Tesla's Marketing Strategies: Driving Innovation

Tesla's Marketing Strategies: Driving Innovation
Tesla Marketing Strategies

Tesla, Inc. is a transnational American corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas, that specializes in clean energy, artificial intelligence, and automobiles. Tesla develops and manufactures solar panels, solar roof tiles, electric vehicles (electric cars and trucks), battery energy storage systems for use at home or on a large scale, and other related goods and services.

One of the most valuable corporations in the world and the most valuable automaker as of 2023 is Tesla. The firm sold the most battery-electric and plug-in electric vehicles globally in 2021, taking 21% of the battery-electric (purely electric) market and 14% of the plug-in market (which includes plug-in hybrids). The business creates photovoltaic systems and is a significant installer of them in the US through its subsidiary Tesla Energy. With 3.99 gigawatt-hours (GWh) installed in 2021, Tesla Energy is one of the biggest global suppliers of battery energy storage systems.

Tesla surpassed well-known Japanese, European, and American companies including Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Honda, and Ford to become the most valuable automobile brand in the world in 2021, with an estimated brand worth of $42.61 billion.

Tesla's Target Audience
Tesla's Marketing Channels
Tesla's Marketing Strategies

Tesla's Target Audience

The Tesla target market segmentation at this moment represents a relatively limited portion of the entire auto market, mostly consisting of wealthy, highly educated individuals and families with good incomes whose way of life is centered around minimizing their carbon impact.

The reality that electric cars are still a relatively pricey and hence "luxury" product despite Tesla's efforts to change the energy economy cannot be denied. Environmental worries about the usage of gasoline made from fossil fuels and financial concerns over the cost of petrol are the major factors driving customer interest in buying an electric car.

How Tesla Became the Most Valuable Automotive Company?
Tesla rules the EV market globally. It has established itself in many countries across the globe. Follow here to know more about Tesla Company.

Since the introduction of Tesla's first model, the Roadster, in 2008, the firm has continued to work toward a more general objective of possible Tesla market segments and making electric vehicles available and affordable to a broad range of customers.

Tesla's Marketing Channels

Tesla brand communication puts an emphasis on the user experience in contrast to the conventional marketing strategies normally employed by auto firms, such as costly Super Bowl advertising and television commercials.

This includes strategies like referral programs for customers, influencer marketing, and organic social media, all of which help the business achieve tremendous success with far lower marketing expenses than well-known automakers.

There is currently a widespread network of company-owned showrooms and galleries, most of which are situated in well-known urban centers. Consequently, they have combined their direct sales technique with service facilities under their newly expanded retail model known as "Service Plus."

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Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla, and his online presence is another effective marketing tool for the company.

Tesla's Marketing Strategies

Tesla has gained worldwide recognition because of its zero-dollar marketing campaign. Apart from new product launches, Tesla has no marketing expenditure. This might seem absurd, yet it's true. Tesla has adopted a variety of operational benefits and incorporated them into its marketing plan.

Elon Musk Spends 0$ on Marketing- Tesla's Marketing Breakdown

There is no marketing or advertising division within the business. However, in 2021 it made $44 billion in revenues and sold 936,000 cars. Without paid advertising and a chief marketing officer, how is this even possible? The amazing Tesla Marketing Strategy is the key to it all.

Let’s see how these strategies helped Tesla be a market leader.

Status-Driven Product

Tesla has followed a status-driven business strategy since its start as an electric vehicle manufacturer, giving it a distinct competitive edge. Status-driven goods entice people in rather than spending money to do so. The consumer receives a status for which they have no regrets about paying.

This is a fantastic marketing tactic to promote a more expensive product. The status that comes with the purchase adds to the item's value in addition to its physical attributes.

Innovative Designs

Tesla is totally committed to creating cutting-edge products that offer fantastic driving experiences. To do this, it spent about $2.59 billion on R&D in 2021. The project produced important self-promotional historical landmark designs in the EV industry.

To monitor the surroundings and alert the owner to any possible dangers, Tesla's sentry mode, for instance, employs external cameras. Another futuristic feature is the autopilot.

The Tesla S's 17-inch touchscreen display is stunning. It is referred to as the Tesla tablet. From maps to weather updates to a music player, it provides everything you need for a comfortable drive. Additionally, prospective buyers have the option to design and purchase a Tesla, customizing both the inside and outside of the vehicle to their preferences. These ground-breaking functions and personalization choices give Tesla a cult following that boosts its word-of-mouth sales.

Tesla S Plaid Touchscreen Display
Tesla S Plaid Touchscreen Display

Simplified Customer Experience

Salespeople commonly use smooth talk to persuade clients to make a purchase at the cost of the customer at car showrooms. Tesla is aware that this is terrible for business for its target group. In order to properly meet their demands, Tesla created a  complete online sales center.

Tesla's Complete Online Center
Tesla's Complete Online Center

Customers wishing to purchase a Tesla don't have to go through a drawn-out in-person purchasing procedure, unlike typical auto sales. It is much easier to simply go online and purchase and customize a Tesla. Make interaction with your brand as frictionless as you can to make it easier for your clients to experience. Making your website more effective and user-friendly is one action you can take.

