7 Startups that are fighting against Air Pollution using Anti-Pollution Technology

7 Startups that are fighting against Air Pollution using Anti-Pollution Technology

Pollution has become a major factor affecting the entire human race. The resultant health issues, climate change, and global warming directly impact all living species irrespective of their geographical location. Though there are a number of pollutions harming the earth, Air Pollution plays a primary role. It is caused due by exhaustion from industries, motor vehicles, combustion devices, forest fires, etc.

As per the reports of the World Health Organisation, 90% of the World Population is breathing polluted air. This causes multiple disorders like stroke, heart diseases, premature deaths, lung cancer, and respiratory infections. It is estimated that around 7 million people die every year due to air pollution. WHO is taking various measures to contain air pollution in its member countries.

Today, many entrepreneurs are also innovating products and techniques that cause less emission and protect us from contamination. Some of them are creating solutions for the problems caused while others are addressing the root cause for pollution. Here are some of the startups, fighting air pollution with their ingenious techniques, that have helped people from all aspects of society.

Startups That Are Fighting Against Air Pollution

  1. Nanoclean
  2. Shellios
  3. Graviky Labs
  4. Greenway
  5. Nirvana Being
  6. Agnisumukh
  7. Cellzyme Biotech


Startups That Are Fighting Against Air Pollution

Here are some of the startups that are contributing to fight against air-pollution by developing anti-pollution technology.


Nanoclean - strartups fighting against air pollution
Nanoclean - strartups fighting against air pollution

Nanoclean Global Private Limited was established in 2017 in New Delhi. They have a patented product named Nasofilters. Nasofilters is a compact size nasal filter that fits into your nose comfortably. It has a 5 layer filtration that blocks the air pollutants from entering your body and at the same time is extremely comfortable to wear. They come in varied sizes and can be purchased from online stores like Amazon or Flipkart or can be ordered directly by contacting the company.

Nanoclean also manufactures Anti Pollution N95 masks and AC filters. The company is specializing in the manufacture of Antiviral Nasomasks, that can resist and kill contagious viruses. With the Government of India’s funding of ₹1.3 crores, Nanoclean is about to set up the largest Indian Government funded mask production plant in Noida.

Nanoclean nasofilters


Shellios - strartups fighting against air pollution
Shellios - strartups fighting against air pollution

Shellios, a Noida-based startup is involved in the manufacture of Helmets. The speciality of Shellios helmets is that it comes with an in-built air purifier. The air filtration membrane fixed in the helmet reduces your exposure to toxic pollutants by greater than 80%. It is connected to a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can be turned on or off as per needs. Shellios has patented this design and it is BIS certified.

Shellios Helmet comes in five colour variants and is priced around ₹4,500. They can be purchased from Shellios’s official website or can be ordered through Amazon. The company also manufactures custom-designed Bluetooth headsets for helmets that can be used comfortably during rides. The headsets are priced around ₹2,500.

Shellios anti pollution helmet

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Graviky Labs

Graviky Labs - strartups fighting against air pollution
Graviky Labs - strartups fighting against air pollution

Graviky Labs, a spin-off from MIT Media Lab, is in the process of creating ink from carbon emissions. They have developed a device and a technique, patented as KAALINK, to capture the emissions from vehicles and industries. The carbon extracted from these emissions is processed to form a black-coloured ink called AIR-INK. The company aims at converting air pollution into industrial materials.

Graviky Labs is currently manufacturing three products out of AIR-INK namely, Flexographic Ink, Silk Screen Ink and a writing instrument in the form of Marker. Now, the company is in the process of promoting AIR-INK for industrial printing, as around 50% of printing is made in black ink. You can purchase their products directly from the Graviky Labs website.

