Top 14 Rebranding Companies In Singapore

Top 14 Rebranding Companies In Singapore

Are you an entrepreneur searching for ways to offer your business a rebranding and a new facelift? The Maestros believe that rebranding your business over time is the best decision as it helps you stay updated with recent trends in marketing strategies.

Rebranding involves changing your brand name, image, logo, website, advertising, and marketing strategy. Rebranding should always be a part of your brand marketing strategy for your products and services and transforming your brand's aesthetic identity.

Our post today spotlights the varied attributes of rebranding and gives you a glimpse of the top 14 rebranding companies in Singapore, and that will help give your business the perfect visual appeal!

Overview of Rebranding
Why is rebranding important?
Choosing the best rebranding company in Singapore

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Overview of Rebranding Industry

Digital advertising advertising spending in Singapore from 2017 to 2027
Digital advertising spending in Singapore from 2017 to 2027

Rebranding is the term given to the business marketing strategy where the company changes or updates its slogan, website, logo, name, market, or target audience.

It is a wise strategy to establish a new brand identity in the minds of your customers, leads, business associates, and competitors. It assists the brand in attracting potential audiences, staying relevant, and standing out among competitors by enhancing brand awareness.

Why is rebranding important?

There are several reasons why a professional company might consider the rebranding strategy. The following are the reasons why businesses are undertaking rebranding:

Importance of Rebranding
Importance of Rebranding

Updating the business appearance

The basic components of your business's visual attributes fail to keep up with the trend. Colors, typeface, logos, and colors can get outdated. Keeping up the pace with modern styles and the marketplace becomes a necessity. You can give a facelift to your company with rebranding.

Approaching a merger or acquisition

A merger or a massive acquisition creates a greater shift in your business strategy or target audience. Your business might even require a new brand name. Which appeals to people's hearts.

Overcoming crisis with public relations

Rebranding is the potential way to alter the public's adverse perceptions and start rebuilding a company's reputation MacDonald's is a prime example of this.

Repositioning your company

Several professional service companies fall behind in the compelling reason for the buyers or differentiators to pick them over other competitors. Rebranding helps in unveiling your differentiators and narrating a powerful story.

The leadership changes

The brands are generally connected to their company leaders. When the founder of a company leaves, a new leader enters, or the company is shifted from one generation to the other. When the company starts changing its business strategies, it is wise to consider a new identity to reflect this major shift.

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Choosing the best rebranding company in Singapore

It is arduous to locate the best rebranding firms in Singapore that strive to offer the rebranding services you need.

However, we have researched and narrowed down the top 14 rebranding companies in Singapore that offer you everything from designing your brand logo to marketing campaigns.

These rebranding companies have spent years establishing their skills in their domain and have turned out to the industry giants. So, it indicates that their rebranding services are valuable for your upcoming project.

Studio Dam

Service Highlights Packaging design, rebranding, logo design, branding before and after.
Rating 4.9/5
Studio Dam Logo
Studio Dam Logo

Studio Dam aims to create a stunning brand image that allures your potential audience. Studio Dam's rebranding agency offers the best rebranding solutions, marketing strategies, brand amplifications, brand audits, and visual strategies. They create strategies addressing your branding and rebranding needs to help you stand out from your competition.

Studio Dam is equipped to offer the best rebranding solutions that will help you land the message of your brand clearly while remaining your stand on top of all rebranding trends. Their team of young innovative talents has the best industry knowledge and follows modern rebranding practices.

Eplisontel Singapore

Service Highlights Colocation, remote peering, data center, interconnect, multi-service port, and cloud connect.
Rating 4.8/5
Epsilon Logo
Epsilon Logo

Epsilon Singapore is a prominent digital marketing company offering services that include rebranding, advertising, brand consulting, brand strategy, sales production, and web development. Since its inception in 1968, the business has attributed to the growth of a few globally-reckoned brands.

DDB Singapore

Service Highlights Digital innovation, branding & rebranding, social media, shopper marketing, and eCommerce
Rating 4.5/5
DDB logo
DDB Logo

DDB specializes in digital and social media marketing. It is a part of DDB Worldwide, globally ranked the No.4 in the communications network. They are present across 100 countries and more than 200 offices.

High Spark Agency

Service Highlights ICO Design, rebranding, identity design, corporate event services, presentation design, communication strategy, infographic design, and startup pitch deck design
Rating 4.5/5
High Spark Agency Logo
High Spark Agency Logo

High Spark Agency is a globally reckoned rebranding solution provider in Singapore. They have highly experienced experts in rebranding, visuals, and messaging altogether.

The company's primary aim is to help businesses determine what makes them stand incomparable so that they can figure out the best way of positioning themselves across a specific niche market.

The rebranding services include ICO Deck Design, Rebranding and Identity Design, Corporate Event Services, Presentation Design, Communication Strategy, Infographic Design, and Startup Pitch Deck Design.

Media One Rebranding

Service Highlights SEO services, SEM services, digital marketing services, eCommerce development, CRO services, rebranding services, web design services, social media marketing, email marketing, and copywriting services.
Rating 4.4/5
MediaOne Logo
MediaOne Logo

MediaOne is a Singapore-based full-service digital marketing and rebranding company. The company claims to offer every brand its unique personality. It helps them find their real identity with the help of market research, thorough analysis, and market research.

The rebranding company has a team of expert individuals equipped with the latest rebranding trends and tools to help you manage, create, and amplify your brand's identity.

The rebranding services include SEO Services, SEM Services, Digital Marketing Services, Ecommerce Development, CRO Services, Rebranding Services, Web Design Services, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Copywriting Services. It will ensure that your business remains at the top of your competitor's market.

