Top 5 Most Profitable Franchise opportunities in Mumbai

Top 5 Most Profitable Franchise opportunities in Mumbai

When starting a business, several things cross your mind. It could be very tacky and an uphill battle but, when it gears up and the business model succeeds, it could be very rewarding and pays pretty well. That's why most of the time, entrepreneurs move towards the direction of buying a franchise model to make it more fascinating and the great success of fulfilling their dreams.

Buying a franchise brings a lot of pressure as well as enthusiasm. It requires a proven business model and absolute work practices and experiences for the investment into a successful franchise, especially in Mumbai. Mumbai holds a huge category of business franchises that would be very beneficial to kickstart your business.

Me n Moms
Frozen Bottle

Profitable Franchise to apply for:

Franchise Application Category
7th Heaven Apply Here Bakery & Cafe
Biggies Burger Apply Here Burger Chain
Chicago Pizza Apply Here Pizza Chain
Let's Transform Salon Apply Here Beauty & Wellness
Meatwale Apply Here Food & Services
Frozen Bottle Apply Here Beverages & Cafe
Moti Mahal Apply Here Restaurant
Pepperfry Apply Here Furniture

What is Franchise Business?

Franchise Business is an absolute business model where you own the authority and right to use someone's company's brand name, business model and production for a certain signed period. In order to own a brand's name, you have to invest a small capital and sign a deed along with all the verified terms and conditions.

When you are a fresher in the business field, franchise businesses are the right and precisely chosen for you. Because it brings the maximum chance of success as the brand has already built its name in the market and gathered several potential and promising customers across the country. Therefore, it would save tons of your money in advertising, marketing and digital branding.

In this article, we present to you some top business franchises in Mumbai, India. Stay tuned!


Name Phixman
Founded in 2013
Franchise Units 60+
Investment 10-20 Lac
Apply to Phixman Franchise Click Here

Phixman is one of the profitable franchise in Mumbai that is available on digital platforms. It works for the development of repairing smartphones, laptops and tablets with advanced technology.

It offers the service of picking the damaged device and then delivering it after the repair in just a day. The online mobile devices repair industry is developing with exponential growth. That's why investing in one as Phixman franchise is an absolute profit deal.

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Name KFC
Founded in 1952
Franchise Units 400+
Investment 1.5-2 Crore
Apply to KFC Franchise Click Here

A very famous and loving food brand across the world, KFC is quite famous for its fried chicken. Also, it has several vegetarian recipes as well. In India, KFC has been remarkably famous for its services and catering to everyone including vegetarians. This makes it one of the most profitable food franchise businesses in India.

The minimal investment required of KFC is 1.5 to 2 Crore Rupees. The investment may seem pretty high and with this kind of business model and fame, the risk is absolutely low in starting a new fried chicken restaurant from nothing.


Name Giani's
Founded in 1956
Franchise Units 100+
Investment 10-15 Lac
Apply to Giani's Franchise Click Here

The very prominent ice cream brand, Giani's is known for its delicious, 100% vegetarian ice cream, kulfi and falooda. Giani's prioritize its consumers' preferences the most and provide the best quality possible. It has progressed with great graphs and become a successful brand in India.

For entrepreneurs, Giani's is one of the best possible business franchises with the basic requirements of 10-15 lakhs. It's an amazing as well as a very affordable business opportunity. Giani's has been serving with great quality and taste for more than 50 years. Therefore, it has gained some very promising customers. It's a great start for entrepreneurs to gain success with their business.

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Me n Moms

Name Me n Moms
Founded in 1994
Franchise Units 100-200
Investment 30-50 Lac
Apply to Me n Moms Franchise Click Here
Me n Moms
Me n Moms 

Me n Moms is quite a famous one-stop-shop for the vast range of baby products available online in India. It looks after its customer's absolute convenience, hassle-free and fun experience of shopping.

It provides a great category of baby products such as Baby Footwear, Bathing essentials, Diapers, oral and skincare for little ones, baby apparel, travel accessories, nursing essentials, maternity wears for mothers, toys and many more. It looks after the total comfort of the baby and mom both.

The investment for this franchise is around 30-40 Lakhs. It's a very fun-loving business franchise that would bring great success. It's a well-known brand and mostly preferred by every mother. Me n Mom is the leading baby product shopping website in India, especially Mumbai. It brings a great deal and very loyal customers.

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Frozen Bottle

Name Frozen Bottle
Founded in 2017
Franchise Units 50+
Investment 20-30 Lac
Apply to Frozen Bottle Franchise Click Here
Frozen Bottle - Franchise Opportunity in Mumbai
Frozen Bottle - Franchise Opportunity in Mumbai

Frozen Bottle, known for its extremely incredible premium thick shakes. It provides the best quality of shakes around Mumbai and also, other states where it's franchises are established. It is quite famous for serving the excellent quality of milkshakes and custom-made cakes along with its jars.

Frozen Bottle offers several training and learning programs to their franchise outlets to make it as incredible and fine as the original one. Frozen Bottle has been running for several franchises in different parts of Mumbai and they have been proven very successful.

Its investment would cost up to 20-30 Lakhs approximately. For young entrepreneurs, Frozen Bottle is a great business franchise deal to make their success in a very short period. It provides great sustaining quality of shakes and has a great number of promising and potential customers. Frozen Bottle is a well-known brand and absolutely low-risk business.


Which franchise is best in Mumbai?

KFC is one of the most profitable franchise in Mumbai.

What is the cheapest franchise to start in Mumbai?

Giani is one of most low cost franchise to start in Mumbai with basic investment of 10-15 lakhs.

Are franchises a good investment?

If you want to own a business, but don't have an idea to build it from scratch, a franchise can be a great option.


Business franchises are a great way to gain success in the marketing business. It serves the customer with the value of a promising product. Initiating any business could be very tacky as it requires non-distributive attention and certain investment in advertising, marketing, digital branding and many more such tasks. This requires a lot of time and the success rate is also low.

Therefore, a business franchise acts best in this and Mumbai is a great place to start your own franchise. It has already built a well-known name in the market and potentially loyal customers as well and the success rate is quite high.

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