SaaS Marketing: Why SaaS Businesses should Build an Email List and How to do Build one?

SaaS Marketing: Why SaaS Businesses should Build an Email List and How to do Build one?

Being a SaaS business brings you various channels for marketing your product and services digitally. Around the Internet, there are numerous tips or guidance on how to make your business globally popular and for that, everyone has only one answer- Digital Marketing. Now, talking about digital marketing, various channels help you take your SaaS businesses to the next level, like through social media, SEO, Email Marketing and many others.

With global users of over 4.03 million, email marketing helps the SaaS businesses to reach the maximum target. With these statistics, email marketing is known to have the highest number of users of any other digital marketing channel. In this article, we will be discussing why building an email list is so important and effective for SaaS businesses and most of all, how to build it. So, let's get started!

Why is building an Email List Important for SaaS Businesses?
How to build an Email list?

Why is building an Email List Important for SaaS Businesses?

Being a SaaS marketer, it's important for you to have an organized special list of names and email addresses of your target audience and existing customers.

We are well familiar with the functionality of email marketing and with that, several reports are made which clearly states that around 43,000 percent return is guaranteed on investment (ROI) for businesses.

With an email list, subscribers can easily join it from the official website of your businesses and verify their identity. With your best of offerings, audiences get attracted to your business and turn into your paying customers. And when it comes to SaaS Businesses, the email list gets around 10 times higher modifications than any other social media campaign.

In SaaS Businesses, an email list helps in sending numerous emails to everyone from the list regarding online store, blog updates and many others. You can also keep them updated about new offers and discounts by making them subscribe to your newsletter.

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How to build an Email list?

We have broadly discussed what an email list is and how important it is for SaaS business. Now, it's time to understand how to build a solid email list.

In order to thrive in your SaaS businesses, certain steps can help you in building the perfect email list, these steps are:

Understand your audience

For any business or marketing strategy, it's very important to understand what their audience needs and looks for. It's important you distinguish your target audience as understanding them before functioning helps you in getting better responses.

For this, you need to create a marketing persona that will represent your ideal customers. Marketing persona helps you find your target audience and strike them right where it hits! The best place for this is social media, now as you find your audience, ask them to provide their email addresses. When you charm your audience in the right manner, they automatically give you their email addresses. And that is a win!

Create a Website

As you gathered your audience, you'd need a place where can be assembled, which is a website. Now, creating a website is pretty tough and must be created with great innovative ideas to charm your audience.

But the plus point with the email list for SaaS business is that you don't need a huge website to get started. You can just create a landing page that carries your email opt-in form. The audience enters their email addresses in the opt-in form, available on your website.

Email Marketing Service

For better communication with your email list, you need to have an email marketing platform. Email Marketing platform helps you to organise your email list and send emails to the target audience.

On a broader note, the email list will also serve the purpose of drip campaigns, sequencing and many more. Your main focus through the email marketing service is to collect all the email addresses in a very safe and valid manner.

Charm the audience through your Offer

Now, the major goal is to charm the audience with your amazing offers that won't hold anyone from joining your email list.

Think from the perspective of a customer like how you can be so impressed by a website and its offers that you'll immediately give your email address. The customer won't provide their email information unless they are offering a generous exchange.

Make sure you provide what your target audience needs and won't find elsewhere, and also, free!

Maybe you can provide the customer with access to your report, software or any other valuable thing. This way, your audience will automatically get attached to your website.

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It often becomes pretty tough to build up a strong and legitimate email list for your SaaS business. But as you get on with it, it becomes very simple and you get more ideas to promote your business among the audience.

The major thing that you need to focus on with the email list is to opt for a single and strong strategy and function it smoothly. If you stick by your marketing strategy, you'll automatically see the results by the enhanced number of the email address joining your list.

With this article, we attempted to describe to you all the major steps and requirements for a strong email list. If you follow these steps and understand the importance of an email list for your SaaS business, you'll collect a great number of email addresses for your list.


Why building an email list is important?

Building an email list is the best way to build a relationship with your potential customers.

How to build an email list?

Understand you audience, Create a Website, and Automate your emails.

Why should a SaaS company have a mailing list?

In SaaS Businesses, an email list helps in sending numerous emails to everyone from the list regarding online store, blog updates and many others.s

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