DW Rebranding Agency

Service Highlights Rebranding, UI/UX design, business design, communication design, packaging design, visual communication, web design, exhibition design, and product design.
Rating -
DW Logo
DW Logo

Every successful brand or company needs a robust brand identity to thrive. As an outcome, they find it their responsibility to help businesses to determine the natural appeal.

DW Rebranding uses analytical data addressing almost every attribute of rebranding, starting from naming to the corporate architecture.

The rebranding services include exhibition design, visual communication, and more. They have their own team of rebranding professionals who assists their clients in strengthening or building a potential brand identity that resonates with the target audience.

Carbon Interactive

Service Highlights Web design, brand development, digital strategy, marketing, and reputation management.
Rating 4.4/5
Carbon Interactive Logo
Carbon Interactive Logo

Carbon Interactive is a top-notch rebranding and marketing company whose services include reputation management, digital marketing strategy, Web design and development, and brand development.

Their primary goal is to make your business stand out from the rest of your competition with their effective brand development, marketing, and reputation management.

They undertake brand development through their rebranding services for creating or repositioning your company's identity using the rebranding components of color schemes, slogans, and logos.

They have vast experience in web design, including custom responsive website designs having their uniqueness for every client they are operating with. They offer web design and development, reputation management, and digital marketing strategy.

Louken Group

Service Highlights Internationalization, rebranding, user experience, marketing and activation, and digital marketing.
Rating -
Louken Group Logo
Louken Group Logo

The Louken Group is a brand transformation company based in Singapore. They help businesses stand first in the line for teaching new leaders, digitizing their brands, and transforming general businesses into top brand leaders.

Their rebranding services include marketing, rebranding, and activation, involving the development of a complete brand identity that helps businesses at alluring customers while differentiating them from the competition.

They are even offering the best user experience designs to create some great digital platforms for the audience of their clients. They have more than a decade of experience delivering highly integrated online strategies, including web development and design, rebranding, and search engine marketing.

Dentsu Aegis Singapore

Service Highlights Creation, content, SEO, market analysis, and business brand tracking.
Rating -
Dentsu Logo
Dentsu Logo

Dentsu is a global network of communications dedicated the business rebranding strategies.

They have the single-most committed teams of marketing experts and rebranding who are working tirelessly to offer a business with a massive memorable experience for their customers and marketing services.

Their rebranding strategies include content creation, market analysis, SEO, and business rebranding tracking.

Lime Agency

Service Highlights Rebranding & marketing, web design, SEO, strategy consulting.
Rating 4.7/5
Lime Agency Logo
Lime Agency Logo

Lime Agency is a small, enthusiastic rebranding business serving over 160 clients in a span of existing five years.

They have a team of talented marketing and rebranding experts who are driven by their desire to help brands attain sustainable growth through strategy consulting, web design, SEO, and rebranding.

Grey Singapore

Service Highlights Creative strategy, design, digital development, research data, analytics, and experience mapping.
Rating 4.6/5
Grey Singapore Logo
Grey Singapore Logo

Grey Singapore aims to promote its clients' businesses by influencing people who matter positively and engaging audiences that match their competitors.

The agency has a team of experts who are showing that proper rebranding creates greater enthusiasm, enhancing the value of the company and changing perceptions.

Their rebranding services include creative strategies, research data and analytics, digital development, and experience mapping.

Equus Design

Service Highlights Brand creation, brand strategy, brand realization, and brand expression
Rating -
Equus Design Logo
Equus Design Logo

Equus is a design firm established in 1994 based in Singapore. They specialize in bringing their client's brands to life by merging distinctive brand experiences across every condition.

Equus rebranding services include rebranding creation, brand strategies, rebranding realization, and rebranding expression.

VMW Group

Service Highlights Design, rebranding, brand marketing, and corporate communication.
Rating 4.4/5
VMW Group Logo
VMW Group Logo

The Carbon VMW group is a rebranding design agency based in Singapore dedicated to offering one-of-a-kind innovative ideas and overcoming every rebranding difficulty in your firm.

Their unique style communicates your company's brand message at matching your distinctive requirements, which helps your business grow. Their rebranding services include branding, web design, and corporate communications.

Global Dotcom

Service Highlights Branding & Marketing, web design, SEO, social, media marketing, copywriting, event management, graphic design
Rating 4.6/5
Globaldotcom Logo
Globaldotcom Logo

Global Dot Com in Singapore is a powerful boutique brand agency based in Singapore, offering comprehensive rebranding services and creative outputs through a massive range of services.

Their rebranding services include marketing & rebranding, web design, SEO, social media marketing, copywriting, graphic design, and more.

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If you are searching for the best rebranding agency in Singapore that can help grow your brand, then it is worth considering the list we offer.

To compile this list, we have judged the companies based on their innovation and creativity and the way they work with clients to meet business objectives.

We have even included insightful data about each company to help you discover more before narrowing down your choices on the best one.

One of the companies will surely help you rebrand your entire business if you wish to hire a team of experts who will recreate your brand logo and even run social media campaigns!


How do I choose a rebranding agency?

Every other agency claims to be an expert in rebranding. That is why it is important to keep a few things in mind when choosing any agency for rebranding are like.

  • Understanding your requirements first.
  • Checking the agency's previous work and expertise.
  • Finding out the right pricing details
  • Asking for testimonials of live work the agency is doing.

How much does a rebranding cost in Singapore?

Well, it totally depends on the Brand size and the amount of work required for rebranding. But if we talk about Singapore, it will be roughly around SGD $3,000 to $25,000.

How can I legally rebrand in Singapore?

First, check your requirement and reason for rebranding after that follow the below steps:

  • Amend your current legal documents of the organization and check for the required documents.
  • Submit every credential to government authorities for verification and pay the fees if required.
  • Once verified you are ready to go.

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