6 Essential Office Indoor Plants

6 Essential Office Indoor Plants

When you worship your work and enjoy what you do from dawn to dusk it's extremely important to optimize your workspace into a stress-free and comforting zone. Just at your home, your office also needs office indoor plants which help you maintain your sanity throughout the day.

Indoor office plants mostly thrive on their own and don't require much of your attention. With a few decorations, lights, and indoor office plants you can easily jazz up your work environment making it much more likable and friendly. To be honest, office indoor plants paired up with cute decorations would also make your office Instagram worthy and who doesn’t like an instant worthy workplace? Also, if you're into Vaastu Shastra and wish to have plants that would attract wealth and good luck in your work environment , then this article is definitely for you!

Benefits Of Having Office Indoor Plants

We are surrounded by concrete jungles today. Our work environments and homes are always in the shade of grey which ins't exciting enough to be around. On the other hand, People love greenery.

People adore nature, scientifically, this is known as ‘Biophilia’ and in layman terms, nature is a beautiful connection. Before actually buying your office indoor plant here are a few reasons you need to know to appreciate your green buddy even more!

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Indoor office Plants offer a meditative element to your workspace. It is recommended for students or anyone who works hard to look at greenery as it cools down tired eyes and rejuvenates the mind.

Clean air and a quality level of oxygen induces a highly attentive and productive mind. When you're satisfactorily productive enough you ultimately feel and do better.Your indoor office plant makes your office calm and likable. When you're working with thorns, the scent and touch of roses will definitely make you feel positive.

Benefits of Indoor Office Plants
Benefits of Indoor Office Plants

Best Office Indoor Plants For Your Work Place

Alright, now let's get into actually selecting which indoor plant will suit your workspace and get you all nice and comfy. There are a variety of plants for you to choose from. Depending upon your office location, sunlight availability, your likeness with flowers or no flowers also your allergies, choose the one that soothes your mind and soul.

Money plant

Money plants are easily available in India. This creeper plant has several health benefits and an amazing appeal. This office indoor plant is known to filter and purify the air thus activating a positive aura in the room. Indians believe that money plant attracts wealth and prosperity.

However, if you are too choose this plant and want to be Vaastu correct, place the plant in the southeast direction. the direction is ruled by planet Venus (Shukra)and is owned by Lord Ganesha, the lord of wisdom, knowledge, and prosperity.

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Avoid placing the plant in north and northeast directions as Indians believe it to cause loss of money and health issues. The reason behind this is Venus and Jupiter (Brashaspati, the ruling planet of northeast direction) are incompatible with each other thus it is believed to keep them away.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

The Lucky Bamboo plant might just be an amazing indoor office plant for you as according to our Indian Vaastu Shastra, it is considered to be lucky, auspicious and another plant that attracts good luck and wealth. Indians believe to keep the lucky bamboo plant in the east corner of your house or workspace and do not keep it under direct sunlight.

It is advisable to keep this plant in a transparent container so that its roots are visible. Make sure that your lucky bamboo plant consists of Earth, metal, wood, water, and fire ie. all the five elements of nature. An easy way for you to do that is to add pebbles, representing earth.

A few coins to represent metal, the stem of the lucky plant symbolizes wood and the water available in the container fulfills the fourth requirement. For the fifth element is fire (Agni),  the plant is tied with a red-colored band which denotes the same. Bamboo plant with stems that are yellow or dark green in color should be avoided.

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Jasmine is an office indoor plant recommended for people who often feel anxious in their working area. Its scent impacts the CNS (central nervous system) and calms the nerves. It is known to help people with depression and anxiety.
Jasmine is considered to be a divine flower that pleases the Lord Vishnu.

An interesting mythology story behind The night flowering coral jasmine is that it emerged during the churning of the ocean. This plant is easily available in the Indian market and looks beautiful as well. One look at the jasmine plant will soothe not only your mind but also your eyes.

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Aloe Vera

Having a plant that attracts positive energy while also having tons of health benefits is absolutely crucial for your office desk. Alovera helps purify the air by emitting a large amount of oxygen. Keeping an aloe plant in the north or east direction of your office workspace is recommended.

The plant is said to thrive well in bright light. The plant is easy to manage if kept in bright sunlight as it hardly needs much watering. this plant in its true sense is the most organic and refreshing thing you can have during your working hours.

Essential Indoor Office Plants
Essential Indoor Office Plants

African Violet

Want something Instagram worthy? Well then, African violets is just the office indoor plant you need to jazz up your workstation. This fuzzy leafed plant thrives well in the same conditions we live in.

With average temperature, humidity and sufficient light African violets make their mark in offices and especially on office desks. African violets don't grow too much in size, they're a miniature plant hardly less than six inches in diameter. Due to this amazing size range, they can be accommodated in the smallest of the places.

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English Ivy

English ivy, in medium light and average water intake, tend to thrive well indoors. English ivy sometimes are used at art in offices and homes as they wrap their tendrils around things they find when the weather gets exuberant.
English ivy needs little care and time.

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Ivy plants grow well when the soil is moist, so keep watering the plant regularly. Once they are of good height they enjoy dry conditions. English ivy hardly need fertilizers, their foliage grows pretty quickly. However, if you’re not satisfied with the growth of your office indoor plant spraying half-strength liquid fertilizers will be just fine.

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