Graviky Labs Ink made of Air Pollution


Greenway - strartups fighting against air pollution
Greenway - strartups fighting against air pollution

Greenway Appliances is enhancing the traditional way of cooking. Over 2.8 billion people around the world are using traditional variants like mud stoves and firewoods to cook their foods. This results in indoor air pollution which contributes to 2% of GHG emissions. So, Greenway innovated a clean cooking stove that is now helping people to cook efficiently in their conventional way. It is a portable stove that works on all solid biomass fuels but emits less smoke.

The air regulation technology that Greenway uses in their product is patented by them. Also, their design allows free flow of air that helps in better combustion, thus providing maximum heat with fewer pollutants. Greenway claims that their product saves 65% fuel and reduces 75% smoke emission. The product is available in two size variants priced at ₹1,799 and ₹2,999.

Greenway Appliances clean cooking

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Nirvana Being

Nirvana Being - strartups fighting against air pollution
Nirvana Being - strartups fighting against air pollution

Nirvana Being, a company based in Delhi, is a producer of designer masks, AC & Car cabin filters, and air quality monitors. The company’s Airfic Masks come with nanotech fibre that protects users from harmful pollutants like PM 2.5 and other viruses. Electrospun nanofibre filter is advanced protection used in Airfic masks to block tiny particles smaller than 0.3 microns from entering your body. Despite all the protective layers, they offer comfort to wear to the users.

Nirvana Being’s other products like air filters and purifiers are also powered by nanotechnology to offer clean and safe air to its users. Nirvana Being also sells its products directly through its website other than various online sellers.

Nirvana Being Designer Airfic Mask


Agnisumukh - strartups fighting against air pollution
Agnisumukh - strartups fighting against air pollution

Agnisumukh is a startup that is involved in minimizing indoor air pollution. It was established in 2014 in Bengaluru. The company manufactures modern cooking stoves with innovative burners that consume less energy and emit no carbon soot. Their Porous Radiant Burners are double layered that require no maintenance and controls NO2 and CO emissions by 80%. With their flame-less and smokeless burners, Agnisumukh claims to have contained 2,250 tons of Carbon-di-oxide emissions into the atmosphere so far.

About Agnisumukh helping to minimize indoor air pollution

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Cellzyme Biotech

Cellzyme Biotech - strartups fighting against air pollution
Cellzyme Biotech - strartups fighting against air pollution

Cellzyme Biotech India Pvt Ltd. is situated in Tamil Nadu. The company is involved in the manufacture of antibiotics. Their contribution towards anti-pollution was achieved in the innovative process of antibiotic production. Cellzyme constructed an enzyme that was engineered to be used as a bio-catalyst. This enables the manufacturing of antibiotics at room temperature, without the need for solvents.

Solvents emit an air pollutant called 'ground-level ozone' when reacting with sunlight. More ground-level ozone severely affects the health of humans, plants, animals and even building materials. Hence, Cellzyme Biotech innovated a way to avoid solvents in their production.

Cellzyme Biotech manufacture antibiotics at room temperature

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All the above startups are assisting governments and various organizations in the process of minimizing air pollution, either directly or indirectly. Their prudent products and methods are proving essential for our world to get rid of the mask called pollution. A combined effort of social responsibility from all of us can make our earth a safe and healthy place to live.


What companies are trying to stop air pollution?

Some of the best companies contributing in fighting air pollution are:

  • Nanoclean
  • Shellios
  • Graviky Labs
  • Greenway
  • Nirvana Being
  • Agnisumukh
  • Cellzyme Biotech

Who is the founder of Nanoclean?

Nanoclean was founded by IIT-Delhi alumni Prateek Sharma, Tushar Vyas, and Jatin Kewlani in 2017.

Who is the founder of Shellios?

Amit Pathak is the founder of Shellios.

Who is Graviky Labs founder?

Anirudh Sharma is the founder of Graviky Labs.

What is Graviky lab?

Graviky Labs is a cleantech solutions that captures air pollution and turn it into inks.

Who is the founder of Cellzyme Biotech?

The Coimbatore-based Cellzyne Biotech was co-founded by Rajagopal and his friends Naveen Kumar and Vasu Vinayagam.

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