How To Overcome Challenges While Starting Your Own Startup?

How To Overcome Challenges While Starting Your Own Startup?

One thing which is obvious in this era of startups is that it's not going to be easy like slicing a butter with knife. While a large number of these startups shine and thrive, others sadly vanish into the oblivion. Circumstances have been particularly hard considering recent economical changes well.

Nothing comes easy. The road ahead for startups is anything but a smooth one. So, it is important for them to execute their business plans in a manner that proves their vision and worth.

Now, let's address the most important question: Why do new businesses fail? Here in this article, we will examine with engaged approach concerning what are the most well-known issues of startups and their solutions.

Startup Challenges
Startup Challenges
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Money is one of the most important assets without which the base of a startup cannot be created. Small startups depend heavily on funds from the investors. Also, when monetary issues hit a startup due to any reason, they can hit hard, thus postponing significant developments like rolling out items, recruiting key staff, or building more workplaces.

While taking help from an established and reputed monetary firm might be able to help with money related emergencies which threaten the startups, the real solution to a flourishing startup is to ensure that you understand your receivables, payables, and the net situation consistently with the end goal for you to prepare. It's important to have emergency funds before you start and add it in your business plan and budget accordingly.

Team building

A hastily chosen team can break your dream of driving your startup to success. Look beyond resumes and use your best judgement to choose your dream team. When posting job vacancies be detailed about what precisely are you searching for and with what financial plan and advantages. Also, make sure you clarify what qualities newcomers must have, what the job obligations would be and what hours and days they would be working.

This will spare yourself a huge load of time as individuals who might apply would know about the financial plan and obligations while applying.

Erratic business planning

Proper business planning is the key for startups to make their businesses take off. Due to poor planning, many businesses fail in the very first year because they do not effectively look into the challenges and pitfalls. If their business plans lack perspective, they are destined to fail or they have to continuously devise and change them.

So, before launching your startup, it is vital for you to carry out a thorough research by investigating from suppliers to taxes to competitor prices. This approach is the bedrock for a successful business, which needs to be viewed in holistic way so that vision for the product is aligned with the identified target audience. Writing an effective business plan in the earlier phase helps startups to define what their business is, the market it serves, how it will conduct operations, and the money it will make and spend.

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Finding customer loyalty between fierce competition

Continuously consider your optimal customer base and how to earn and retain them. You are the person who gives answers to their necessities, and that must be your business reasoning. Your business can grow in case you have clients who are pleased with you and who will spread out kind words about you through verbal promoting, online media, and so forth.

But remember, the corporate world is extremely fierce. If you have a startup that has been established recently, the opposition gets even tougher.

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In any condition, the road is not easy for startups. There will consistently be rivalry, and the competitors would whisk away your clients and customers. It would be advisable for you to analyze the qualities and shortcomings of your competitors, be aware of not committing the same mistakes as them and be different and unique as much as possible. Remember to be firm in your identity and vision.


Partnership is the way to progress. Humans were, are, and will be social and mingle with each other. But when it comes to leading your startup to success, be eagle-eyed. In this ever-growing and ever-changing digital time, where startups need to fight hard for their endurance, new businesses find it hard to track down reliable partners. Taking everything into account, stakes in partnership are a lot higher for startups. One wrong move and everything would collapse.

A partnership may deliver incredible profits for the startups, however they have to consider a variety of factors before settling on any choice to team up with another startup working in a similar ecosystem. To reap the maximum benefits out of a partnership, startups should search for partnerships that enjoy a good presence inside the market and a fair share of rivals.

In a nutshell. a keen eye, well-thought decisions and the persistence to keep moving forward would pave the way for your startup’s success.

This article is contributed by Amit Tyagi, Founder and CEO of Neuherbs India

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