Drip Marketing: Meaning | Features | Examples | Drawbacks

Sushree Sangeeta Behera Sushree Sangeeta Behera
Jul 25, 2021 7 min read
Drip Marketing: Meaning | Features | Examples | Drawbacks

Email newsletters and reminders are the best way of reaching out to your audience. Most often email newsletters or reminders are just a massive way to send out the team's latest announcement. But first, they have a serious problem. And that possible major problem is new subscribers only get to see the new mails, and never do they ever get the previous or old emails it would be sent out to your list. All they look after is the stuff sent after signing in.

It is often seen that setting up drip email marketing might seem a difficult task, as we have known what drip campaigning means and when they become effective. It also looks out how it can be used to cultivate and harvest a customer from a no-interest user. Before moving ahead, first, let's discuss what drip marketing means.

What is Drip Marketing?
Drip Marketing - Medium
Drip Marketing - Examples
Drip Marketing - How To Target Customer
Drip Marketing - Features
Drip Marketing - Drawbacks

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What is Drip Marketing?

A drip marketing is a campaign that uses a series of pre-planned and automated messages. These messages are then made to the existing and other prospective clients just on a theme to uphold the interaction and by encouraging the sales. This multi-way communication channel may be triggered by time, the receiver's actions with former informing details with foremost correspondence. It too interacts with the given websites and looks after the other predetermined criteria.

It is known as drop campaigning or drip campaign but also called or known with many other names. They are drip marketing, automated email campaigns, life cycle emails, auto-responders, and automated marketing. But coming to the point, the concept remains the same. They are usually a bunch of marketing emails in a set.

Then those emails will be sent out in an automated process on a given schedule. This works like that perhaps one email will go out as soon as someone signs up, and another will go in a couple of days. It can be after 2 to 3 days. And then the next one may go out the next week. Apart from this the emails can vary based on the triggers. The possible actions the respective person has performed while signing up for the service or while buying or purchasing something. This is why they are also remarked as behavioural emails.

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Drip Marketing - Medium

Medium of Drip Marketing
Medium of Drip Marketing
  • Email: The cheapest and the most efficient medium of drip marketing. It targets plenty of customers at one time by sending the mails simultaneously to many people. Every company has email lists nowadays and using drip marketing on those emails may convert those people into your customers.
    Emails are the most used medium for Drip marketing.
  • Direct mail: This Β is more money-oriented process where the content is generally generated in print and sent to people by postal mail. It includes brochures, weekly pamphlets, booklets etc.
  • Social media: This is the new approach to the drip marketing .As the methods of drip marketing is applicable here , these mode is used by people nowadays to spread the content to keep people upgraded.

The other names of Drip Marketing are Drip campaigns, life cycle mails, marketing automation, and auto-response campaign.

Drip Marketing - Examples

It was all about what drip marketing means but now to make it more understandable we will proceed with some examples.

  • Automating drip marketing takes place when you don’t buy anything from a site or page of Amazon but still, you get the emails while browsing.
  • You get emails with course videos, quizzes, etc. When you take a subscription to a certain course. This is an example of drip marketing.
  • Automated drip marketing welcomes customers.
  • Drip Marketing being used for a blogging workshop.
  • The revenue can be brought back with the help of a card abandonment drip email sequence.
  • Special offers are being promoted in email drip marketing.
Drip Email Marketing Campaign

Drip Marketing - How To Target Customer

However, there are many companies which can do this for you, but if the business can't afford their service then there are many other ways to target the customers. One of the easiest and efficient ways is to conduct a survey on the website or send emails about it. The brand can then shortlist according to their needs.

Freelancers are also there who can be hired to do the job of conducting survey and generating the results for the company. Furthermore, if you deal in general products like clothes, dairy products, etc. then you don’t need a very deep market research. It is because they are so general that everyone needs them, that is why it is important to come up with the strategies that are unique from your competitor. Because everyone wants them, the number of companies that are producing those kind of products are also large.

Hence, you have to do a research on your own company and decide what method you need to grab the market.

Drip Marketing - Features

Drip Email Campaign
Drip Email Campaign

So before digging deep into the topic, let’s first understand the key features of how drip campaigning or marketing works. They are:

  • Automating Drip Campaign
  • Provides with Nurturing Leads
  • Gives timely information
  • It saves time and makes our efforts efficient
  • Don’t have irritated prospects.

Now let’s discuss them one by one.

Automating Drip Campaign

One of the most efficient features of drip marketing is its so sling. The drip email is a completely guaranteed time-saving option. This is because once you get prepared with the plan of your chain of sequenced messages, then after that you have to just let them do the rest of the work left for you. This means that they keep you in proper consistent touch with the customer. This implies that you cannot miss the sales by making a way through the cracks or being forgotten.

Provides with Nurturing Leads

Drip Marketing makes efforts in nurturing leads for you. If it’s being said that you send an informal email about the software to a prospective client. After it when they open it and click to go through the given website. And after all, you don’t want it to be the last time they deal with you. Automated marketing will always send them the next drip email thanking and obliging the user for going through their respective site. And after that, it also encourages them to try out a free trial if they want to. It depends upon it. But much can be done by trying to persuade them.

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Gives timely information

It is obvious from a rational point of view that you would never wish to send people wrong or outdated information. You can edit your chain as you need for that not to happen in an email drip marketing show. Moreover for ensuring the leads, you can see the information they need, you can just easily update the previous information in a drip marketing with many relatives and relevant content.

It saves our time and makes our efforts efficient

It has become most often seen that as a result of the automatic funnel movement, the manual intervention lags or it is taken away. Moreover, the team would be left with more time to invest it in other stuff, just like visualizing other funnels to wrap up more deals, planning about other drip campaigns, and apart from that talking to the respective prospects.

Drip Marketing - Drawbacks

But after all these, it's a fact we know that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. This too applies to the concept and application of drip campaigning. They are:

  • It requires more time and commitment apart from the given time.
  • Some issues used to continue with trial and error of the timeline.
  • It too sometimes irritates consumers with spam emails to which the user becomes too reluctant.
  • Files should be small enough to download shortly and be faster.


Although there are staging and efficient aspects of drip marketing. Yet it is very easy to say that more often the user gets reluctant about it and the controllers are too the sufferers in it. All this can be said from the above disadvantages. But as this system somehow helps its user in some way getting something done accordingly, it is hard to see how it will work in the coming days with people.

But in the end, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Drip Campaign is the next thing for the upcoming future! It’s not easy as well as fair to say how it’s going to work in the future. How it will create as many opportunities more and more. Drip Campaign is surely a future job for its busy customers though.


What does drip stand for in drip marketing?

D - Differentiate
R - Reinforce
I - Inform
P - Persuade

Why is drip marketing important?

Drip marketing helps in building relationships and trust among the potential customers.

How do you do drip email marketing?

  1. Identify Your Target Audience and potential customers.
  2. Craft Your Message.
  3. Plan Your Campaign effectively.
  4. Start Your Campaign.
  5. Evaluate and Adjust your campaign.

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