George Blankenship, who also designed Apple's retail space, created the online store for Tesla. The sales center streamlines expedite and provide convenience for buying an automobile. This gets rid of salespeople who are more concerned with getting a commission than serving clients.

Additionally, potential customers may take a Tesla EV for a test drive. The business then offers a close-by alternative to customize their future vehicle online.

Post-Purchase Customer Support

Beyond waving consumers off after a sale, a business should be keeping up with them. Tesla is aware of this and has created an exceptional after-sales service system that even greets consumers at their doorstep.

The Tesla ranger is a group of mobile, Tesla-trained experts that provide repair services at your residences, on the road, or wherever else suits you. Additionally, a software tool for automated self-diagnosis notifies users of problems as they arise. When that happens, a remote Tesla specialist can send instructions for a simple remedy or physically attend if the issue is more complicated.

This avoids the agonizing hardship of hauling an automobile to a mechanic's shop. Additionally, Tesla has a well-organized network of supercharging stations to provide electricity when your car's battery is running low.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Beyond purchasing the experience, consumers are interested in brand storytelling. This is a savvy approach to conveying a corporate message. Tesla, though, found a way to use marketing stunts to make it into an exciting event. Additionally, their story was covered by the media, which helped it go viral across the world.

Tesla Starman, a joint initiative between Tesla and SpaceX, raised the bar for marketing. The immense void was entered by a starman driving a roadster as he was propelled into space by a rocket. The worldwide incident that took the globe by storm and dominated the news for days.

SpaceX Starman - Elon Musk Put a Car in Space

Press personnel was given the opportunity to drive the Model S and write evaluations about it. Customers had to pay a $5,000 deposit, but the press had access to it for nothing.

Enticing Referral Program

Programs that reward customers who introduce new users to a company are a great idea. 2015 saw Tesla run striking referral marketing. This attracted a lot of referees who earned rewards like accessories, cost-free automobile maintenance, and software upgrades. A YouTube promoter seized the chance, generating over $12 million in referral sales and driving away with two next-generation roadsters.

As word spread and Tesla gave away 80 new Roadsters to referrals for free in 2019, the initiative grew even further. The initiative had to be terminated by the EV multinational because of costs.

Nevertheless, Tesla introduced fresh incentives that were alluring enough to draw in new buyers. For instance, your picture may be floating in space or you could witness a SpaceX rocket launch.

Tesla's referral scheme indirectly turns its consumers into marketers. As opposed to advertisers that blast adverts throughout the internet, potential customers are more likely to connect with external human users.

Authentic Humorous Approach

Every blog post and tweet from Tesla is genuine and human, from recognizing its errors and failures, Elon Musk famously claimed that founding the firm was "idiocy squared" to disclosing its top-secret master plan.

The way Tesla approaches its products, from the model X celebration mode all the way up to sending the Roadster into space, reveals that the company's staff enjoys themselves. Elon Musk, the company's CEO, is in charge of establishing a connection between the brand and the general public through his engaging and lovely tweets.

A Tesla client, for instance, requested that Tesla automatically adjust its steering wheel for a simple exit after the vehicle is parked. Within 24 minutes, Musk reacted, and through a software update, the suggestion was turned into a new feature. Elon Musk would interact with almost any Twitter user on Tesla and even topics outside of its commercial realm, from red-carpet celebrities to unverified accounts.

Tesla’s Business Model - How Does Tesla Make Money
Tesla works as a Direct-to-Consumer business model. Its car sales, services, and energy generation and storage make money for the company.

Drive Marketing Effort

People are becoming more conscious of the need for products that not only satisfy consumer desires but also address social and even personal problems. Many consumers have a strong affinity for Tesla's aim to hasten the global switch to sustainable energy.

Through its sustainability report, the EV firm informs the public of changes to products, operations, and workplace culture. Furthering its aim, Tesla made their electric vehicle patent available to the public. Competitors may use this to adopt their concept and join the environmental revolution.

This obviously does not imply that you should post your company's patent on social media. However, it is beneficial for business and industry growth to look beyond stifling rivals.

Channels For Brand Exposure

In addition to raising brand recognition through its social media platforms and website, Tesla has drawn notice for its collaboration with universities to provide its START program. The 12-week training course aids students in developing the skills necessary for employment in the production of electric vehicles.

PR campaigns may be quite successful in showcasing your brand's objectives and mission and winning the community's support.

Tesla's marketing approach may be used as a special example of how to expand your firm while lowering marketing expenses. Ads are not awful, ineffective, or impossible to run on a tight budget, but entrepreneurs must first comprehend the problems that their target market is facing.

Hope this helps in crafting your marketing strategy!


What is the target audience of Tesla?

The Tesla target market segmentation at this moment represents a relatively limited portion of the entire auto market, mostly consisting of wealthy, highly educated individuals and families with good incomes whose way of life is centered around minimizing their carbon impact.

What are Tesla's marketing strategies?

Below is the list of a few notable marketing strategies followed by Tesla:

  • Status-Driven Product
  • Innovative Design
  • Simplified Customer Experience
  • Post-Purchase Customer Support
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing
  • Enticing Referral Program
  • Authentic Humorous Approach
  • Drive Marketing Effort
  • Channels For Brand Exposure

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