" Pay For The Post To Promote ” Strategy- A Best Way for Business Promotion

" Pay For The Post To Promote ” Strategy- A Best Way for Business Promotion

You have just completed an e-book. But you don’t know how to market it. Also, you don’t have that much money to advertise it online. So, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your e-book and just pray for some miracle. You can still earn a lot. All you have to do is to ask people to share your content. You may think no one does that. But what if they can pay you with their post? Yes, in this post, we are going to discuss what is “pay with a post” strategy.

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What is “Pay with a Post”?

By providing people with an option to earn a discount just by sharing your content on their social media, you can reach a lot of people. Everyone loves discounts. You can provide options like “share this on your Twitter and get a 20% discount” on your e-book. If every 1 person from 5, shares your content, you are still going to get pretty good traffic on your website. The most popular website for this purpose is PayWithATweet.com. This is the complete idea behind the " PAY FOR THE POST  TO PROMOTE ” Strategy.

Advantages of Pay with a post

1.    Go Viral

This tool or I should say, this strategy helps you to go viral for your product. People will share your content and bring you more leads.

2.    Customizing

In most of the services, you can customize the message according to your website. It will make you look more professional for your product.

3.    Monitor

You can monitor all your users. You will know if they are sharing your post, how much traffic they are bringing, etc. This data will help you to make better strategies.

4.    More Sales

People are more likely to buy the product if they have already shared it. So, once you made someone post about your product, they will more likely to buy it. The chances of backing out will decrease. In this case many sales softwares are there in the market, which can help you and your company to handle this section.

5.    Multiple Platforms:

People can share your content on the various platform they like. However, you should only consider face book, twitter, and other famous social media platforms.

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Limitations of Pay With a Tweet:

1.    People: Not many people like to show what they are doing in their personal lives. So, many people will back out when they see “share about us on your face-book to download this e-book”, they are just gonna close that tab.

2.    Huge Approach: If your visitor doesn’t have a very huge following on Twitter, you are not going to be viral quickly. Research says that the content reaches only 10% of people through social media.

3.    Social Media: Not everyone is on social media. Some people still prefer not to use social media. So, you might lose those customers. So, social media will not be able to fulfill your requirements but, you can once on some of the most popular social media platforms.


For the most famous website in this field, the pricing starts from free for the basic version. The basic version contains one free campaign and other main features only. While the paid version includes unlimited campaigns, email support, customization, etc. You can get these services for $49.99/month.

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Websites to Get this Service

As we already said, the best one in this field is pay with a tweet.com, but if are not impressed by their pricing or service, then you can go for:

●      Girafi. co- It is a software that provides engaging interactions between companies and customers. It has a review of 5 stars . The pricing is $ 59 /month/user. It comes with a free version and a free trial.

●     Social Seeder - It is an all-in-one ambassador marketing solution that gives the ambassador a simple way to amplify the brand 's reach by sharing the brand stories across social media.  It has 4.75/ 5 stars. It comes with a free trial and subscription.  It charges EURO 500/month.

●     Refersion-It is a simple -to-use and integrated affiliate marketing platform .It has a 5 star review . It charges $19 a month for its starter and $89 a month . It also comes with a free-trial with it.

●      Swagbucks - It is a rewarding and loyalty program operated by Prodege . It is available in English language and based in California  .  

How to Setup?

These are the steps you will have to follow while setting up on Pay With A Tweet’s website. You can find tutorials on other websites too if you chose to. We are choosing this website as it is most famous for this purpose we found on the internet.

  • Go to their website and click on “create campaign”.
  • Fill in all the required details.
  • Chose the platforms you want people to pay with. For instance, face book, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can choose more than one if you want to.
  • Enter the text you want people to share and the URL on which people will land on by clicking the links in the tweet or posts.
  • Insert the access link which is the link to the file people will get to download.
  • Once you get to the “Embed in your Website” step, you can either grab the direct link or take the HTML code that is given for pre-made Pay with a Tweet button.


However, people will be glad to receive discounts or the product for free, you don’t have to provide this option only. You can also add the option to pay for the product without sharing your content. This strategy will work more efficiently if you let people subscribe to you first. Once they subscribe, they will more likely to share your content. You can use this feature in many other ways. Just use your creativity.
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