

The numbers from before the pandemic illustrate this pattern. The Indian gyms, health and fitness industry expanded by 11% between 2016 and 2020, with over 71,000 new fitness and health apps being reported by analytics firm App Annie during the same period. Consequently, fitness app downloads have increased by 156%, which translates to 58 million new active users in 2020. Even before the Covid disruption, the nutritional and fitness startup space had interpreted this opportunity to serve the rising number of health and fitness enthusiasts as a result of this shift.

Influence of the Pandemic on Placing a Premium on Health and Nutrition

The pandemic underlined the need for proper diet and physical activity. By emphasizing health and nutrition, the necessity to battle chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, stress, and anxiety has become a priority. A fresh emphasis on adopting a healthy diet has finally resulted in enhanced productivity, discipline, and an active lifestyle. By adopting a healthier lifestyle, one's prospects of overcoming unforeseen illnesses are greatly improved. This idea has contributed to the expansion of health and fitness apps while boosting the consumption of nutritional and health supplements.

Wearables Add Flexibility to Accomplishing Fitness Goals

In the last five years, fitness wearables have been at the forefront of an industry-wide transformation, empowering their users to maintain their physical health and mental agility. These devices are no longer only data measurement accessories but are integrating data and usage metrics with other smart exercising devices, fitness and diet training apps, and mindfulness activity trackers. Startups are leading the way in bridging the gap between reality and fitness goals by digitally aiding their customers, regardless of their actual location, to meet the required activity or exercise goals. Virtual fitness experiences contribute to the novel aspects of the technology that are rapidly establishing a quantitative and qualitative benchmark for actual transformation. These creative solutions have already created the groundwork for accomplishing fitness objectives, using a mechanism and method that are both adaptable and achievable.

Partnerships With Fitness Centres and Corporate Wellness Initiatives

Fitness and wellness firms have traditionally leveraged corporate partnerships as a growth strategy. However, the post-pandemic emphasis on fitness and nutrition has expanded corporate interest. This integration assists companies with benefits, health insurance programs, and employee fitness initiatives to manage workplace stress and enhance employee wellbeing. These holistic wellness initiatives provide workers with seamless integration and usher in long-term health advantages for the organisation. In addition to organizing random and tailored fitness events for intercompany participation, fitness brands also promote the adoption of fitness and weight management programs by hosting random and customized fitness initiatives.

Enhanced Ingredient Awareness Influencing Consumer Preferences

Ingredients are foundational to health and nutrition products and these are witnessing a surge in popularity among fitness enthusiasts. The emphasis on product orientation and specialization is one of the most important marketing techniques used by fitness brands. Most fitness brands provide health and nutrition items that are loaded with multivitamins, vital minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and other supplements. Multivitamins, essential minerals, Omega 3 supplements, and probiotics are, thus, some of the most prominent fitness and nutritional ingredients.

Increased product awareness among the consumers has shifted the spotlight to brands that emphasize innovative ingredients in their products. This strategy is reflected in the approach in which customers choose brands that are transparent about the relevance of product ingredients in achieving their fitness and wellness goals. Nutrition experts and fitness coaches are more likely to promote brands, whose products are based on scientifically validated and properly researched ingredients. Products capable of bridging the protein deficiency gap by restoring the adequate nutritional balance in the diet will ultimately gain more acceptance and adoption among fitness enthusiasts.

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Brands Focusing On Garnering High Product Reviews With Satisfied Consumers

Products that are high on reviews are expected to gain prominence as they are referred by satisfied consumers with word of mouth strategy being a strong driver across sectors. Fitness startups are introducing a diverse product line that is superior to market offerings and strives to promote health and educate customers to enable wise and healthy decisions. Multivitamins, essential minerals, Omega 3 supplements, and probiotics are among the most popular fitness and nutritional products. These innovative products utilise ‘enzyme technology’ which helps break down protein efficiently and enables the body to maximize the absorption of amino acids. This breakdown of whey protein into its smallest components avoids any digestive discomfort and caters to consumers who advertise the product among their circle of influence. Catering to consumer’s convenience, these products are also becoming travel friendly and are being made available in compact and ‘mini’ travel sachets to help consumers maintain nutritional requirements while travelling.

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Today’s constantly changing consumer preferences have been addressed by emerging technological advancements that will continue to influence the fitness industry’s growth trajectory. In conclusion, these rising opportunities to address customer needs will help startups redefine their approach with innovative growth strategies.

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