Success Story Of POPxo: Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle Community For Women

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Oct 22, 2021 7 min read
Success Story Of POPxo: Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle Community For Women

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POPxo is India's largest online community for millennial women to read, watch, purchase, and hang out, which was founded in 2015. POPxo brings a welcoming and empowering environment that encourages women to live their best lives.

POPxo is aimed to merge content and commerce, which started as content and eventually had its own private label brand. POPxo's articles, videos, and social networking material are in six languages - English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Tamil, and Telugu - which has attracted over 39 million monthly users who spend over 3 million hours across all of the company's platforms.

POPxo also partners with the leading companies to increase its reach and engage its audience. The whole platform runs on the basis of content that fascinates young girls. Furthermore, it also features on its website, Bollywood news, life hacks, retail listicles and more.

POPxo was acquired by MyGlamm's parent, The Good Glamm Group on August 7, 2020. The six-year-old company's investors - Chiratae Ventures, Kalaari Capital, and Neoplux Venture Capital have joined the board of MyGlamm soon after the acquisition. Furthermore, Priyanka Gill, the founder of POPxo also joined MyGlamm as a cofounder. ย 

POPxo - Company Highlights

Startup Name POPxo
Legal Name Luxeva Limited
Headquarters Gurgaon, Haryana
Sector Beauty, Health & Lifestyle
Founded March 2014
Founder Priyanka Gill
Co-Founder and CEO Namratha Bostrom
Valuation $10.8M
Number of Employees 251 to 500

Popxo - Latest News

October 1, 2021 - Popxo enters the Indian cosmetic industry with a Makeup Collection from Myglamm.

Popxo - Startup Story
Popxo - Founder
Popxo - Business Model
Popxo - Revenue Model
Popxo - Services
Popxo - Funding
Popxo - FAQs

What is POPxo

Popxo - Startup Story

The Popxo is founded by a dynamic woman named Priyanka Gill. During 2012-13 there was no content platform at scale in English for women. So, this was the point when they thought of creating a useful platform for women and began Popxo in March 2013. The founder started Estylista in 2013 in London for NRI women. For the first few years, the company started working out of London and raised its first institutional round of funding.

Initially, Popxo created content that enthused women like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wedding, relationships, work, fitness et cetera. The most popular things that attracted women to the Popxo website are hair and skin protection, and other products.

The greatness of the website lies in the production of 1500+ articles in six languages that the Popxo website is publishing every month. The team understood the audience well and presented articles in the same way, which lead to content creation to adding relevant videos. Today, the platform produces 60-70 videos a month and generates 100-150 million views a month. The duration of videos is between 3-7 minutes. Furthermore, they even produce web series.

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Popxo - Founder

Priyanka is the Co-Founder and President of MyGlamm and the Founder and CEO of POPxo-Plixxo. She lives in London with her husband and two children as a digital media entrepreneur and storyteller. She enjoys working with creative and entrepreneurial people, particularly women, and considers it a privilege to be in their company. She is now enrolled in a joint London Business School and Columbia Business School EMBA - Global program.

Her passion for writing merged with entrepreneurship when she started her own site, Estylista, which is now known as POPxo. She returned to India in 2014 to create POPxo, envisioning her company as a safe and engaging community that helps Indian women lead their lives. Influencer marketing seems to be on the verge of breaking out in India. As a result, she began developing a tech-enabled platform to take advantage of this enormous opportunity. Plixxo was released in 2017. It was here that India's first generation of influencers grew up. POPxo-Plixxo joined MyGlamm, India's premier beauty conglomerate, in 2020, marking a watershed moment and a watershed year. Three powerful brands merged to form one incredible enterprise. Furthermore, POPxo was also acquired by The Good Glamm, the parent company of MyGlamm in August 2020 and since then, Gill has been appointed as the Cofounder of the latter.

POPxo Founder and CEO - Priyanka Gill talks about POPxo

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Popxo - Business Model

Popxo targets millennial women aged between 18-35 with a range of products across diverse industries including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wedding, wellness, and entertainment. The company has recently forayed into the cosmetics industry. The social community platform for women has entered the cosmetics industry, which is currently valued at $20 billion with a Makeup Collection by MyGlamm. MyGlamm has acquired Popxo towards the end of last year, and this development has come almost a year after that.

