pCloud Review: The Secure Cloud Storage Solution you Need

pCloud Review: The Secure Cloud Storage Solution you Need

Cloud services have become a part of everyday life and the transition has been barely noticeable. Since information is mostly digital now, there's a need for storage and retrieval. Cloud storage has gained popularity due to its accessibility and scalability. The ability to have store and retrieve any number of files through the internet is now a reality thanks to cloud storage solutions.

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage solutions in the market.
But after the recent $5 billion lawsuit against the company for tracking user data, you might be on the lookout for a new storage solution. pCloud is a simple and secure cloud storage platform for all your storage needs. It's got all the basic features with some added functionality and a minimal UI.

Founded in 2014, pCloud is a Switzerland-based company with over 14 million users now. The highlights of the platform being their focus on simplicity and end-user experience. So far pCloud has data centers in both the US and Europe while granting users a choice between them.

Features of pCloud
How does it compare to other Cloud Services?
Pricing of pcloud

Features of pCloud

When choosing a cloud service it's essential to know whether or not it supports your most used features. pCloud does a good job of maintaining functionality behind the hood while presenting users with a clean interface to avoid any sort of complications.

The service is accessible via applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. There is also a web version ensuring that you have access to your files with almost any device that has a browser. That being said here are some of the platform's key features:

File Syncing

pCloud does a great job of syncing your files across to all your devices. The automatic cloud sync can back up your photos, documents, videos, files and entire folders to the cloud.

The pCloud Drive can also be used to backup files from your desktop periodically so that your files remain safe and can be restored in case something goes wrong. pCloud Drive can also be used to stream content directly to any device. This means any media content that you've backed up to the drive can be streamed from any device with an internet connection.

The dedicated mobile apps for android and iOS ensure that you can backup your files quickly. There's a 'rewind' feature that allows users to recover any previously backed-up file that they may have deleted. It acts like a recycle bin for your pCloud Drive.

The file syncing works smoothly and can backup all your files automatically as per your choice. The backup frequency and dates can be changed to match user convenience.

pcloud recovery functionality can help you get back old files with ease
pcloud recovery functionality can help you get back old files with ease


Security is critical when using a service that deals with your personal data. pCloud provides users with both client-side and server-side encryption facilities that ensure the safety of stored data.

pCloud Crypto, their unique client-side encryption functionality allows users to encrypt their local data before transferring it to the cloud. The encryption key (Crypto Pass) is only available to the user who has created this.

plcoud encryption structure
plcoud encryption structure

The server also makes uses of AES 256 bit encryption to keep all your backed-up files, photos, documents, and videos safe. In fact, their encryption is so good that they've challenged hackers from all over the world to hack their system for a reward, and yet none had claimed the price.

pCloud Hacking Challenge
pCloud Hacking Challenge

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Cloud Sharing

pCloud lets its users share files with anyone with ease. The cloud sharing functionality means you'll be able to share any files that you've uploaded. A sharable link will be generated from which the file can be downloaded.

Users can send requests to other users, allowing them to upload files to another account. The receivers simply have to click accept and the sender can transfer a file without having direct access to the account. Cloud technology has taken collaboration to the next level.

Having everything you keep on a file locally sync up to the cloud automatically certainly saves a few minutes. You can even use the public directory as a hosting service for static HTML webpages since it will be accessible to everyone.

Alternatives of pCloud

pCloud packs in functionality and security in a neat package. But if you're still unsure about your next cloud service here are a few similar services to compare:


Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by the American company Dropbox, Inc. It's similar to pCloud but mostly used to host downloadable files for blogs, websites, and related content.

The free plan grants you 2GB of free storage and access to features such as cloud syncing, cloud sharing, and storage from any supported device. It supports data encryption to make sure user data remains safe and untamed. However, the company had experienced a data breach back in 2016 where over 60 million user account data was stolen.

Since then the security methods used to secure user data have been updated and the service still maintains its excellent customer support for any issues users may come across.


MediaFire is a file hosting, file synchronization, and cloud storage service based in Texas, United States. The service is widely used for data sharing and is a popular website for hosting downloadable files.

Users get 10GB of free storage along with unlimited bandwidth and downloads. There's also a cool feature where you can generate custom download links. Users can generate a one-time use link that can only be accessed once, so you don't have to worry about the wrong people accessing your link.

The service is simplistic and upgrading to the paid plans is affordable as well. Mediafire is a minimal storage solution, meaning you'll have to use something like pCloud if your general use is associated with productivity.

There is no support for viewing Pdf's and word documents which will slow down productivity and hence it isn't an ideal solution for businesses.

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Pricing of pcloud

pCloud has plans suitable for all purposes. They have individual plans, which happen to be the most popular, family plans and business plans. Having an idea of the kind of features you're getting, the prices are rather affordable.

They offer lifetime plans where you get to pay once and use the service for as long as you want. This is certainly different and provides new meaning to how you pay for the services you use.

The 500GB plans will cost you $49.99 and the 2TB plan is available for $99.99 a year. The family plan lacks an annual payment method but the one time payment of $500 seems like a more suitable option if you really need the storage.

plcoud lifetime plans
plcoud lifetime plans
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You never know what you actually need unless you try alternatives. Cloud providers are multiplying by the day but it's hard to find a noteworthy cloud service that has the all essential features.

pCloud is a reliable, fast, and easy service to switch to and works well for individuals and businesses alike. Overall, if you want a change of cloud storage, pCloud is sure to have those features you'll want along with added security benefits and great customer support.


What is pCloud?

pCloud is a simple and secure cloud storage platform.

What is the pricing of pCloud?

The premium plan of pCloud is priced at $500 and premium plus plan is priced at $980.

What are the alternatives of pCloud?

Dropbox and Mediafire are some of the alternatives of pCloud.

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