Top 10 Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Workers

Top 10 Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Workers
Virtual Team Building

Virtual team building and traditional team-building processes are totally different. Virtual team building and traditional team building differences are that you do not appear to be located in the same physical region. When you participate in this team-building activity everyone interacts through the internet.

The aim behind the virtual team-building exercises is to enhance the communication between team members, increase trust, improve creativity, decrease conflict, and assist your team members to understand each other more effectively. These are the main issues that a remote team is confronted with, which can result in poor performance in the workplace.

Struggle while working remotely
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To address these problems and connect the remote team, the companies decide to host virtual team-building events.

Here is an organized list of exciting online team-building activities for the remote team.

  1. Break the Ice
  2. Learn the World Organization Sound Alphabet
  3. DIY Craft Challenge
  4. Free Speed-writing Exercise
  5. Recipe Roundup
  6. WiFi Warrior
  7. Hydration Nation
  8. Virtual Trash Challenge
  9. Pin the Map
  10. Charity Donations


Ideas for Virtual Team Building Activities

Break the Ice

An Icebreaker can be an effective activity to help the teammates to get uniting into a group. This type of game is generally known as the tune-up, and it helps the participants to be more enthused to embrace each other. The members of the group generally have to share information about themselves.

In this particular game, the Icebreaker must be linked with the area unit that the player is to be able to attend. Ice breakers must be peaceful and non-threatening. The participants shouldn't be ashamed. After the exercise, the person who was supporting must summarize all the information for the group.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of ice breakers that could aid you in interacting with other people.

1. Introductory Ice Breakers.

If people get together for the first moment, they do not know each other. The game does not only aid in helping people understand each other but also assists in recognizing similarities and differences. Introduction ice breakers are easy, which includes having everyone inform the entire group of their personal information. This game allows you to make friends by exchanging some general information such as names, hobbies, etc. It also helps people who already know each other to improve their understanding of one another.

2. Two Truths and a Lie.

Participants write down three things about themselves. Two are true, and the third one is a lie. Others must figure out the truth.

3. Icebreakers Queries.

Icebreaker's queries contain a few simple questions for those who wish to build them into more well-off. This could be funny or serious. The most effective questions to break the ice should be specifically designed for an age group. A few of the questions are:

  • What's the one thing that scares you from your childhood to now?
  • What was the most recent thing you did on YouTube?

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Learn the World Organization Sound Alphabet

Alfa, tango has been over just a word that will make you want to be an opponent. It's one of the 3 codewords from the world alphabet, and also an inspiration of members of the remote teams. If you decide to mistreat these alphabets, then world organizations can help you to have numerous conversations. You'll be able to talk quickly, which is easy to understand.

You will not use this alphabet frequently for each person on your team. It is exciting to discover and when it comes back you might want to create to build a strong bond between yourself and your teammate.

The twenty-six codewords within the world organization's sound alphabet that are assigned to the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet are as follows:

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu.

DIY Craft Challenge

DIY Craft Challenge is an excellent idea for organizations to incorporate into their team-building activities online. In this challenge, everyone has to create a product using the material. Crafts for kids could be a test of about half an hour that could be an exciting task. For this challenge, it is your responsibility to bring everyone on a virtual conference decision to explain the guidelines and begin with a timer of 30 minutes. Every participant has to create something from the materials available at their place.

For example, you can build art or you can create an adobe fort or you can use an area of your home that is unused. The goal isn't to create something nice, but rather to bring some power to the garbage. It can fill your team with enjoyment by acting as if they were participating.

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Free Speed-writing Exercise

Another exciting virtual team-building activity is a free speed-writing exercise that you can start immediately. If you'd like to write, you can check out the site provided by the company. You'll be able to utilize the website to measure your writing speed and share the results via email.

It is possible to form a team and then create a fun virtual competition by hosting a write-speed relay. This can be a different challenge to the cumulative scores to see if the team is victorious.

This can be a great task to encourage everyone to have fun playing. It can help improve your ability to write, which is crucial for workers who work remotely.