This new makeup collection is termed POPxo Makeup Collection by MyGlamm and will include nail kits, face kits, eye kits, and lip kits in order to cater to all makeup needs. The entire range is reported to be priced under Rs 499 per product in an effort to stay within the affordable limits for younger women. The Popxo Makeup Collection powered by MyGlamm will be sold on the MyGlaam app and website along with being available at popular company stores and kiosks across the country.

Popxo - Revenue Model

Sponsored content is the initial source of revenue. They approach brands and claim to have a large audience. Popxo knew what people want and can assist you in selling. They made content for them, including social media and video. That's the first. Influencer marketing comes in second. Ads come in third, and e-commerce comes in fourth.

Popxoโ€™s money comes from sponsored material, which accounts for half of our total. Influencer marketing accounts for 40% of income. They started selling online in the fourth quarter of the previous fiscal year.

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Popxo - Services

POPxo Services- Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Wedding, Wellness
POPxo Services- Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Wedding, Wellness
  • Fashion- POPxo allows you to stay up to speed on the latest fashion trends by reading fashion articles and watching videos. Our fashion experts will provide you with everything you need to stay on-trend, from styling advice to shopping hotspots and must-have items. The platform also offers the latest news on fashion in both western and Indian. They also provide the best tips and fashion hacks that suits you. This platform also offers the latest updates on celebrity attires (both Bollywood and Hollywood).
  • Beauty- The team of beauty specialists are committed to providing you with the best services available in the industry. The beauty section has it all, from unbiased product reviews to makeup hacks to skin and hair care advice. You will get updates on skincare, makeup, hair, bath & body, nails, hair products, beauty products and DIYs.
  • Lifestyle- POPxo also offers related content from a wide range of topics. We provide you with popular articles across all categories, from travel and education to sex and relationships.
  • Wedding- Wedding planning can be as stressful as you imagine. As a result, Popxo is here to assist. The wedding area keeps young brides-to-be up to date on the latest trends. POPxo has all you need to know about weddings, from bridal makeup to honeymoon ideas.
  • Wellness- Overall wellness, according to POPxo, is at the heart of a healthy lifestyle. So, if you want to live a healthier life, check out Popxoโ€™s wellness section which has articles on managing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Entertainment- Popxo will make sure you get the best of everything from the comfort of your laptops or mobile phones, from movie recommendations to what's going on in your favourite celebrity's life.

Popxo is home to all feminine things. POPxo's online store, which includes items such as home decor, beauty, clothes, face masks, mobile accessories, stationery, rakhi presents, and more, is an attempt to make online shopping for women in India more enjoyable!

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Popxo - Funding

POPxo has raised a total funding of $12.4M in 7 rounds of funding. POPxo is funded by 21 investors. Neoplux, IDG Ventures, Summit Media, Oppo, Kalaari Capital, STRIVE, Chiratae Ventures are the lead investors of POPxo.

Date Round Amount Lead Investors
Apr 25, 2018 Series C $5M Neoplux, Oppo
Mar 1, 2018 Series B $750K -
Mar 16, 2017 Series B $3.3M Chiratae Ventures, STRIVE
Nov 5, 2015 Series A $2M 500 Startups, Chiratae Ventures, Kalaari Capital
Nov 1, 2014 Angel Round $500K --
Jul 1, 2013 Seed Round $300K --

Popxo - FAQs

What is POPxo?

POPxo is an Indian online platform specially for women to read, watch, shop and hangout. POPxo covers content related to beauty, weddings, health and lifestyle.

Who started POPxo?

Priyanka Gill has founded POPxo in 2015.

Who is the owner of MyGlamm?

Darpan Sanghvi owns MyGlamm.

Does POPxo creates videos along with content?

Yes, POPxo is able to create over 2000 pieces of content along with 150 videos, 800 stories and a large number of social media graphics.

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