Recipe Roundup

In this exercise, you must invite your remote team members to join in. Select a topic for the challenge. Make the recipes and you'll also be capable of putting together a challenge where participants upload photos of their food.

These team-building activities are intended to be enjoyable and could be the most enjoyable virtual games to play in the workplace (remote group). When you have a direction in mind, you'll want to know what the employee is accountable for. The ability to pass this test could help someone to learn a new skill that they can improve.

WiFi Warrior

This game is among the most popular online games for teams regarding Wi-Fi and it's a great activity that remote teams can participate in with each other.

Some people don't have reliable Wi-Fi connections. In this exercise, you could teach your team the fundamentals of channel optimization to decrease interference in signals. You can also switch it off, then turn it on and restart the system.

The game's frame of reference for this exercise is easy and consists of the possibility of awarding points for completing tasks. Additionally, you can make improvements for cleaning your desktop, getting rid of browser extensions, and so on.

Hydration Nation

Hydration Nation is a game of activity that encourages players to dehydrate more throughout the day. You can participate in games that promote healthy lifestyles.

If you're looking to test this exercise, then do it with fellow members of your group. You can watch them as the third person for each time one person drinks a glass of water. When that person drinks, so does everyone on your team in the same way. The purpose of this game is to observe the actions of a person and at what time.

Virtual Trash Challenge

You might have noticed that the trash challenge was quite popular sometime before on Twitter. It's the remote team version of that challenge and one of the most effective virtual team-building concepts for employees who work remotely.

The challenge trending on Twitter involves taking a photograph of something trashy that could be anything like a park, public place, etc., and cleaning them as well as the garbage bags.

This remote team version of the contest follows identical guidelines. Make a photo of your desktop and take out the files that aren't relevant and are not needed anymore. Then, you can take pictures to display your work to your group. The member of the team with the most organized desktop wins the challenge of the week.

Pin the Map

Know your virtual group well by playing an interactive mapping game
Know your virtual group well by playing an interactive mapping game

Sometimes, the diversity of cultures within remote teams could be a barrier. This is why it is crucial to bring everyone together so that different cultures don't influence the performance of the team.

It is important to assist everyone in gaining a comprehension of where everybody is located by making maps. Start by asking everyone to reveal where they are from and also where they are situated. Encourage them to map the location onto the globe.

As time passes, you may discuss with your group members to answer a few ice-breaker questions. This is a fun game where team members can learn more about one another.

Charity Donations

The most significant thing to remember about working in teams online is that there is no emotional connection or communication. Most of the time, the remote team may feel that after their online work is done, the team no longer exists. One way to remind members of the remote organization is to give to a charity that embodies those values that define your company.

The guidelines are simple - you need to select a charity that aligns with the values of your business. It is up to you to decide how you would like to donate. Be informed of the impact of their contributions.

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We've provided a list of work-from-home-based fun activities for employees to do with their group. I hope that you enjoyed this list of the best virtual team-building activities for remote teams. I'm sure that this list has made you realize that although your team is spread out however that does not mean that you aren't connected, share the same level of trust, communication, and trust.

If you begin to allocate some time to online team-building exercises you will observe that your team is getting better and growing each day.


What is virtual team building?

It's the process of bringing teams from different locations together. It helps your team build stronger bonds through the creation of a cooperative atmosphere that is comparable to an office environment.

What are some virtual team-building activities?

The most popular online virtual games for employees include:

  • Break the Ice
  • Learn the World Organization Sound Alphabet
  • DIY Craft Challenge
  • Free Speed-writing Exercise
  • Recipe Roundup
  • WiFi Warrior
  • Hydration Nation
  • Virtual Trash Challenge
  • Pin the Map
  • Charity Donations

What are fun online activities for employees?

Here're some online fun activities that employees can take part in.

  • Break the Ice
  • Recipe Roundup
  • Virtual Trash Challenge
  • Pin the Map
  • WiFi Warrior
  • DIY Craft Challenge

How do you bring virtual teams together?

Virtual teams aren't easy. Managers must constantly find in the development of new methods to bring together remotely-based employees. This involves forming and maintaining connections within the team regardless of where they are.

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